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July 26, 2021

Swagga Like Us

Swagga Like Us
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Is Hip Hop real music? This episode is full of swag, as the guys dissect political commentator, Ben Shapiro's, comments about Rap not being music. They also discuss who the best southern rappers of all time are, they analyze Billboard's list of the best music producers of the 21st century and they also debut a new segment called; "Do they say the N word?".

Topics discussed:

  • Megan Thee Stallion being the first rapper on the cover of Sports Illustrated
  • Is team USA's basketball team really this bad?
  • Deion Sanders walks out of interview
  • Is Ben Shapiro racist?
  • A newly discovered Tupac diss track
  • Royce 5'9 and Lupe Fiasco "beef"
  • Kanye West's new album and launch party
  • Maria Taylor leaving ESPN and joining NBC Sports

Anthony also tells us what his beef is with Christopher "Kid" Reid and Jeff gets schooled by Ant about the meaning behind Kanye's new album title "Donda". Alot of laughter ensues, but one thing is for certain, nobody has swagga like us.

Referenced links:
US political commentator Ben Shapiro says rap isn’t real music - Classic FM

Deion Sanders Leaves Interview After Reporter Calls Him by First Name Twice: 'Don't Do That' (msn.com)

50 Best Music Producers of the 21st Century | Billboard

Featured song: Swagga Like Us - T.I. featuring Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne

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Jeff and Ant:

