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Feb. 28, 2022

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The Culture has a new website, a new blog and a new domain: theculture.one
Joe Biden nominates first black woman on the Supreme Court. Would Americans be as brave as Ukrainians have been vs. the Russians? The 10-year anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death.  All of this and more in the final episode of Black History Month.

Topics Discussed:

  • Ketanji Brown Jackson
  • Afro-Latinos
  • Do new TVs have an on/off button on them?
  • TheCulture.one
  • Stem players
  • When is Biden going to pardon these student loans?
  • Jeen-Yuhs
  • Kanye vs. Pete Davidson
  • Are amenities to blame for spoiling this generation?
  • The James Harden trade

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Yo yo yo yo thank you for tuning in is another episode of the culture episode 84 If this is your first time listening to us, I'm your host Jeff I'm here with my co host Anthony the coach Are you laughing?


Could you keep Matt fresh like this is your first time listen to a and b somebody first time bro in the podcast world is wild like ever just look through just click on some it's everybody first time listen every day that's what I'm saying. Let me find a random fitness to do all the time. So again if it is your first time the website BUTCHER I don't know if I told you how we got the domain name is the culture dot one. That's the domain where are we rushing? What do you mean? Do all the dot coms know that calm? Calm? Calm is too expensive. So we fucking we are the one

Jeff and Ant:

