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May 17, 2021

The Ripper Strikes Back

The Ripper Strikes Back
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Jeff reads hate messages he received stemming from his "greatest beats" list, as a result he makes some adjustments to his list.
The guys discuss Jay-Z getting inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame and who else deserves to be in there.
They also discuss; Cryptocurrency, the Joe Budden situation, is "Cancel Culture" a real thing?
They break down their list of top 5 best diss tracks of all time
Who are the first names that come to mind when you think about Def Jam records?
The SWV and Xscape Verzus battle
Who can go up against Mary J. Blige in a Verzus

Featured song: The Ripper Strikes Back (Can I Bus) -  LL Cool J

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
from urban life to hip hop and sports and everything in between, this is a podcast inspired by and for the culture Episode 43 the Ripper Strikes Back

Jeff  0:46  
yo Welcome to another episode of the culture going on and don't matter when we filming this we filming this live in front of the studio audience but we live now. 

Anthony  0:57  
I'm good man. How are you? 

Jeff  0:58  
I'm my um, first of all, let me just give a shout out to the patrons before I get it to my

Unknown Speaker  1:05  
patrons. We appreciate your thank you for helping us thank you so much. Because apparently isn't shit we need to talk about. Yeah, because

Unknown Speaker  1:13  
Yo, the backlash that I've been getting

Unknown Speaker  1:19  
for leaving shook ones from the last episode from all beats all time beats is crazy. Don't vitriol hate. That I've been receiving is unprecedented, bro. unmitigated. It's crazy on adulterated.

Unknown Speaker  1:39  
Yo, can I read some of these messages? 

Anthony  1:41  
You absolutely can let let let the live people know

what they really feel about your thoughts about shook ones because it's terrible. Okay, check this out. 

Unknown Speaker  1:52  
I'm gonna read one message I got this was from one Alex so say.

Jeff  1:59  
And he goes, yo, Jay, you lost all credit with me on beats and we're

Unknown Speaker  2:07  
not mad. It gets better. Give up your hip hop card right this minute. shred that shit. Some pieces. Yo, blasphemy. I'm disgusted with you b. How dare you son. And then he put a GIF a GIF of the rock. Whatever. Okay, cool. The next time you see that, man, he was spit in your face. Check this out. I got a message from Grand Kaiser. And he goes Jay, you are no longer in the hip hop community. Fuck you, you stupid fuck.

Unknown Speaker  2:37  
That's it and

Unknown Speaker  2:40  
I mean a man got to the point like I said they they they already kicking you out. I'm like, I like I told you. I told you then on a separate message. same person goes. You're a fucking disgrace to hip hop and word.

Unknown Speaker  2:58  
On on Twitter, I'm on Twitter.

Jeff  3:02  
gentleman by the name of revolt records our E vo lt records. He goes when he first heard it shook ones. Only an honorable mention. Oh my god. Your list better be legit, bro for that to be 21

Unknown Speaker  3:19  
one minute later he goes. It's Anthony's number one exclamation exclamation.

Unknown Speaker  3:25  

Unknown Speaker  3:27  

Unknown Speaker  3:29  
v is my dog my number one man. And my defense. Grand Kaiser also said I'm not even going to hate on Jays list from two to 18. But I guess 119 and 20 a problem.

Unknown Speaker  3:43  
So those the main ones

Unknown Speaker  3:47  
you want to get the first one right? Like this is the best one. It should be number one. So I'm gonna admit right here today I'm going to admit my mistake.

Unknown Speaker  3:56  
And I'm going to make an adjustment.

Unknown Speaker  4:00  
I'm going to replace ready or not from the fogies on the list. They were number 20 on my list, I'm going to replace them and I'm going to insert ship ones from our deep

Unknown Speaker  4:14  
Is that fair? This man show your respect.

Unknown Speaker  4:19  
It's still not even adapted. Like the body. Still, like it's still at the bottom. You know what it's like? Like, it's like, you know, like, like, go to like a gas station or store and they tell you what the money is. or whatever, whatever it costs right? He goes in your wallet. He looked at the money he like it's like it's it's nice and crisp and clean ones in there. Then it's like is this raggedy paper ballot like you get this one pick pick the stick this fucked up ballot. So what it is basically gave everybody with the fucked up dollar like, I'm sorry, but I'm not really sorry. Like it's on the list. Not really on the list because it's on the list. But do you mean come on.

