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Moving The Culture Forward with Manny Faces

Award winning Journalist, DJ, Hip-Hop Advocate, Public Speaker, and fellow Podcaster Manny Faces, sits down with The Culture to discuss his work as a scholar and advocate on how we can use Hip-Hop to educate, empower, and uplift humanity. In addition, Manny gives us his top 5 rappers of all time and also spits a few bars.

Other Topics Discussed:
• Snoop Dogg album review
• Ant insists Rakim wrote Summertime for Will Smith
• The "island boys" get booed off stage
• Ahmaud Arbery receives justice?
• Manny Faces discusses Eminem
• Who is the most influential figure in Hip-Hop history?

Special Guest: Manny Faces
Hip-Hop Journalist, Speaker, Podcaster, Advocate, Host, DJ, Manny Faces

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