the coated that 12 McBee sheets is cheap, low. We're Yes, yes. Speaking of Russian you want to talk about that Russia should not? Absolutely not man, we are American citizen. I got top of the shit. Got Time for buses. Fuck good. Bribe man. Look, what did we had, we've had a terrorist attack a few times. We've survived a pandemic. And now we want to wait to a world war. So I don't know what kind of fucked up bingo card our generation is trying to run. But I'm trying to avoid it at all costs. Were the best thing that you own. If you got to go to war. You got even watchmen pull that back out so quickly. I can't fight no war no more, my back is sore. My feet are flat, my neck hurt. No, by trying to go to war and try to go to war. Right? It's like ADHD and all that shit. Taking all these medications, I've signed up for mad things. The whole thing. It's a conflict that has, you know, global implications. But I'm not going to try to say to be funny like this. It's, it's early. And it's it's a lot of pushback. It's a lot of things that I would like to talk about, but I'm not going to say something that I'm not fully informed on that but that's the thing that cracks me up like between a pandemic and this all of a sudden I see a whole bunch of epidemiologists and political scientists like Come on y'all know shit about no shut about shit need to do. But I choose not to say anything because I want to be more informed. It seems like oh, there's Russia coming and going. They're getting close to China. Like I Yeah, shut up. Shut up. Stop Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. You don't know I don't know. There's some some long history between those two countries. But there's something more I don't mean it in like a conspiracy theorist kind of way just more. I want to I want to know more so I can talk about them. I can do that next week. I can really honestly do that then but right now now I am trying to jump some shit I don't know about them. Ukrainians the bravest shit, bro. Like, have you seen the news and the videos and shit? Like, would you if something was to pop off here? Would you trust that the American people would be as brave as the Ukrainians have been? Because I don't? I don't know. We thought everybody that gets it to something from Texas took the gangster shit behind a keyboard and share on a tick tock video some shit. But when Stan is and Miss was topping off, they all be like ADHD. I got mental illness. No offense to anybody who has people in this book. That just seems like type capital in lieu keyboard bro, I will fuck Russia up like we're fend for real. Like you never had an sp the whole thing met like alright, so a long time ago, we went to reloaders so you shot a gun. Right? Right. And people think that she was like the movies. It ain't easy to hit that target. And that's like 10 That's 10 yards away to get the bullet where you wanted to go. Yeah, you know I saw a thing on on on TV earlier. What it was like people in Ukraine were like it was 20 people and it was a bunch of glass bottles and it was filling gasoline up don't make a Molotov cocktail like they built for this shit they ready to go but I respected you got to fight for shows. If it was your house, wouldn't you do the same? Oh yeah, exactly. But um Yo, that's fine. Give a shout out to these coach crew again, when when they don't hear the name I get complaints. So I mean shit. I get it they support the show but they you know the getting real petty now the coach accrue like I heard my name and I heard my name in an episode like I write a really demanding so I'm gonna get some I have to comply. So shout out to Alex so say Do you message to grant Kaiser shoutouts to Tosh, you'll get a nickname yet. Shout out to Mikey sheet. Mm hmm. Shout out to Simba. Last but not least shout out to Melly Mel. In toxic sugar head on. No nickname. It should be a hidden treat and wonder by name you were named to fast like and so what's it dentally though nowhere I'm incidentally the Patreon that complain this time wasn't even one or like the usual suspects. It wasn't like a grand cause. Or Alex Oh say he filmed it. What would it be? lady named her bro. I apologize. I understand you understand it you know I'm saying I'm surprised kaisi let me see nothing about that punch it wish it what do you think want me on Microsoft about the whole thing once in no secret cause I'm talking about with Putin and his history and some of his wife. Yeah, I don't remember him saying that. That was several weeks ago. He listened Yeah, I probably should have but they just liked his music. I'm saying he picked the whip literally whatever his music is fire you but you'd like to say a madman you hated that verse. Got to hear his side of the story. We didn't know what she did. What did she do to deserve that pistol weapon though like he did now you can't be talking about dead man he can't and that's my thing. If a man ain't around to defend himself, the case is null and void us off you know it kind of is null and void but you still know what the evidence so yeah yeah that's the that's the only difference like we don't have videos of Michael touching little kids but we got videos a big putter you know, smacking his wife around say yes and that's the difference hard denied? Like that's the first point like domestic abuse like what did she say to deserve it right right shit. You know we have a we have footage of Ray Rice punching the girl in the face we got footage of our Kelly sleeping with girls like we got this my whole thing that she pissed me off when people are talking about what did what did she do? Or what did he do like you could you could stand there he cursed me out in front of my face all goddamn day if you want too long don't pick up no weapon we good? Like dude, like dude really lacked like this kind of emotional thing. Like someone can yell at them and often do like, they need like, go upside to girlfriend or wife head like fuck is wrong with you? Like, let the shit go walk the fuck away. Or just just sit there and smile and laugh. It's only gonna piss her off more but don't be upset about it. I don't know man. I can't see myself really going inside no chick head like that. It's not really me. Not my soul. No, no. What about you know, I've never had no female are you? Yeah, you know, I never see my father put my hands on my mom. I wasn't raised like that. He doesn't say now but your mom like a little tougher the woman but she thinks she would stand Jewish I've seen my mom I've seen my mom. I've seen my mom hit my dad though. Maybe I shouldn't be saying that on air. If you lay that out do not get that out. I see. My mom took several swings at him and he just walked away. I'm gonna be a better man. You see that's the way it goes. God dang she's take a few swings here just walk away like I'm entertaining this guy kind of your bullshit boom move with my dinner set as fuck is my dinner he probably said that. He said he put the flip it on got a beer dirty Yankee though like I pick up my face let me know when dinner's ready now to one in the night got blood coming down his face his forehead like yeah, let me know what dinner ready? Yeah, we got down to one of the night woman man we gotta get we gotta get revair I hear like is wow the shit you learn from your parents? You hope to learn good things, but sometimes you'd be like, What the fuck do I get from y'all? You'll wonder these lessons like I got I got my mother's I got my mother's attitude. I got my father's temper but I try to avoid have a father Tim because it's bad but I definitely got my dad to my mother is more like like she's kind and she like respectful and so on so forth. But just don't cross her because like when you cross her like you a zombie you alive but you did to her at the same time. And I'm definitely the same way I got time for none of this shit. Like I've tried I try to be cool everybody I had no issues with before somebody but some I really got a problem and they really disliked me or if I really really disliked them. They just did to me I'm like, I'm not going to care about them. Like it doesn't matter. But that's it but I know that's kind of a learned thing from like family and stuff like that, especially for my mother. And I was wondering where I got it from but I thought about a few years ago then I figured it out but we all get these little things my parents is weird to see like that you find to do the same shit. Can your mother be acting the same way? It is weird when you hear from other people like how you're so much reflective of them? Is it what between you and your mom and your dad? How was what do you get from them? Do you act particular way that your dad does or speaking like there are certain characteristics that children have that are so reflective of the parents like God You're just like your father or You're just like your mother sometimes you say certain things or do certain things like you might not even realize it yet but not realize not think about it I think I got a little bit of both from like the physical qualities is all my dad everybody's like Damn you You look just like that you walk like a dad and my son is the same way as far as like yep same bullet that's what YES SIR of the other characteristics of my mom you know I'm saying like the nature and I don't know but I'm a mixture of both she's and then my sister we all my sister looks like my mom but it has the temperament of my dad you know I'm saying like, hates to be home temperature hot headed prideful like a mall fuck. I know I know but you said this is this is like this little tough little Spanish girl like that's not the reason I've been no fight though. Is it she's Spanish an issue little it's true. Latina well my whole thing of like, okay, whatever the fuck what you haven't mad yet I'm like yo between never been in a fight before you probably calm it down just a little bit because sometimes you might get your foot you don't really really really want that to happen that ill tempered OB right but that's the whole thing like you gotta learn to temper that she


shouldn't never seen no road rage like that shit, bro. I've seen her scream at old ladies trying to cross the street because they motherfucker I'm like yo, she's 86 Let her take her time. She got a walker. Yep. Wait about like, Bro she has it somewhere.