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
And I can't please anybody. If it was not mentioned or messed up, if I put it on the list, oh, you're not in the top 10. If I were to put in the top 10, you would have been like, Oh, it's supposed to be top five. It's my list. No, no, I would have honestly said it was top 10. Like, I understand. I understand. Like I said, it's one of them songs. Like if you put them in the gym, you're gonna, like lift an extra 10% or you might push or you might punch somebody in the face is one of those two options. When you hit it that little tick, tick ticking and start going off like that. It's Mobb Deep. Well, guess what? I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna argue with like, I get it. I understand. Like, it's, it's your list. And you got those messages were hilarious, bro. And it

Unknown Speaker  5:42  
didn't make me feel like a shit like I want. But you better never talked about hip hop again. He but well drink like No, do not tell you not talking about hip hop, man, you suck. And guess what, I get to redeem myself today because today, we're doing our best diss tracks of all time.

Unknown Speaker  5:58  
And like, it's only time live. And you know, and like I said, until we're just, we're just gonna save these. We're gonna play i'm not i'm just gonna say these. So it makes life easy for everybody. So therefore, if you got a problem, this man lists he hit him on Twitter have a problem with the district. It is on Gmail. Wow, there's a lot of tracks. But my top five is a definitive top five.

Unknown Speaker  6:22  
That's a bold statement. definitive. definitive. Yeah, man. That's a bold statement to come across. Like I said, mine is the definitive lyrics impact. You know, I mean, what it meant to the game at the time. Like I'm taking all those things into consideration. You're listening. Right? Right. Yeah. Yeah, his energy he kicking out. So when you when you pull out some bullshit, you're hurt. This is his definitive top five. Not top 10 top five ever, ever. Keep in mind, yo, but before we get to that, I'm Jay Z was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Unknown Speaker  7:00  
He's only one of like, what he seven hip hop acts that's in it. Yeah, not a lot. He's the Let me see. Yeah. And it's funny because I didn't even realize they didn't even start taking hip hop serious toll 2007 when they actually inducted the first, you know, rap group into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which was Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. That was in 2007.

Unknown Speaker  7:25  
So it took them over 20 years to induct them.

Unknown Speaker  7:31  
That's not surprising. Then they ended up the Run DMC then in 2012 then dusted the beat the Beastie Boys, right? Gotta have the white boys in there. Then Public Enemy came on. Don't say that. I mean,

Unknown Speaker  7:44  
because the Beastie Boys were important to hip hop, then. Public Enemy was next. NWA in 2017, and there'll be a way

Unknown Speaker  7:54  
to park came after that. And big right big.

Unknown Speaker  7:58  
And now J. Now they do have lol in there as a music Excellence Award, but he's not inducted as an actual performance, which is a horseshit award. I mean, actually, should probably have been in for j Yo, there is no Def Jam, like you when we spoke about this off the air and you were telling me about the Beastie Boys Hall, you know, they basically are Def Jam, they kept the lights on, there is no Def Jam without LL Cool J he's the first artist signed to the to the label. He was the burning rapper with an album and for different decades. And I like to say I'm not shitting on the Beastie Boys, it's just the fact that they were the first hip hop really like crossover like that that that white people and black people fuck with right and that they toward me a whole lot of money. Everybody fuck for them. They was keeping the lights on at Def Jam for a minute. So sure they deserve to be in it but oh shouldn't be in the musical Excellence Award like so. You mean to tell me Everyone else being like, that's like being a football player and everyone else getting gold jackets and they give you like a silver cup with your name engraved on it like Amen. Great job over here. He

Unknown Speaker  9:04  
meant a lot to the game. Kudos the fuck out of here. No, that's terrible. I need to see lol Oh is m&m in it? No, he's not in a year right now. Yeah. Okay, so he needs to be in it.

Unknown Speaker  9:15  
As the best selling rapper of all time he needs to be in I don't get I don't give a fuck if he gets in there before Dre does. I've never heard I'm not saying you shouldn't get in there before anybody but I'm just telling you the people that needs to be in it. He needs to be in it. Dr. Dre definitely needs to be in it. LL Cool J needs to be in it. You may or may disagree on this one Lauryn Hill needs to be in it. Absolutely disagree with okay, but that's that's Lauryn Hill was the most successful female artist of all time, in hip hop. Being so you need to get in there, bro. That's significant. Because it was a time when it doesn't matter. Okay, it doesn't matter if that was it doesn't matter. But she did that. That's something that's never gonna happen again. She's the only female is ever going to go diamond. nobody's doing that again. Because they're not because no one buys

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
albums on record so that's why it's never gonna happen again and that's therefore she needs to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bro.