you're tuning in to another episode of the culture. This is Episode 53 This is Jeff what's going on and what's going on man? Yo 53 already bro you're ready to quit at work because I'm not ready to close he was still here right? Yeah, but there's you know there's people out there that quit after like four episodes. She's not like a person are proud of me to do it me. But that's no me baby. We're going strong to do they want to quit they can quit I am bailing out of shit word a shout out to our Patreon the block Kaiser, Melissa Tosh, happy birthday Tosh. The big 31 of the Olds have not yet. Yet when the joints start hurting, they start feeling funny when trying to get off a benefit. Or your mind is going up fucked up. knees hurt back hurt. Like I said, when you get older you start waking up in sections you don't get warmed up to the shit. We're about. We got a lot of stuff to go over and dissect this week. I'm making the stallion first rapper ever to graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. How do you feel about that? I mean, congratulations. I mean, it works if it wasn't that I'm not saying it was not a bunch of sexy female rappers but not the one with her kind of stature and status or I mean, that's what I'm gonna say, Well, obviously you have to be attractive and sexy to be on the cover of the magazine, then I'm really not gonna put no no dudes on there for being attractive. But you could go back to like little cam and stuff like that, that were like sex symbols. But maybe even Beyonce could have been on there. I think she was Oh, well. Yeah, guess he's not a rapper. Yeah. Because the first rapper correct would be on it. And female rapper is a very limited category. Now what is what does she have to do with sports, though? Like, what? How does she get picked to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated? I mean, Beyonce is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. keong got nothing to do with sports either. Because it's a Swimsuit Issue. I mean, right. So once again, it goes back to you know, they're trying to use the culture to get over you know, I mean, now. It's been selling but you can try to find what's hot. And she's, she's it right now. So you got to ride with it. No problem. I mean, congratulations to you. What else? Oh, no, if you heard about the Deion Sanders, he was, he was doing an interview he walked off, because the Duke kept calling him do an a press conference, right? The Duke kept calling him Dean. I'm like, that's your name, bro. So beyond he leaves cuz, you know, he told the guy don't do that. He goes, there's one thing I was telling him to do. He was like you don't call Alabama's Nick Saban? Nick. Don't call me do this. He was like, if you call it Nick Saban, Nick, you'll get cussed out on the spot. He continued. So don't do that to me, treat me like Nick. And then a guy said Dion again. And he wasn't mean and Honda. You know, he just said he quit when he interviewed people. He calls them by their first name. Right. So he walked off. And then later on Deon would tweet respect to something that you must demand and stand for Give respect and honor those that should be respected. And if you don't respect them, don't allow your feelings to escalate the situation into something else unhealthy? always maintain your peace and joy because it cost you dearly. And don't allow anyone or anything to take that away learn to walk away and see another day your way. Hashtag truth, man, listen, but it needs to get over. his feelings escalate the situation. He talks out of both sides of mouth. Yeah, that's it like Like you said, You don't you don't call it Nick Koch saving it like they have a press conference all the time. Anybody Nick then it gets to the question. Or sometimes, though to call him Neil wants to be called quote, The quote unquote save in a column culture column, Nick. I mean, it's whatever it's your name, right? That's what they're calling it. You want to be called you don't want to be called quote sandwich when we call it coach prime your last name isn't even prime relax. Prime Time call me prime time. Yeah. But do you not like coach Sanders? coaching? You're not called from bro. Since we're still in the texture, because we're in the topic of sports team USA loses to France. This is the first game right? Yes, the lots of friends. They were losing all the all these practice games and other tournament is the official now. And they lose the friends 83 to 76. And who was a Tim legler. He said, Team USA should feel a sense of embarrassment after the loss of friends. Fuck, I don't know, man. I mean, ultimately, they're gonna get it together as the USA, like they got the best players in the world. But what I think is they have to adjust to the rules over there. You know, I'm saying overseas rules, they're not going to begin those flop calls, you know, you ain't gonna be able to travel over there and carry it, you know, like you do here. These euro steps where you take like four steps. Like they allow all that shit in the NBA. Now they're going overseas or whatever in other countries, and they don't get those calls, or they can't do all the bullshit that they do here. So now they got to adjust to that. There's a lot of guys like James Hart, and that's their whole game. Their whole offense is relying on those moves. Step back threes, getting fouled going to the line 20 times, you know, I mean, they're encouraging Billy ball over there. You got to play. Well, I mean, it's partly that and part of that we everyone has to come to realization that the world is called The sooner you realize that the better is this shit not gonna be a walk in the park especially we have a year COVID. But they don't. Well, your best players just they don't want to go over there because they have a fear that like, you know, the bronzer wasn't going you got Steph kawhi The guys are the best of the best. They just they weren't going to show up this year because, you know, they got fears of it. I mean, even worried about it in Japan. But I mean, if you think about it, what either let me think about this, maybe of the top eight to nine players in the NBA right now half of them before. Right. So that Yeah, the fact that NBA is, you know, bringing in a