Jeff and Ant:

Move like oh shit. So does she the other side of the street. She's trying to make it Oh, Lady raised her fist down like God damn you. Yeah, you know how badly to curse up our old lady. He was trying to live a life that'd be mad. I'll be mad. Be mad. Speaking of Latinos, though. And speaking of the culture dot one, you're going to website and you could check out the new blog up there. And the first post is that I wrote about how Latinos should embrace their blackness. And we've talked about this, but I don't feel like especially like Dominicans and Puerto Ricans and Cubans. I don't feel like we do that enough. I don't know. So we're Afro Latinos. And I wrote a little piece about how we need to start embracing our blackness so that'll be up. And you know, for patrons who don't like to read, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do like a little audio shed I'm gonna just read it for you. And that'll be up on the on the Patreon page. Because I know he's more focused on like reading these days. Oh my god, they do did this. It's got to be like buddies instead of audio files into the audio grams or whatever that's just called audio books. You know, I've never listened to one I mean either but everybody's like yo, like what I was telling people I was listening I was reading the Will Smith will actually read the physical book people was like oh yeah, that's not that's the audio book I'm listening to now like I didn't read No bro. You just listening to Will Smith talking to you? It really don't help you literacy Oh, like you just hear you're hearing words not reading you know I'm saying he was using a lot of words that I was like, This is how you spell that or I didn't know what this means you get to look it up. You know what I'm saying? Like now Now when you're hearing it you don't know how to spell shit. Right? You get to see it but I wonder what that means you get it like another book called a dictionary and look it up. There's your answer. Now you just like this. It sounds good. Stupid. Like I get the point of audiobooks yet but I still think you're probably read you know a real book you know when you were like an interview or take a job there's words there that you got to read and understand fill it out properly. Yeah, no, words is power. So fucking do it. So yeah, the culture got one I might say that a few more times today. Thank Thank GOD NO FUCKING drinking game. Like coaching that one. Here we go. Shot number three shot number eight. We did by the end of the show. What happened this week? Oh Biden nominated the first black woman on to the Supreme Court Miss tangi brown Jackson. Yes, she should go through it. I don't promise she's like the fourth woman now on there. Like the first the fourth woman and Sonia Sotomayor. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and a missing one. So the thing is for before as well, I'm missing one. I I think I know the name I'm not gonna look it up. But I know there was four and she's the first black woman which he said he do. Yeah, so congratulations to him. Let's take care the student loans mess up fucking my Mohit then. Yeah, we're never gonna hear about that shit again, bro. Nobody's gonna talk about student loans ever again. He's not even gonna mention the shit. Like you doing all this other shit? Yeah. Like to go like, this is the reason you got to pay that debt. Because I'd have been like, Yo, I can do a full one years of Trump bullshit. And let's see can I don't pass that? I could have because after that he couldn't he couldn't run for office again. Now he can run it again. He probably will in 2024. Right. But my whole thing is like you know, bro, you got the jockey said you promise to get rid of my student loans. Now like, Ah man, I don't know. What do you mean? Oh, no. Get rid of the shit make my life easy. I don't pay the shit. Fuck you. And okay, so now we can talk about so you saw genius, right?


Kanye shit on Netflix. Yes. I thought it makes me want to miss the old Kanye. I mean, I missed him already. The watch this, like, you know, you're like, I don't know. It makes him look more sympathetic. You understand where his cockiness comes from? You know, I'm saying when he goes visit his mom and Mrs. Donda, like reciting his lyrics and she knew his lyrics more than he did. It was like, Yo, that's the support system. You know, I'm saying like, she was his biggest supporter.

Jeff and Ant:

Yeah, she was the anchor that held him down to reality to like, I like I'll watch that shit. Another buddy get mad at my mother. Like, do you love me like, Bro? Like, let me ask. I don't rap, obviously. But I would hope that if I did, you would know my lyrics, but whatever you do, you know I'm saying yeah, like, it's like, Mom, have you been listening to my podcast man? Like, do you even know we spoke about this week? You know, I said you name five times. You got to pop up on a computer talk. was a phrase that I didn't know. I thought was on the Zoom call talking about life. No, no, hell no. But the whole thing is like, I mean, having her and being that supportive is like that's that blew my mind. I got more understanding of the store, like when he was going back and forth to the office playing. All falls down. Yeah. He went in every office in the Def Jam building, but he just kept popping the tape. They're like, Yo, let me let you listen to this and the receptionist. And then whatever the ladies that the marketing people, they were just looking at him like, Yo, get the fuck out of my office, man. I got work to do with all these paperwork to deal with. And apparently the story goes like, this is the time that they filmed it. But this is like the ninth or 10th time he did that, like, so that's what you feel like? You do this all the time. Like, okay, good. All right. Yay. We'll get you. I mean, don't you see it? Like I don't I don't know if it's like that. If it's if it's a superhero origin or the origin of a villain. Oh, right. Because every every vendor goes to the same thing. They happen. They feel no underappreciated unloved. A tragedy happens and then everything changes. So he becomes the villain, right? It's weird. I think it's awesome. But I know that part three is next week but that's the part I'm interested in cuz I want to see what they what happens. Like, I guess it's gonna be at his mother passes, but they don't really even talk about on this one. It kind of sort of mentioned that he pushed like his future forward and everything that happened. It's actually a lot better than I thought it was. It was the shit that Joker toe to face. Like, you live long enough to be to see yourself become the villain or whatever it was that either died here either die a hero or live long enough to see stuff. Right. And I feel like that sums up Kanye. Because I mean, he did the diamond hero part technically with that car crash. Yeah. Because at that point, like, oh, like he's going to survive this, you know, and he ran through the wind, but oh, this is Kanye, and so on so forth. They're like to add that I happen to turn from different but I mean, it's an amazing piece of art. I mean, like I said, I think we're talking about four that's like, this is like decades plus of footage I just went on. And my thing is this the dude was the dude's name that was recorded, like, how sad do you have to be to follow a man around and just record his life for 20 years and disregard your own life? Like is that Saturday? Is that commitment? I mean, it's commitment, but it's not sad, because I mean, they ended up being him and we're cootie and Chica they became directors. So they directed Jesus walks they directed and Erykah Badu video, they did a bunch of other stuff. So it wasn't like we put the whole life on hold, I guess. I mean, he was like stand up comic that she was working on. He's I'm just gonna rock with Kanye because he Lola he gonna do big things. And he was right. I could not be chose rolling. That's different, but he chose right. But one thing that I don't I don't know if they've been around from let's say, let's say the weights and heartbreaks Conde forward. I have no idea. I mean, we're gonna find out next week, but it seemed like there had to be a time we didn't stop fucking with each other because these are people like that new record everything going on. There's all this crazy shit going on in your life. Like I don't think they magically disappeared anatomy you know, I'm interested like, from from that point forward. What happened to the relationship Some had to fall apart because it's Konya time you don't really get along with anybody I mean, he fuck with Cuddy like that. And he, everybody he loves He beef, which is super fucking weird. But this whole thing right here? Nah, nah, like they're gonna get into something because this is just too weird. There's nobody spent all the time with him and he didn't like so this footage check some shit out something else like that because not cuz it's a whole different Yeah. And I want to know what their perspective is on it. But yeah, tripping No. Oh my god. I'm not getting down to two because I'm not buying a ton of fucking out of STEM player. What the fuck is a stem player bro. So it's a device that basically any music that kind of plays to it, you can edit it out. You can drop the vocals you can just have the beat you can basically it's like a music editor to a degree that you can make your own beach curry makes it whatever song you put through it. So you can put this album through there and preaching some bullshit like you know, all these ownerships and so on and so forth. They're not getting their proper feet. We're going we don't have to do it this way. So you're trying to tell them to buy some $200 shit that I don't know if they should Bluetooth or not. I don't know if I can take the shit anywhere or do anything with it. To play one fucking album. No, thank you. Nah, I stopped falling for that scam. I stopped there's no reason to buy any his shit at at the gap. I've never been a fan of them easy shoes. I know people love them. Me personally. Not not really my thing. And outside the hole you know him harassing his future ex wife and her boyfriend thing it's super fucking weird to me. But anything you don't people alone? Yes. Yeah. You know, people fuck him up. She got issues. We know he got mental issues. So he goes snap one day, you'll see him outside. Awesome. So Pete the son of a firefighter who lost his life 911 Pete lived a hard life Pete and I here for the shifts. Like you have to hear our cool and funny because he's a comedian. You know, fuck yeah. I'll tell you what. Peter smooth what was six three gay like what? Five, six. Five Seven will fuck you up. Like I like a whole thing like yo, because like I get it like when you just talking to be talking but your own records in record and talk about no. I better have security not other shit. And I'm like dawg, I don't know we can run this feed right here which means security but you need security not me. I didn't know by protecting me. I'm not you know I'm not fighting a man who were knee high boots. Nah, I ain't doing that shit. If I'm Pete I'm like, Yo, look at your outfit man. You were here with fucking waders on your feet I'm not doing any even run around in them shits like you can't count you know you get it but it's the hope that that's under the whole instance that you know I'm running I didn't run it like cuz God likes it peace not saying anything. Yay doing all the talking. Right? And if you really feel this if you if you feel so passionate about your girl, you come see me you could you know I'm with