Unknown Speaker  10:06  
But that's a bad basis the basis upon like she went diamond 51 diamond shifting DNA? No, because he's not the first person to do that. She's the first female to do that. And all looks like this. You remember give Richard doctrine right great album. Yes. Right. That's that's so what's going on? 10 million copies. Okay. Since that album, no one has been able to get to nine. Does that have no effect? You think that's true? I looked it up. I'm pretty sure I know. I'm pretty sure m&m has done embro not gonna shut up. Now you can look it up. I like

Unknown Speaker  10:43  
him every single time he drops. Even today, even his last album went platinum. Why did we go through the shit every episode? I say something he like no. Eminem did that. And I be like, No, no, he did not. And I believe Yo, he's the best selling artists of all time in hip hop because he couldn't because he kept dropping down. Let's say Alright, so here we go. He's the only rapper to have a platinum album in like four different decades. Music to be murdered by a 415 1000s of Slim Shady lp 1989 was first week was 441k revival only so 600,000 that was trauma kasi so 600 revivalist relapse, relapse so the million recovery so 1.1 encore so 1.2 Marshall Mathers LP so 1.3 about the m&m show so 2 million, the Marshall Mathers LP so 2.8 What about the last year the murdered by party or whatever? Right. So so so so because he makes a copy of this first week, because they counting? I think his last one as Platinum for some reason. That's why they said that he's the first rapper to go platinum, you know, in like four different decades or whatever. Because they count in the stream. So so over, so over, over the past decade, so basically the 2000s Mmm, so 13 million 13 million albums, whatever. But how do they How do they calculate that? How do they calculate and nobody's buying CDs? So how do they calculate streams? Could it go on but it could have gone better? 20 like, it's a real fucked up, man. I don't know. Like, how can you stream Okay, 20 million people were listening to it on title like, you know, I mean, or, you know, 10 million people on YouTube was looking at the shit like, how do you how do you calculate this shit? by some funny money math. But anyway, yeah, so Lauren Hill, you got stopped. Gotta go. Oh, I can't believe I forgot this person. Nas needs to be in the rock and roll thing. Eventually I'm saying I mean, you know, I'm kind of obviously I'm a I'm a na standbys? Yeah, I'm buying kind of salty that Jay got in before him, but that's fine. I'm not saying Jay doesn't deserve he does absolutely deserve it. You know, he's credited as being the first billionaire in hip hop or whatever.

Unknown Speaker  12:46  
You know? Yeah. So he definitely he's probably the most influential figure in hip hop right now. Would you agree with that? Right now? Probably in the past 20 years.

Unknown Speaker  12:59  
Yeah, in the past one Yeah. Right now No, so right now it is irrelevant. Who Jay Z No, no, no, I don't agree with that.

Unknown Speaker  13:06  
He just dropped the song with kaladin nas and it's the best song on the entire album.

Unknown Speaker  13:11  
That now that it has a video the whole verse is kind of weak. When are you tripping?

Unknown Speaker  13:18  
you're tripping? No Listen again, man. But that's the whole thing not saying whenever he hops out it's but when you know you got to understand these guys are 50 years old bro. These guys are in their 50s but whenever Jay Johnny's dropping those rules though. Everybody nigga fuck them? What? What? Which ones? The whole Beeline people was trippin about this shit the other beat on Jay Jay Z be dropping jewels all the time. He did this shit in 444 he talked about you know the maturity No, he's not doing what I was doing before was more important in blah blah blah credit. Right? Cool. But then sneaker charges $600 a ticket to go see him in a concert. Nigga stop. Yeah, let's talk about both sides of his mouth. That's not nothing new. Like you rich. I get it. You're wealthy. I understand. The whole thing about being real rich is that sometimes if you don't handle it, you're right. You get really annoying. Like Like when Kanye was excited for like five days because he was a billionaire. I need to call other people been billionaires before you It's all right. Like, I know, I know. He didn't talk to Forbes get the numbers right like no, come on. Alright, so you're not a billionaire. You're worth $990 million. Great. Calm the fuck down. You're rich is terrific. But Jay always does that and people always overhype is versus the whole thing is that j don't really do album to happen a guest one here gets one there. I mean, we need to we need to do the West free joint with with him meek and Ross. She was fine. It was my I forgot that. But like I said, You're not getting a j project. No time soon. You're getting him go hop on this shit. He will hop on that song. I mean, Nas dropped an album NAS won a Grammy shit. You think we'll ever, ever get a NAS and Jay

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
album fuck nah no and if that did happen to with nah nah I don't think so. Like black republicans terrible I trippin bro Are you serious goal um because because like I said you hold in high esteem go listen to it again that song got the album I got the album in my car I got the CD in my car What are you talking about? That shit is trapped on the hip hop is dead album and the whole thing is that it wouldn't work with like an album with them together because their styles are so now you got to let it you got to let premiere the produced the shit and just let them go off bro just give them like 10 heartbeats and just let them go off

