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Great show!

I loved their take on music and the culture of hip hop. These guys have great chemistry and the conversation is never dull.

Hilarious banter with basic common sense

This is a pod I want to listen to within the weeks of its release usually because it has great discussion on current events. Ant may not like guests, but it definitely works when Mike joins for a full spectrum discussion on food and nutrition from lactation to inflation of produce. Spit out my expensive latte with laughter. Told five friends about this show and eagerly await the Hip Hop Erotica series on OF :) Their segment on “is it racist?” Is signature part of the show and the way they research and share details about current events is filled with critical thinking and a reasonable amount of ego check. One of the best ways I’ve wanted to hear about current events since surrendering to “late night news” with Trevor Noah! Keep it coming!


Jeff and Anthony are extremely influential people. Very rarely will you find raw, well thought out and articulated content like this anywhere else. They are educated in pop culture, music, film, sports, and give very interesting perspectives on the world we live in today, without sounding like robots reading from a script. They are like us, dealing with real world issues, and I for one, am grateful to have a voice similar to my own be expressed, as well as be given a platform where they are free to be themselves and tell the world what it is coming to, from it’s own point of view. Thanks Ant and Jeff!

Epic Awesomeness of Hip Hop proportions

This is the podcast of all podcasts. If you are into the culture, anti-racism rhetoric, current affairs, and laughter, this is a must listen. Add this show to your list of weekly listens immediately.

Awesome show!

The banter is hysterical on this show! Entertaining and fun content from beginning to end. Really enjoy the breakdowns of actors on this show and the opinions on different performances. Great hosts with fantastic chemistry! Can’t wait for more!

Great pod!

Adore this show!

A Must Listen

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world!

Great podcast

I love this podcast! I definitely recommend you listen to it!

The best in the world

I love this podcastso much. One piece was already my number one but this podcast has maybe appreciated it even more.

Great Culture podcast, end of story

Incredibly podcast,just began listening and on episode two I know I was a fan.

Great podcast

So amazing podcast episode I like it so much, I every morning listening to this podcast!!!

Added to my favorites!

The hosts are entertaining and funny, the topics are right on time...from hip hop music, to hip hop culture, to sports, to current affairs...Jeff and Anthony are meant to be a podcast team and it shines in every episodes. Keep up the great work guys, you have a new fan in me

Fun podcast!! Great vibe!

Lots of great vibes from this show. Really enjoy it. Always making me rethink about how I see things and lots of great information about things to help broaden my mind. Enjoy it very much. Some cool guys here for sure!!

Love this podcast especially their hip hop episodes takes me back to my childhood when the music was good. Sound quality is good too


May 24th, 2021 episode I really liked. Jeff shared a personal Paul Mooney story.

The sound is very good

The sound is very good which sounds The sound is very good which sounds very good to hear to hear


An audio podcast with great content. I love listening to each episode. There is still talk of good people. Thank you


Truth liberates people, truth gives people peace, if you want to hear something good, this is a podcast announcement where good things have been said.


Episode 17/5/2021 I listen to, I like the content, I like the past.


A podcast of extraordinary quality. I listened to a few episodes on the last date and I really liked the interviews of the guests of each episode. I listened intently.

Awesome show

Entertaining show ... it’s mostly hip hop but they discuss everything and have some diverse group of guests on.... they are only getting better with time . Keep it up guys

Heights is the limit

Classic feel from the beginning intro. This is a great podcast. Jeff and Ant definitely bring a balanced vibe. Highly recommend to all

Must Listen

If you want real, raw, uncut truth, listen now!!

So much fun

Unfiltered discussions on a wide range of subjects. Very interesting perspectives on this one and nobody holds back on their feelings. These two guys are a lot of fun together and great to listen to. Highly recommend this one if you’re a fan of anything Hip Hop related. Music sports tv Film...you name it they cover it.

Great Show

Must listen for all hip hop fans, Jeff and Anthony do a great job. Subscribe now.

It’s very fun, laid back and awesome!