her. Yeah, but Pete doing little doing little subtle shit like posting old SNL clips when he's talking about Kanye or his Twitter he posts a link to like a YouTube video that seems to be you know taking jabs at kind he loves little subtle shit like that. I don't know whether he's really taking shots at Kanye now. You're right but the whole thing is that he could do that because as his shit and he's a comedian, right? Yeah, is is just like just not also be the act of records that you're performing right now. Saying I love my wife and I'm going to beat the living shit out of your boyfriend. And didn't he stops like no no don't don't have no pecan harm. Yeah, like and like and now Kim trying to use that in a divorce decree. And she's trying to use the thing that Kanye tweeted and that posted Instagram and divorce proceedings and Kanye is like well there's no proof of that actually wrote that. I like seeing it doing the sucker shit you meant that shit you delete it you meant that shit you eat it i don't know I'm not a big like social media person myself if I put something up I'm interested I'm not I've never deleted anything I've ever written. If I if I put it there I meant it. You check back and see what it is but I said what I said at that time and I felt the way I felt people always take some shit delete it delete it like it's already there people are took screenshots of it like it's the internet like you don't last forever that's how Nellie got his dick out there like he had different couple seconds not a world knows don't do sucker shit. No like said I missed Oh yeah, just this new this new version. Stick it out to go. Yeah, like college dropout. Yay, graduation. Yay. Not this Kardashian Shipman. What happened? Your mind just kind of stopped me in college. I got his first three albums and CDs. I got the physical CDs of his first three albums, college dropout graduation. And what was the other one? And registration document for you? I got those three in my car somewhere and one of them. Oh, remember the CD booklets you had. So this is an after that? Was after that like the 808 top share whatever. I think I stopped at the Edo. Yeah, that's when I stopped. I was like, Alright, this is different. The by the time he's already rich, and you know, the subject matter was like, and he's talking Well, yeah, I don't know. Yeah, cuz it's. Yeah, yeah. So I'm lying a little bit. I'm lying. I'm lying a little bit. I did dip back into it. I did. Because dropouts 2000 for registration 2005 graduate in 2007 808 to 2008 So actually stop at the 2010 That was my dark beautiful Twitter fantasy. I also have now that when I stopped I like the job. Watch the throne with him in jail. I was fucking with that. Yeah. And after that I was doing Yeah, after that. Like, I don't know who this niggas is Jesus. Jesus came down to yea Life of Pablo. So I probably stopped at the my dark footprints. Like that's like that was the pinnacle of kindness career then after that everything else is mad to me. I wish I wish he did more, but I think kind of showed and in order to call he just wanted to be more than a producer right? But that was his thing. Like I don't want to just be this guy. I want to be God knows what people I want to be something I want to be a designer. I want to be a clothing artist. I want to be designing shoes I want to his shirt that is core essence from him being a rapper producer to him doing all this other shit. And I think the thing that we love most about him that's suffering. When you hear kindness. Are you really really, really, really checking for Kanye verse. No, like, Are you checking for Kanye verse like you would check for NAS verse or Lauryn Hill? Or 3000 verse or requires that at all right. And even a production is not like what it should be like it should piss me like I thought that album that he did he did with Nas was supposed to be fire. It wasn't a subpar there's a lot of things that wasn't there. But yeah, I don't want to spend too much time on Kanye, man. I'm done with him. I know you're done. Oh, fuck. Well, we you know what we haven't spoken about though. Was the James Harden trade. Because you know how I feel about him. He's one of my all time most hated players. And I feel like he's soft. He's a pussy. And he got a he got traded and he got traded for another cat that I think is soft and pussy. But let's take a quick break and we'll get back to that and go check out the culture dot one. Number three What's everyone's saying about the culture podcast? Hey are live all the time, man. I love y'all man. Y'all always play the music man. Love man. Listen, my whole family loves it, man. It's the only podcast I listen to. We'll be right back. Yeah, yeah. They represent a culture that represent like, the culture podcast. Yeah. So for the second time in the last year, James Harden, whines, complain bitches and forces his way out of another team, and a team that he forced his way into. He forced his way out of Houston to the nets. He ain't like the way things was going with the nets, the Rams always her Kyrios can't play because he's not he doesn't want to get vaccinated. So he forced his way out of there. And so he always wanted to be in Philly. So now he's in Philly. And they look good. But where does it stop, bro? Where does the league just puts his foot down and be like, I'm man. Enough. That is bullshit. The next collective bargaining agreement, because come on, bro. The only one no one is going to put all this shit out next time you open books, man. No, no, no, no, no, you sign these contracts for 40 million a year. And then you have the right to like just pick and choose where you want to get traded to and complain and not play. Like I don't want to play my wrist hurt. So he didn't even play for the last few weeks that he was with the nets. Goes to filling he looks 100% Perfect. Looks fine. Dropping triple triple doubles and shit. He just met treadmill so fast and got his life sorted out. He's like, I'm good. We are fine. But the whole thing with that. It's like, they earned this power and they're using it the way they should. Because before you couldn't go anywhere. That was the whole thing people like you know, this guy stuck with his career the whole team and he was just one team done all those years he played and will fucking choice like free agency wasn't popping like that. Like even when it happened. He saw Pat got the fuck out of here and pass New York icon he saw what Orlando? Yeah, like the guys move. You want to move? You don't really want to you want to have somebody dictate the terms? Yeah, but the whole thing is, like, I understand like, it's a trade, but it's two parties. Like, you can't complain about the player. Like what now? Another team has to say yes. If the owners really didn't want to do but we're not doing anything for these players. He's your problem. Stay there. No. They say like, no, he can help us. Send them here. So that's what it is. It's it's a two way street. So you can't complain about the players like moving around. Like they got to be accepted by the other team. That other team doesn't have to make that deal. Like, this is our headache. This is our problem. We're