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Passaic Mayor Hector C. Lora's Top 5 Favorite Rappers Revealed: Exclusive Interview

In this exclusive interview, Passaic New Jersey Mayor Hector C. Lora shares his top 5 favorite rappers of all time. Watch as Mayor Lora opens up about his love for hip-hop and discover the top 5 rappers that have earned his admiration and respect including the legendary Tupac Shakur. Whether you're a fan of rap music or simply curious about the mayor's personal tastes, this interview is a must-listen for anyone interested in the cultural influences shaping our leaders today.

To listen to the full episode:
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Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/episode/1ONkybV3cJQDoPLuAa8w0Q?si=svfjadRMQLKC7TnB2lWj1w


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