Unknown Speaker  15:39  
I'm not trying to hit them niggas over a bunch of premier beef because if you remember me now I was gonna kill him nice has mastered the premier beat that's fine it's not even about killing it's about just dropping knowledge beaches dropping jewels, but that's the thing give us give is suggestions and

Unknown Speaker  15:54  
we but if you put them both together on an album, it becomes a vs because everyone's going to say Oh, Jay killed him on these tracks but now it's

Unknown Speaker  16:01  
part of the game. right but but then you're not enjoying the music you're trying to see who's better than who like now I just want to hit some fires you could just call the album The King's New York kings in New York man knock that shit off. Somebody asked about that years ago. like Yo, would you ever do an album when he when he said Nah, he was like he was like at this point you know? I think he said at this point Kanye is the only other person you know the only person I feel like I have chemistry that I could do album with and that was when they was doing was that should they did watch the throne to watch the film so that was a while back right he said that a while back not not even fell out like yeah, I'm making this Christian music now you know you see right in Wyoming or whatever the hell you wet man but the whole thing is like I The reason why I don't want to J and Nizam at this point because like I'm still getting a pretty good version of both. But it would have just worked better if I saw them at their peak. Like they're mature and so on and so forth.

Unknown Speaker  16:55  
If not as I hit him I'm staring off of the roof of my building no you not you but you got a house Shut up. You rich they can talk to things that they can't j can talk about Reasonable Doubt j no more not kidding.

Unknown Speaker  17:11  
Why do you want to hear that? They were spitting that when we were in high school bro we're older now they're obviously older now richer now. They talking about you know, buying cryptocurrencies and buying artwork and you know and leaving legacies for their children. That's what they're talking about now adult shit mature so they're not talking about selling drugs no more being on the block. Don't even go to the hood. They probably haven't been to the hood and 20 years and I'm saying

Unknown Speaker  17:34  
so so. So actually listen to an album for these two very rich men to tell me to get my shit together. Sure.

Unknown Speaker  17:42  
The fuckin ain't Tell me tell you to get your credit up by some some artwork

Unknown Speaker  17:48  
by some Bitcoins. Nigga my credit is good. I don't have any need for artwork and the whole thing is about Bitcoin and I just made like $100 million, though from some current awesome crypto right now, man Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, keep falling for that hopefully running out here.

Unknown Speaker  18:05  
It's working for now. But like, you know, like, like wealth is accumulated over time. Like this kind of how it goes. So when someone's like, you know, all of a sudden they become they made like $100,000 in like six months. And I always tell them like you honestly have to understand that's not how it works as coin base basically cryptocurrency Scarface and the whole thing with cryptocurrency its own its own it's just like a bank. only so many people control the majority of the coin facts. If they if all I could do is just pull the rug out underneath you then everybody dies does that every week for me in crypto, I've been losing money Exactly. right because like I said it's too volatile. It's not like a stock or you know a mutual fund where it grows like that. Oh, my daughter's coin is up 13% as well. So we're in the green Now again, right and like but that's the whole thing. You know what it is though? Was this dude Ilan Musk, he'll tweet some shit and then the shuttle drop people started wiling out and then

Unknown Speaker  19:02  
he'll go on Saturday Night Live make a joke and people start selling naughty shit. No, but it affected Bitcoin. It didn't affect the stock market. No, it affected Bitcoin. Dogecoin. And she bullshit, which is another one that I write. What I say when I think in theory, when you run to something so volatile, like I said, if all of a sudden they just pull the rug out underneath you all that money you thought you got you're gonna be one I'm getting money niggas and getting money no more. That's gonna be it must feel good to have all that power. Hmm, we could just tweet some shit and fuck up the entire country's economy. by a single tweet, I made a joke he makes. I think it just makes me realize the stupidity of people like, like Okay, so let's say you had Dogecoin right? He made $100,000 and watch just take the $100,000 invested in something else. Some that's a bit more stable. Alright, but no one's gonna do that. Everyone watched it. And here's the other thing about this whole no cryptocurrency shit. I've been in high school and I've been to college and I've met some very interesting people in

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
Thailand, I've met some very stupid people to all of a sudden, are these amazing stockbrokers? That's ridiculous. None of them are. But all of them also in trying to tell me what I should do my money put in this crypto and do this and so not Yo, come on, stop. Stop. I know you dumb. You know that I know that you know that I know you don't. So therefore Why are you telling me like oh, you need to put it in this and putting it. Yo man you're not a stockbroker, you just you just don't do falling away like everybody else. And I'm not saying don't invest in it. But I'm saying I wouldn't put your life into it. Like, like, I know somebody that took out a bank loan for 50,000 out and literally bought, like put half and Dogecoin and Jesus half and Ethereum. I'm like, Hey, you better hope this shit pays off. Where are they gonna be in some debt? Cuz you're gonna owe them money.

