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The Culture is a carefully curated weekly podcast. It has everything you need for an edgy and thought provoking show with diverse representation, lots of gritty references, and panelists who are just as unfiltered and opinionated. Hosted by Jeff DeLaRosa and Anthony Austin, this show is anything but basic. Not only a musical genre, Hip Hop is a way of life and this show is the conversational embodiment and representation of such. Inspiring, motivating, entertaining, and empowering people from all walks of life as we showcase a variety of perspectives in Hip Hop and the culture surrounding it. Be part of the culture and gain a new experience through engaging conversation and raw content that you won't find anywhere else. From discussions on Hip Hop news, to compelling and provocative newsworthy guests, this is a must listen. This is a podcast inspired by and for our culture! New episodes every Monday morning Become a Patron Support the show

Recent Episodes

Who's Allowed to Say the N Word

March 27, 2023

On the wake of biracial rapper, Logic, getting heat for saying the N word, we pose the question; who's allowed to say the N word? Should anybody say it? Are there any exceptions? Topics Discussed: Logic being bashed for sayi…

Miracle Mike

March 13, 2023

Miracle Mike Mchale is an aids victor, a sexual abuse survivor, a celebrity children's entertainer, a children's book author, an elder advocate and the first openly gay guest on the show. He shares his story and discusses al…

Selective Outrage

March 6, 2023

The aftermath of Chris Rock's latest comedy special, Selective Outrage, lends itself to some social commentary and who better than to have the conversation than The Culture. Topics Discussed: Creed 3 Chris Rock's comedy spec…

Black History Month

Feb. 27, 2023

Black History Month was created to focus attention on the contributions of African Americans to the United States. As the month comes to a close, we discuss how some Blacks don't care for BHM the same way they don't care for…

🔒 Billboard and Vibe's 50 Greatest Rappers List Discussion Continued

Feb. 13, 2023

Subscriber-only episode We continue the discussion we started on episode 127 of the podcast, regarding Billboard and Vibe's top 50 greatest rappers list. We start off where we left off counting down the rest of the list from…

Goats, Lists, & Taxes

Feb. 13, 2023

Lebron James becomes the NBA's all-time leading scorer but does that make him the G.O.A.T? Beyonce is shoehorned into winning the Grammys. Billboard and Vibe reveal their 50 greatest rappers of all-time list. Also, tax exper…

Recent Blog Posts

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Explore whether the Blue Lives Matter movement has racist connotations. Blue vs. Black, Police brutality against black people.

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This is just a little bit about me, Jeff DeLaRosa. Part 1 of the short autobiographical series. The mind behind The Culture.

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The definitive list of the all-time top rap flows in Hip-Hop history! Best rap flow, best cadence, best flower. Top 10 best rap flow of all time

About the Host

Jeff DeLaRosaProfile Photo

Jeff DeLaRosa

Creator/Host/Writer/Editor/Hip-Hop head/Influencer

Jeff is a Dominican American from North New Jersey. He is passionate about racism and about Hip-Hop as a genre and as a culture. He started The Culture as a podcast during the pandemic with his buddy Anthony, to speak his mind and keep himself sane while in lockdown. The podcast would go on to evolve and become a multimedia movement. In addition to the podcast, in order to satisfy his appetite for writing, Jeff started The Culture Blog. On the blog, he writes about topics he is passionate about spanning geek culture, pop culture, Hip-Hop culture and then some.