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Nov. 23, 2020

Win or Lose

Win or Lose
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NBA draft picks, Verzus battles and predictions on the Tyson vs. Jones fight. 

Today is all about who wins and loses. Jeff breaks down how he really feels about the Knicks draft and free agency picks, Anthony breaks down his thoughts on the Jeezy and Gucci Verzus battle, and the boys talk about their predictions over the upcoming Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones fight.

In this episode, you’ll hear…

-How Jeff really feels about the Knicks draft picks...03:40

-What went down when the free agency started...06:15

-Anthony challenges Jeff about the Knicks needing a star player...10:05

-Why Ant says, “Knicks fans create pressure for no good reason”...13:15

-The boys discuss the Knicks management and ownership...14:30

-Why Knicks fans are at the point where they would rather accept mediocrity...15:45

-Knicks vs OKC on leadership and team development...18:15

-Why Jeff feels players use the Knicks as leverage...21:10

-The guys talk about the Nets being a better team without trading James Harden...25:40

-The history between Gucci and Jeezy...29:40

-Gucci’s song, The Truth at Jeezy and Gucci’s joint performance in Magic City, Atlanta...33:45

-Why Ant says the Gucci/Jeezy Verzus battle was a good thing...35:00

-How the boys feel about who won the Verzus...35:35

-Who should be up next for Verzus...38:30

-Ant and Jeff break down their favorite Foxy Brown vs Lil Kim songs...40:35

-Predictions about the upcoming Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones fight...45:45

-What’s up next time on The Culture...52:30

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