all only if you want to really collude and get together like if you sign a guy, you got to stick with them. Whatever. We're not treating nobody nowhere then that's it. But these things happen. Like in the whole idea is that you want to win. That's why James Harden ended up in Brooklyn. But then what COVID And Kyrie been some fucking space cadet, and then Katie getting hurt and other key players can hurt didn't quite work out. I think he should have stayed. I think those three guys together probably would have been keeping the championship but the shit happens. But like I said, player empowerment can go wrong too. That's why the Lakers all fucked up could have treated everything in the world to get Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis and everybody being a playing game. He got maybe the one of the three or four best players of all time. A powerful no two of the guys who made the NBA top 75 Two of them somehow you might be in a playing game playing I don't think I understand how much I really dislike a James Harden bro. I do you call him a bitch all the time. Like if you're as good as you think you are. People say you are like maybe every team you go to doesn't work out. Maybe you're part of the problem, bro. Like how many Hall of Famers do you have to go play with before you realize that you're the fucking problem? Has anybody played besides LeBron has anybody played with more Hall of Famers without winning than then James Harden? He's played with Westbrook. He's played with Melo. He's played with Dwight Howard he's played with Durant twice he's played with Kyrie now he's playing with unburied Chris Paul. Chris Paul. was Chris Paul. If you don't win with Chris everybody wins with fucking Chris Paul. Remember they had Chris Paul they traded Russell Westbrook they made that swap that's how you end up in OKC being left OKC to go how many super in Germany to go play with bro and lose before you bitch and complain I was not working out let me go to another one. He might end up with fucking LeBron next year somewhere like now but the reason it differs now the reason different now boy anything else that right now he's got to start a team good in like in beads in Ibiza number right if you don't work out with James they'll get James the fuck out so fast and bees in the morning that team to other teams he was the number one and then I just want to create he's not and he didn't want to be the number one in Brooklyn that's why he found one of the main reasons or the only reason that I hated the net so much as I do it's because of those three guys because of heart and because of Korea because of the rest okay, so they trade one of them. But then they trade them for another fucking guy I hate they trade them for another soft pussy and look man I don't want to I'm not making fun of people that have mental illnesses or depression issues like I'm not taking that lightly This is silly I know its existence serious shit. But the the level of softness that exists in these fucking players in these athletes today, bro. So you trade hard and then you get you bring back Ben Simmons that we have no idea when he's gonna play because it hasn't played in a year and they're saying he can't play when they play against the Phillies because if they boo him you know I'm saying my breakdown you know I'm saying too much pressure if he plays his old Yeah, you got put it you got you got put that in show notes I want to see that. Like, I plan for these. I'm a cry like, like I'll solve broke how solved you got to be man. And if you have mental illnesses then then leave you got to quit you know I'm gonna go get go go get help and therapy. You know the team has a right to Nolan void your contract so you can go work on yourself. You know, I'm saying but now you're getting paid to just sit on a bench and say like, I'm not ready. Or I don't want to play with these guys because they said mean things about me. Like really man. Like this is what we come down to. That's the way it goes. You think like I said James Harden had a hamstring issue for for a couple of weeks. He did treat a hamstring and never been better. He said his wrist hurt. He was great with shooting jumpers flicking that wrist like nothing bad back. Right back to it. And I think the thing would been if it hadn't been to help, but I think it's more of a crisis of conscience. And like I said it when you know it's different when someone tears you down privately. When someone tells you not publicly, then the whole world sees it. That's what fucks with you. Like the whole thing is like, Ben is still in Philly. And James is more than likely still in Brooklyn. If Ben just attempts to make that dunk. Yeah, if he doesn't pass that ball. He's still there. So it really is one fucking moment. At Ben. Ben goes up. He gets fouled by my tree young. It's fine. If you dunk someone for young it's fine. But at least he did it the fact that he didn't do it, you know and actually bring them to the thing that I laughed my ass off the most yesterday I was reading through and someone put like James Harden has tied Ben Simmons on an all time career 76 is three pointless been made five of his entire career. James three, five in that game, any tie, like that's the problem. He's asked, don't shoot. I can't have like, you do everything else. Well, on the next he's gonna be perfect cuz he's gonna be a super sized version of Draymond Green. But the problem is that at least Dre mom will take that three you might break ship he gonna try. Finn don't even fucking try at all. No, and that's just painful, painful. It's my fall apart like that. I've been pissed off too, but it's gonna work in Brooklyn. It's gonna work in Philly, too, which is the weird thing. It's one of those trades I think both teams won. But depending on you know, I mean, who could come back healthy that I feel like the Sixers are probably a better team right now. I think the net it still depends on a COVID Mandell. Yeah, I think it's kind of the main thing. And like if, if they lift at the mass thing and New York and COVID-19 everywhere, you're the vaccine stocks are probably the vaccine mandate, and then character play everywhere. And yeah, I think that that's gonna be scary. Especially with Joe Harris coming back later, but who the hell knows? I hope so. But I got no idea. I don't know, man. I think we just need to do a whole episode of this. Just me let me rant about the softness, the mental softness, and the physical softness of these players and athletes today, man fuck, but I will put this shit on mute for 10 minutes. You can take whatever you like, I'm gonna stop you because I've sent us I said people pick when I have these arguments with people like on Twitter or whatever. Like I'll send them pictures of old Patrick Ewing footage. When he's like wrapped up like a mummy and Ben for the Knicks and still playing remember them days. When both his knees was shot his elbows everything's shot, his hands is messed up. He looked like a mummy. He looked like something out of a horror man. Why aren't people on Twitter? Because I do that. That fucking adult man stopped doing that shit. All day long. He didn't hear my voice especially

