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The Culture started off as an idea. Then became an escape. An escape from the pandemic, from the everyday realities of the world we live in today. Two friends pressed record and simply spoke their minds. They spoke about the things they love and about the things they were passionate about. Hip-Hop music. Racism. Entertainment. Current events. World views and policies and how they pertain to minorities. A Black man and a Latino, for an hour a week, spoke to the people about the things that mattered to them. They wanted to become the voice of social commentary. What started out as just a podcast, quickly turned into a movement. A movement that spans across all multimedia. (Hip) Hop along for the ride, because the best is yet to come. From podcasting to blogging to e-commerce, this is a movement inspired by and for, The Culture! 

About the Host

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Jeff DeLaRosa

Creator/Host/Writer/Editor/Hip-Hop head/Influencer

Jeff is a Dominican American from North New Jersey. He is passionate about racism and about Hip-Hop as a genre and as a culture. He started The Culture as a podcast during the pandemic with his buddy Anthony, to speak his mind and keep himself sane while in lockdown. The podcast would go on to evolve and become a multimedia movement. In addition to the podcast, in order to satisfy his appetite for writing, Jeff started The Culture Blog. On the blog, he writes about topics he is passionate about spanning geek culture, pop culture, Hip-Hop culture and then some.