Unknown Speaker  20:50  
Apparently, apparently, apparently speaking of money, money that fucked up the Joe Budden podcast. And you know about this a little bit more than me because you followed it more. But I went to try to go check the shit. I went on the apple podcast because I couldn't even find it on Spotify. So I go into apple. And they didn't say he took it down. He took the episode down. It was what fourth number episode number 436. So it goes from 430 524 37 they just he just took it down. And then the last episode was only like a 20 minutes. He just rambling about some bullshit. Just to fill up the slot. I'm like, yo, get the fuck out it. But it's still circling. And you can find it on like YouTube. Obviously people everywhere. Yeah. So he's talking shit. And he's like firing. Go ahead. Tell me about it more because you know more about it. I mean, so basically, he felt that no, Rory was, he basically felt that Roy was trying to get into the books. And trying to say like, you know, Jesse felt like I deserve this, or I deserve that. Like, this is the shorthand, simplified version of it.

Unknown Speaker  21:48  
So he felt that he was doing a behind his back. No, instead of talking to Joe about it, they would know to have his lawyers and their representation called, you know, Joe's lawyers and so on so forth. Joe found it to be, you know, a bit disconcerting, I guess you could say. So he fired Rory, he didn't really fire more. But technically, since it was rocking together, they both kind of technically fired him. So right now, they're just kind of going well, there's really no back and forth. So right now, no one really knows what the job button podcasts are going to be from this point forward. is going to be Joe. I don't know if he's going to start doing interviews or guests or start fucking academics again, I have no idea. But right now, this shit is a mess. And anybody would want to mess with him, right?

Unknown Speaker  22:34  
I mean, yeah, I mean, cuz like I said, it's still a popular podcast.

Unknown Speaker  22:39  
I mean, like, it's still a Joe Budden podcast, but the whole thing is that it's just something kind of weird about it. Because I remember before when they won Spotify he always talked about the numbers were ranked this were ranked that were ranked this we're bringing back Yeah, they were only

Unknown Speaker  22:53  
they were only second to the Joe Rogan experience right. But once you got on SoundCloud, he stopped talking at number shit. He didn't say we the number one podcast on Soundcloud and usually none of that shit at all. The number shifts were not the window. Now the thing that Rory like is like, part of me understands part of me doesn't because like I say Rory is an employee of the Joe Budden podcast, not an owner, he just an employee. Like I said, I can't tell I can't tell my boss to go open up the book to make sure I'm getting paid properly, or I deserve more. Notice when I have a contract when you contracts up, you get to renegotiate put your evidence out there. I've done x, y and D and this is brought us up a B and C so I deserve 123 didn't do that. It felt like you're trying to do some slick shit and so on so forth. So basically, like, you know, Rory feel this way that he can do his own thing and make his own money then fine. So basically from this one for you are far from the Joe Budden podcast, you are not welcome here. So he got worried if I got one out of there, it sucks. But is how it goes, man, it is so many different layers and conversations to have with this stuff. Oh, man, I feel like button is hard as hell was probably he looks like one of the people that's hard as hell to like get along with and to even do business with.

Unknown Speaker  24:07  
One of the things when we started our podcast, one of the things he was concerned about was like you just wanted to make sure that it wouldn't come between our friendship.

Unknown Speaker  24:15  
Sure. I remember you telling me Yeah, we could do this as long as you know, I mean, it's not gonna come between your friendship Otherwise, I'd rather not do it. If we're gonna be beefing up we're gonna be bullshit.

Unknown Speaker  24:24  
So we had same conversations I also did Malinga fuck about the money. Yeah. Like it like if you want to be profitable. We had looked at it a different way. But I don't care. Like I said, just kind of enjoying the conversation. But what but once you start mixing business with pleasure, it I don't know if it ever really works out. I don't know. Like the whole, like people always think like, like, like if you start a business right? And I I don't know shit about the business that you're starting.