lot of people from China overseas or Argentina, Spain, you know, I mean, it's really international now. Yeah, the world's expanded to the world. You know, he's up there. Every world game has has NBA players. So it's not like before it was all NBA players versus like, you know, lower tier guys. Right. And France just had a whole bunch of them. France. Mattoon go there is RJ Barrett on YOLO. No artists from Canada. He's got from France. Frank was on it but but he has zero minutes zero point. Frank got to go man if you if you can't get a burn on this team, let you know it's a rap is Greek for going to play. You're not playing for your team. Right. Greece made it but now. I don't think Greece made it to the Olympics. So if they did make it he would have played but he's not playing so imagine having to play him you know, you got to play Luca dodges kristaps porzingis for their countries. And you know, I mean, like, like I said, I mean Joel's not playing Serbia thinks every oh no servers in and out but he got Joker's like I said yeah, some of the best player in the world aren't that we don't dominate the world no more the moment we expanded the market, we went a different route. So Alright, I mean, I just saw a live this morning but they're gonna show it another replay. So by the time you hear this, you probably just know this information. So just give us your thoughts on it. Like, what do you think? Is it? Is it the expansion of the world or just a shitty roster? It's a combination of three things the roster, the expansion, the fact that they're playing NBA players now and like I said, the rules they're not getting the bullshit calls that they get here. So they have to adapt You know, I'm saying you can't travel like harden is known to travel every every time he runs down to court. You can't flop and get the files every time and get the four point play every time he shoots a three lands fakes it and gets a three you know, the free throws guy I can't do all the hard. You mentioned the dude is not even playing like because he's one of those players and there's a lot of them like that. You know, I'm saying they try to throw him CP three does it a lot. right but but wonderful. Guys like that. They're not getting all the guys they had they all play hard. A little play hard. Kevin had a bad shooting game. Bam, play good. I mean, homeboy, just with the book reality I think reality 18 he was looking good and like I bought him like seven points. Right and that's the whole thing. You're like, you're not we got a whole bunch of guys. You're not gonna get into the hundreds cuz you only got a 40 minute game. 10 minutes for a period. So yeah, they'll be back next game. We'll see how it goes. And oh, we spoke about Maria Taylor the ESPN check a couple weeks ago. She had Rachel Nichols so she quits ESPN and immediately gets picked up by NBC Sports right away didn't quit. didn't quit. Well, they were trying to work out a contract extension and she's like nah, we don't we don't we do it. We know what it is. She stepped away she bounds need they probably offered him more money but now I'd rather go over here. Yeah, cuz I don't want to deal with all this bullshit. All this racism. So she went NBC Sports picked. Oh, right away. They put her in charge of the Olympics. You're gonna cover the Maria first job. The Olympics. Okay. Yeah, like I bet. So, but yeah, um, oh, one other thing. And I guess this could go into the category of is that racist? Ben Shapiro. All right. political commentator Ben Shapiro. He said that rap isn't music. Let me look for his direct tweet. He said, fat rap isn't music. And if you think it is, you're stupid. And then he went on to clarify when they asked him, he goes, in my view. And in the view of my music theorist, father who went to music school, there are three elements to music, there is harmony, there is melody and there is rhythm. Rap only fulfills one of these, the rhythm section. There's not a lot of melody, and there's not a lot of harmony. And thus effectively it is basically spoken rhythm. It is not actually a form of music. It's a form of rhythmic speaking. That's beyond the objectivity of me just not enjoying rap all that much. What I've said before is that rap is not music. Then he goes I hear messages that treat relationships between men and women as something disposable and glorified mistreatment of women, the art form overall, which not only has an impact on not just black young people, but is disproportionately listened to by white young people. I don't particularly like a lot of the messages I hear. So he lost me once he started talking about black and white to me that made the whole show racist. You give me your opinion on it in the domain or you say off the rip he doesn't even like Renton. Music So you have an opinion, right? And I understand that. And literally the word rap stands for rhythm and poetry. That's the distinct definition of it. Right? The short. So he's trying to break it down as a musician, like, you need to have these three elements. Not all music has those elements. I mean, you can love music for the art form that it is jazz music, countries music, rock and roll, right, like, didn't even say the same thing about rock and roll. It has besides music, lyrics and talks about women and drugs and everything else like that. But there's no complaints. But when it comes rap like, this is a bit too far isn't racist? No, it just everyone's entitled to their opinion, even if I disagree with it. And I don't agree with this one at all. But it's it's captured the often we just start off by leaving that the other rapper on Sports Illustrated, because of what it means for the culture. So you're trying to say that it's not important. It doesn't exist. That's ridiculous. When a man has to have his opinion, unify vehemently disagree with it. State your case. That's your point. I don't think he's right. But I mean, Ben Shapiro, he's not, you know, a bastion of hope. So you don't think he's thinking? No, I think that some people just have this insistence that rap music is violent and vulgar. But they don't listen to other forms of it. It's, it's vulnerable, because it's reflecting the society around you. If these things go into the world around you, you're talking