Jeff DeLaRosa:

the young motherfuckers I'll be arguing with them. 20 year old these Gen Z because they don't understand bro. They don't understand they think like that anything that happened before they time is irrelevant or didn't exist. And I'll be trying to tell them like no motherfucker. Michael Jordan is the goat now the bronze PCs.

Jeff and Ant:

You know, I'm saying you know, you're going oh, man thing right by right. That's fine. Back in my day, you know, back in my day. Back everyone with a little old time. So it sounds like it's a great thing to like, back in my day. We had to take five miles walk to school. Five miles walk back, and it was snowing. And it was pitbulls and it was dogs in the poll is shooting at up all right all right. All right. All right. Look, for one Calm the fuck down to you're making a bigger than what it actually is three. I need you to relax on the tone and what you are talking to me right now. But he's a good fit. They will tell you how great it was back in the day. Like y'all didn't have the internet. Y'all have DoorDash Yeah. How do we got we figured it out and we figured it out. Life was sweet, even without all those amenities that we have today and call them amenities. I hate these amenities amenities suck. And that's the problem with people getting so all these fucking kids and stuff because they got all these amenities. Oh, we all just blame amenities now that was handed to you fucking everything is literally handed to you curbside now is that what it is? No, because the whole thing is that the generation before it was made easy for the generation after but the whole thing that they still should have the same work ethic it makes the generation after easier because I got the same hard driven focus ethic that I learned from hands down from family member to family member. It gets lost. My fingers don't work as hard to use it. I'm saying you sitting at a desk and you're not working in the field or driving a truck or doing something manual but you can still work hard. There's fucking give up on that fat. Then we're like why did people lazy because like you drilled it out and you made life easy for him? Like come on, man. Seriously, when is the last time you actually got up from your couch to go to the TV and turn it off? Oh shit. You gotta think about it. I was probably little though I don't think once a week I do that once a week I really get up and walk from the couch and go over to TV and turn it off you go over to where though? I don't even know what that button would be on on the TV look at you. You're entitled motherfucker like I don't know what a button that I have no idea how you turn it off I know cuz I know what a buck cuz I turn the fucking TV on TVs actually turn it off my hands. Yes. They have the power on button and the power off button. Oh TVs but shoe Yeah, I get that I go in there press the button to turn it off. There's something new every day. I sound like them Gen Z motherfuckers donor to now you just the ones you mentioned my son like like how did you do that? You turn it off. Like like your loot like go lose your shit. The baddest remote guy but oh my god, how do we turn by pressing a goddamn button on this right down in front of it. Like you can literally turn the channel of your television or the buttons on the TV and the cable box or whatever, right there. Who's gonna do that though? Like why would you do that? Because I want to make sure I'm not fucking lazy. With a button that you have a TV I'm gonna I'm gonna need you to I'm gonna need you to record yourself doing this. I need to see this. Right here like it's right on on my it's on the left side the antenna to when you get there. She ain't got no antenna, but I know how to hook the antenna up to it. I do. Because I like you. Motherfuckers I am smart. Okay, all this shit my phone though. I need to get your millennial. I'm gonna do me a favor. I need to pick up I need to pick a number from one through 100 Cuz I downloaded it yesterday so 96 Of course. I thought you'd pick one index one the title okay, but it was in playoffs. Next. Not because I downloaded a whole deck to my phone. So you don't play one gotta go for that. I'm going to give you four choices. One gotta go. The one is has the store the store closes once you get there. Buffering ads. Oh shit. Or can't remember login info. And I hate all of them. You know the funny the funny part. This is real millennial question and you pick this night is 96 Does it like say it's random? It's right here. Right? And you talk about all these millennials. That's the most millennial asked question ever. Oh my God, my screen is slow. Like you ever had dial up motherfucker. You had to wait for somebody to get off my phone. Yeah, no, I'll hit them by no buffering. You have almost downloaded all the biggest albums someone pick up the phone and they connect they go start always from again on Limewire or bear share or whatever it is. Like we had to OG title we had to OG Spotify. We had to go jakka album from Russia and shit. So yes, it served us some goats but we had to get a grip I used to get we used to get I used to get cease and desist letters from fucking FrostWire Limewire download music muffins will send a letter in the mail like yo stop pirating my shit I'm like oh she's like delete them app so quick. you've downloaded every raucous record ever please shot like my bad I know right back to it I noticed was illegal Yeah, you always played dumb with them but they let go float on internet some other shit and so like I said we live in today but everyone like stressing about like they got 800 channels they never had an illegal cable box or we had them oh is that they WhatsApp the share right in the middle of a pay per view to ship start? Talk? That's good. We live streaming laka still here Do I still hear it though? Like the goddess the goddess Damn the Goddess. They play but I think I think Tasha just hit him with the left in the third round like you're tuning in. But that's what I don't understand what people complain about the complacency of softens the ship we made ourselves this way. Only we can change it. But we got to go back to like be like do we gotta go back to beating the shit of our kids bro. I think I think that's one of the