Unknown Speaker  24:50  
I call you a fucking idiot if you hire him if he wanted me to hire me to work for that business. I'm like dawg, I have nothing to do with this. But people always want to do shit for their friends but sometimes friends in business just

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
doesn't work out. And this might just be one, it seems very clearly that is one of those situations because if you friends, rarely does anything really fuck up a friendship, either, you know, if you the women or money when it comes to Gods is one of those two, nothing else really outside of that guys get into like little problems, they shake it up, they get the fighting. Sometimes they square up sometimes to get get some cheap clip unit somewhere else. But that's it. But this situation, this is purely money. And the whole and the whole thing is like it's the whole no three sided thing is your version, my version of the truth. But now it's four sided, because Joe spoke on it. But eventually more guys are going to enroll, you got to speak on it. And yeah, and I bet you somebody had the most compelling key and I bet you platforms are lining up right now to be the first ones to interview them. You know, I mean, I bet you a bunch of them is calling them up like Yo, come on, come on our show, come on our podcast, come on our radio station and tell us your side. So I expect them to come more soon. You know, 97 105 somebody, they all come on and say something, you know and say that Yeah, within the next week, they won't be on somebody's station to tell and decide where they're gonna have to because right now like he did if you're gonna contract so they can't start doing podcasts even if they wanted to. Right, like the whole thing. Would you really listen to a Rory Amol podcast? Probably just like the first couple episodes because, you know, they go on, you know, say a lot of shit about Joe and the ins and outs and you know, that whole situation after they're probably the second episode, then you know, probably too now. Why? Like, it's not even like intriguing content, like why am I sitting here listening to this? Like, I don't care. Like, I don't want to hear more say this is crazy, like 50 times every episode like Yo, yo, stay some do some? Or here's some old throwback or, you know, the thing about that combination with them is that they worked out well with them because they were friends. And that was like the thing about it. You never felt like you're listening to a podcast. You always felt like you're listening to three dudes shooting the shit in the barbershop for hours on it because like I said, your thing is like we need to cut this down to X, Y and Z and I'm like if it flows it flows and having a good conversation is kind of goes that way. And every episode generally felt like that I mean besides the past few weeks of course but the thing about it is like once we started digging into the contract and trying to figure out the money and so on so forth. I'm like Joe said like your contract pays you x i actually pay you more than what the contract that because you my man like and that's the way it gets to but it shouldn't have to do that you haven't honored that contract and avoid doing some sluggish it and want to try to figure out another way to get more money out of it. You're violating the terms of it so you deserve to get fired but I would hate to see is such a good podcast go two ways. Besides if you haven't listened to Joe bunkai podcast check us out we got here. Fucking I'll be I'll be good. I'll gladly take all their their listeners.

Unknown Speaker  27:55  
I don't know you'd be mad but you have mad comments like

Unknown Speaker  27:59  
I hate all y'all Alia beat beat 600 comments talking about how shitty your list was fun. Speaking of comments, I'm still trying to encourage people to leave comments. I mean, they're gonna have to go on Apple podcasts. If you got iPhone, you could go on podcast addict. pod chaser and cast box right now are like the only ones that I can find that I'll let you leave reviews and shit. Because what we're in May right so in June I want to do the giveaway given people you know what of time to leave reviews and we're just gonna pick some random reviews and give away some merch. And I get it man I get why they gotta cut cut. No, you can't let people comment on podcasts because people are assholes. Yeah, especially now and society now how it is now the canceled culture the sensitive society shit now like you know and all the bullying like we you you believe in kancil culture. I mean, that's what it is now bro. You can't get sensitive can't it's cans of coke right? What have they actually canceled? Oh no, but you know what it is man? It's you know people always bring their cans of coke and see that what have they actually canceled? they canceled shows bro they cancel people who come on you got to start naming names. Yes, I'm not gonna start naming names are hidden and you know, incriminate myself no you're not incriminate you can't can't do that can't alright people say that they cancer are killing no then they get committed. I'll give you an example. They they're canceling the canceling The Ellen DeGeneres Show because people supposedly complain that she was too mean.

Unknown Speaker  29:34  
And now there's a whole backlash and now she's on her last you know episode or last season or whatever, they're gonna cancel that right. But but then then even Elon said but they always talk they slip sheet around it like well, it's gonna be last season anyway. Yeah, but that's an example of how the shit is like you can't do shit if somebody thinks you mean somebody thinks you looked at them wrong. Look at the whole de Blasio

Unknown Speaker  29:53  
the mayor, the governor of New York or whatever.

Unknown Speaker  29:56  
Cuomo I said de Blasio Cuomo. All these females

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
Coming out talking about Oh, he hugged me. I felt wrong. Oh, I don't like the way he looked at me. There's no proof of no misconduct. Right? They're saying like, I don't like the way he hugged me. Like, are you serious? So now they they call him for his resignation and all this shit like, yo, come on in my thing is this. Is he still a governor? Oh yeah. He said he's stepping down. Has he resigned? Oh no. Then you ain't Kansas.

Unknown Speaker  30:23  
That's my point. People Oh, they say that but he is the only people you really want to cancel like really vile people like in the people who have gotten canceled weren't really canceled. They were just captured by the law got cancelled from social media.

Unknown Speaker  30:38  
No, he No, he Yeah, yeah. But the but he got cancer from social media because they don't know what he was saying inside of there. Right. Right, right. But before that he wouldn't cancel. They just let him ramble on. But when it got too far, it wasn't like we're gonna stop Trump. No, they just stopped it for now. And maybe eventually he gets his access back. But you can't cancel people. People see that shit all time. You can't cancel shit. You can try. You can say things but you're not really getting anybody out the box. What's one boy name? What armie hammer. They were trying to cancel him. But the whole thing is like, apparently he's doing some wild shit. Like he want to bite and eat women.

Unknown Speaker  31:17  
So I get why you want to cancel him like maybe he's a madman. But the freedom of speech is their freedom of speech. So you're gonna say whatever you want to do, but unless you really fucking up your money, he you're gonna be you. Do you want to get canceled? Oh, no, no, you're never our private comment. Our private conversation you says

Unknown Speaker  31:37  
it. We're not we're not gonna make it public. It causes what's called a private conversation to talk about. Wow, shooting alone, like, Man, I'm not gonna record this life be over send it right. Like, yeah, we've put a fake news out like that. Just the kinda employee got played a tape.

Unknown Speaker  31:55  
But Yo, we're going to get into these best districts of all time of what? You really want to set yourself up for failure like that again. I do have I do have four honorable matches that I mentioned.

Unknown Speaker  32:07  
Let me get let's do this. I'll do my honorable mentions afterwards.

Unknown Speaker  32:13  
Because I don't want to step on younger than I do. It's not I'm still gonna say my list no matter what. Because the floor is yours. Please take your for. You probably could the list of four down from like 16 like there's been a lot of nigga. I mean, distracts has been going on forever, bro since the 80s. That's, you know, hip hop was built on the bad rap? No, I'm saying. I'm saying I'm gonna give you the honorable mentions.

Unknown Speaker  32:42  
Everyone, ladies and gentlemen, if you're hearing us out here and you know podcast land, like I said, we're going to talk about these devices. We're going to talk about our top five. Now Jeffrey just cannot stick to the top five he has to have five and like for possibles. So here he is possibles. I'm not going to say one word on that. No man go and cook somebody on your top to

Unknown Speaker  33:04  
see little button on it. I'm gonna mute myself right now. I bet Here we go. Hi. So my four honorable mentions. First one

Unknown Speaker  33:12  
is going to be fuck with Dre day, which was a Dr. Dre snoo when there was distant Eazy E back in the early 90s. This was actually the first diss track I ever heard coming out. I remember I was in elementary school when the show came out and out and they had the video. They had Zeo from Friday playing easy on them.

Unknown Speaker  33:34  
And I thought the show was funny. I was like oh shit. So that's in my honorable mentioned.

Unknown Speaker  33:40  
blueprint to buy Jay Z, which was one of the beats that I liked on the last week's episode. I liked that song a lot. He goes out NAS on that one. That's my that's my honorable mention. I got no Vaseline. Bye by

Unknown Speaker  33:57  
icecube when he goes that the whole NWA and then finally 300 bars by the game when he goes at G unit and that's a dope ass song and he just kept switching beats and he just kept rhyming over every beat for like 20 minutes so just for that Ash is crazy, but it's just too long. I can't put it in my regular liquor as long as it's too long. But anyway, that's my honorable mention. Let's start the list I'll let you go first Witcher number five unless you have some honorable mentions of your you know

Unknown Speaker  34:30  
the fact you in person lips and say some shit like that just makes me know you're a crazy person. But what do you think about Manuel mentioned by the way, so so it was it was fuckwad Dre day little printer no Vaseline

Unknown Speaker  34:42  
blueprint to 300 300 bucks. Well, I

Unknown Speaker  34:46  
mean they're all tough. Well,

Unknown Speaker  34:49  
no Vaseline.

Unknown Speaker  34:51  
No Vaseline is my number to see. Just say your lips but don't do this. That's why I didn't want to say Monica mentioned at the beginning just start watching them because

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
Cuz I'm still gonna talk about it. So ours isn't my number five is ether wow Are you serious?