answers. Hey, that should work for parents. So we came out just fine. No fucking did Are we being there? Then it was nuts. I mean, we're fine can't be success into somebody you can't be successful not talking about being success into them. But you could be character into them and shit like that. Toughness, mental toughness, physical toughness. No, you just tell them do that shit again. No, he would again. Do it again. I tell you that you don't tell your son. You come in on fall on crime got to come right. We're gonna write to him. Like, let his ass cry. He'll be fine. Let him cry. Oh, yeah. Okay, Sunday. Bullshit. No, we're talking about lucky slept on the floor somewhere. I tried to cry. I remember I was in a supermarket. Me and my brother, my mother. And it was I came up with something Fucking cereal that I wanted some cereal. And for some reason I decided I don't want to fucking fit squat fold on the store. My mother turned around looked at me on the ground and literally kept pushing the cart. I was moved to three minutes crying and then I got up stop crying she was mad she was in some other I'm walking around the store some shit trying to find her. She like you know what the prospects you know, do the shit again as you like Nope. And I held a little cart Walkman the rest of the way. That's mentally tough. Like when we telling kids you're not gonna play. Y'all be I'll be playing with this kid jockey telling us Austin's a savage. Don't do this. No, Mother ain't got time for this shipment. Because they'll be like, yeah, we're trying to like pamper these kids and so on and so forth like that, but like, you know, I'm scared so I'm gonna have to like no, you're not allowing nothing to happen. You blocking everything that happened like, like kids fall down. Like that's why we have scabs on our knees and elbows and shit because we just fall we didn't we didn't run us out like mom clean it up. We kept fucking getting cut and kept getting hurt and kept on playing. It's not beating kids is going to solve anything is actually letting them be who they're going to be but guiding them. If like I said, when when your son does that shit. And I tell you just let us ask Craig looking at me. Oh, Chris, like, trust me because I think it's good for him. Like, what's it going to solve? Because all the things that happened that every time I get hurt, or every time something happens every time something doesn't go my way? I'm going to cry. And what's going to happen is that you're going to run out to me and make everything okay? Life Don't fucking work that way. Later. Fuck there, figure out what you're doing to bring gas back over here. Then you can go get the popsicle, but when I say you can have this malfunction right now. You can't. And it can't let him stay the fucking ground. All right. Hey, did just just crying cuz they want to fucking popsicle but no, no, here you go. Stop. Stop pandering the kids gotta beat him. You don't have to beat him. I don't have a fucking friend. That sounds like mental abuse. So I'm not condoning this, by the way if the Feds show up at your door, but what you said, but you're like beat him. Isn't that fair? Isn't that a crime? But anyway, what's your go to school? Left hook? You want to clean it up or cut? Like, you're gonna talk about me and mental abuse. But you can take a swing at him. Cool. Well, on both sides of a coin. It's all right. Yeah, this is the last week of Black History Month. So I got two quotes today. And with two different quotes. They better be gay. Good. All right. The first one is from Shirley Chisholm, who is the first black woman to be elected to Congress. And 68. And she ran for president in 72. Correct. And she said, unless we start to fight and defeat the enemies in our own country, poverty and racism, and make our talk of equality and opportunity ring true. We are exposed in the eyes of the world as hypocrites when we talk about making people free. I like that. Okay, good. And then finally, it's weird that we're we're in a kind of war time. Right? Kind of rings. True. Yeah. And then my favorite poet of all time is Maya Angelou. She said, bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise. I rise. I rise. Tell him I'm not leaving yet. We're not leaving it. And we can't we got to kind of end this off on a somber note. Right? So we did. Yesterday would have been the 10th anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death. Yes. And Kimberly, we mentioned, it's so weird that it's this is 10 years already. We were talking about this yesterday, actually. And an extra nine years. I could have sworn it was like three years only like three or four. No, no. And I was like, yes, yes, it is. 10 years. That's amazing. If he's alive, you'd have been 27 years old today. That's No, no, no. No, he would have been 27 Cuz he died. 1727 28. Right. But like I said, we run into the situation in regards to violence amongst people of color so often, that we kind of lose track of it. Like that felt like three years ago, and it's actually a whole decade. Like LeBron was in Miami. That's crazy, bro. Yeah, so long time. And you gotta wonder where from that point to now like what? What have we done? How have we improved? Like, ain't nothing changed? I think it's probably I mean, it might be for another kind of weird. And to do those the dude's name he's trying to see was trying to sue the family Trayvon Martin's family but actually got thrown out. Like get the fuck out of here with him and Zima may try to sue for whatever because I guess you know, he thought he was assaulted. Or whatever the case was a man he's talking about himself my fucking Susun like mental distress or some other shit like that. You shot that boy not me. Right? Fuck you. So before this should ruin my life. I can't go nowhere. Like yeah, well, shit. Neither country going away. Ever. And he will finish it at the time. He was going to trade shows, like some of the time packs of skittles with his signature on it. Alright. Nah, man. Fuck you. But yeah, that's all time go check out the website, man. The culture dot one check out the blog. Number four. I'm just counting down like Like the photo come on like come on give us number five the collector fuck yeah like Altura I go find a button on your TV page