Unknown Speaker  35:08  
right this is probably the number one because you're not spending oh no no fucking better that's why you laughing ladies and gentlemen he is right now he's laughing explain your number one ether are no eath is going to be as number one

Unknown Speaker  35:20  
it's it's by far better than Jay shit

Unknown Speaker  35:24  
totally focused on him that beat his fire and yet his number lively list so you got four other guys better than this. Okay Yeah, absolutely see see we're doing all the talking yo yo he's going to do this because he This is number one because he's a nice fan if you don't know no better trust me it's going to be number one y'all has learned? Well he's a nice fan. It doesn't have no I'm a fan of all these people that I'm gonna mention in this list. Don't worry, he was number one, we're going to be talking about it again. So the fact that he gets that round off again to Jay at the fJ let him with the shit and like oh, now they're gonna come back for this. The fact the fact that you know you're doing a takeover, he makes it real clear and makes that whole verse about nice to go one and a half assed nice you don't want to wear home. No, that's hilarious to me. They leaves him with that. So it gives nice. He was one of the most brilliant lyricist of all time, Tom to really take a time and load up the chairman to really Ted Yeah, that was started by Jay Yeah. Because the whole thing that you should make the whole thing and then his follow up afterward was was was you remember I hate that Summer Jam. That's when Jay You know, he went out Mobb Deep the first two verses or whatever. And then on that last verse, He goes, ask NAS II don't want to wear home and then he ends it right there to Summer Jam. right in half. He just left it right there.

Unknown Speaker  36:43  
He was going right in the lab. So NAS came out with the H to the Izzo or whatever freestyle number. mx when he went I thought all right, yeah. And then he came with the eat you know, and then and then Jay dropped the full verse of the NAS this on takeover. And then boom. Eat the cane. Don't you want to say that conversation for number one number five. Okay, cool.

Unknown Speaker  37:09  
My number five is easy. Real motherfucking Geez.

Unknown Speaker  37:15  
When he goes at drain Snoop and def row motherfuck Snoop motherfuck Dre motherfucker death row and hit goes my left blow

Unknown Speaker  37:25  
I think that song is better than fuck with Dre day like you know i mean it has it has easy has BG knockout.

Unknown Speaker  37:34  
The video was funny as hell he got the same he got he Zeo the same dude that played easy on the Dre video he hired him to play to play the you know himself on net on his video and you know, the whole day run an app down there trying to get him. So

Unknown Speaker  37:50  
so real motherfucking Jesus in your mind better than Dre day? Yes to me. Yes. Eazy E motherfucking. Jesus, man number five. He called Snoop the anorexic rapper. He was like, he was like Andre de Dre. They only made easy's pay day.

Unknown Speaker  38:07  
He got all these pictures of Dre back when Dre was on that. And that group was the group that Dre was on the world class I know it was world class right? Yeah. When it when when Dre hadn't had a little little little shiny john had the little side or with the doctors should on the skull

Unknown Speaker  38:25  
and the lipstick a man that's why you won't find a picture of me in the ad because they have me wearing some wild shit. So I understand my mother homies and I was wearing clip on ties and at I had I had to add me some brown slide on sandals like, oh man, we were in at a cookout, some red shorts and like a blue top. I'm like, Yo, what's up? Yo, would you call a blonde some shit?

Unknown Speaker  38:48  
clip on ties. Yo, you will never see that picture. I'll fuck you up. You will never see that guy. So that's my fault. You don't like the song Eazy E room? Oh, geez. I like I like Dre better and when I when I get to a particular point and one of

Unknown Speaker  39:03  
the Ripper Ripper Strikes Back. Oh, cool. J Okay.

Unknown Speaker  39:08  
Is there something by him bring him back the river. Just specifically for cannabis little last. I don't know why I find it to be hilarious. I'm just gonna say it now. I'm just gonna say it now. You're number five. ether was my number one. Let's just put it out.

Unknown Speaker  39:23  
You're number four repor strikes back is my number two. I told you TVC See, get a new phone with a rabbit got the gun. Right. And I know how I felt last week Really? mancinelli Hola. Hola. I cool like, Africans like you know, whatever. We'll get to it. But that's your number four is reppin Strikes Back LL Cool. J Yeah. So so when we get up number two we could talk about i. So my number four is Jay Z takeover. It's a dope song. You know what I mean? But he dedicated a different verse he got a whole verse for prodigy and my Divi got a verse for not in I mean, because he broke it down into like, three, four different verses. So it's not like he's just concentrating the whole

Unknown Speaker  40:00  
On one person, so maybe that kind of hurts him a little bit. I don't know if it does but the whole song is dope. Bam, bam bump, bump Bump, then row C we run in his rap sheet actually goes off, you know what I mean? Like it's a good song. Some people argue that it's a better song than ether. You know what I mean? as like an actual song I just a diss track like a whole song. The whole duction it might it might be, you know what I mean? He knows you know, the reason why I left off to take over because he does that nice verse, but then he has a verse right after that when he's just talking shit, right? Yeah, yeah, I think that was an extra like I need to do that last one. Yeah, like like you lost me there like if you ended up on that nozzle we would have been good. But the fact that he goes you met your bed now sleep.

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