about them. If I'm amongst violence amongst crime, and I'm amongst this stuff, and I put into our form that makes me like, easily accessible to everybody. And I can say these words that kind of bring me views about what's going on and really in the world. Some people go too far. Yeah, but not not it's not racist. Just a man with his opinion. He just he doesn't see the way a lot of other people do. Even though I'm gonna disagree. I think that's racist. Okay. But what was it Thursday? So Thursday? I don't want to say I stayed up because I was up and people were sending me the link, you know, the much anticipated new Kanye album, right? What was it called? donja. Which I don't even know what that means. Oh, my God, really? What does it mean? That's his mother's name. How am I supposed to know that? How to fuck is this a rap podcast? He knows about Kanye West. He knows his mother's name is Donna. Why would I say well, how am I supposed to know everybody? rappers names. My mother's names go forward. Because the whole thing about his life falling apart said when his mother died and I don't follow Kanye anymore, bro. I stopped following him like 10 years. Oh, man. I got his three albums. I got what is the graduation? I got college dropout. And what was the third one? You got the three got them, shake them off CDs, graduation, college dropout, and late registration. I got those three in my car after that. Like I stopped messing with him. I was affiliates music. You can't see that shit and all of a sudden cause like we're apart about the coach in hip hop man as she was key to everything. That's kind of right, but this is not a Kanye podcast, bro. No, no, no, no what I bought his name is recipes but he's part of hip hop. That's why named like dondre I don't know what that means. Like he needed to that was like that's the whole Okay, you know NASA's mother's name. Do you know Jay Z's mother's name? Yeah, no. Jay Z's mother now known as mother name. Okay, then was easy's mother's name? GLORIA okay. Fucking album right? Kanye right when when did Kanye ever say it in his albums? He never said as I don't remember him saying his mother's name. Kanye always talked about his mother and everyone said the difference between the old Kanye and the new kind of the point where his mother died. Did he ever say her name? Yes. When you remember what song you let me know. Hey, Mama. Did he say Donda? Yes, what's reverse? Whatever, whatever is taped down to West like, why did we go through this? Shit? Why did we go through this? Oh, I didn't know his mom's name kill me for a shoe sumeet shit. But I'm just saying like that at all. And I bet the majority of our listeners they go, that's what that stands for. They know his mom's name, man. If they fuck with Kanye West like that, everybody. Everybody knows Hey, Mama. All right. Anyway, so the anticipated new album. Launch Party was what Thursday night in Atlanta at the Mercedes Benz stadium. Big Ass stadium packed full of people, right? Go to the moon. And people on Twitter was talking about us. I was like, yo, send me a link. Somebody sent me the link. And they will. Somebody was like, yo, I've been waiting for two hours. He still didn't come out yet. I'm like, God, damn. And then I look I went on the link and I see a packed stadium and I'm like, yo, let me get the street. So people are paying money. 1000s of people are paying money to go in there and watch Kanye come out and play his new music that's gonna be available. Anyways. Like, yeah, okay. And I guess they were onto some because it was I thought it was gonna come out the next day. Friday came Saturday, Sunday. Okay, she didn't come out. I'm like, Damn, I couldn't find it on title. I thought maybe it was exclusively on Spotify or some. Like it has to be on title because he has a song with Jay on there. Jay had a song with him. And I'm like, I was surprised by that. And then I guess it came out there. It's coming out on August 6 or something like that. In two weeks. I'm not sure we'll take them two, three hours just to come out play some shit. He did it last time to that this is his thing. Oh, Went could could have been he was trying to release like album a week or something else like that. Like when he was cutting knives in him. It didn't come out week after week after week like that you would think until, like the launch party that, you know, the ship came out like the next day. Right? But like he's kind of pushing through it. It was just weird, but I mean, I wasn't expecting it that night. That's just not that wouldn't be him for everything that I've seen about him recently. He really takes the time with it. Like he thinks about it, like actually do this do that demands perfection, he can't help himself. So I heard the first two or three songs and I was like, okay, is this a gospel album? But then by like the fourth song, I've heard curse words, I heard n words. I'm like, Okay, this couldn't be a gospel album. This is not, you know, he had pop smoke on there. But what I noticed is I was like I obviously acoustically, sonically, it's, I'm hesitant to say the word masterpiece, but it's very good if you're listening to it, just the acoustics and you know, just the sound. It's, it's Kanye is Chris was good. I, on the other hand, I'm listening for lyrics. And this album has none of it. There's zero lyrics. There's no bars. Kanye is mostly singing. He's mostly humming. He's mostly mumbling is I heard a lot of mumbling I heard a lot of humming and Harada singing on here by him. I think the most bars I heard was when Jay came on. You let me know if I'm wrong. But he only gave you eight. And apparently he finished this shit at 4pm that day, I heard he was still recording shit on his way to the stadium. Right? I'm saying like I just mastered it. That's why it took him so long to come out. He was in the back fixing it up. And he's still trying to clean it up. So that's probably why it hasn't been released. I'm guessing because he was still in the back in the stadium just trying to put the shit together. He needs more time. But he needed more time with it. You know, and I can see how some people might like it, because they're not really listening for bars or for lyrics, you know, or worse, but this is what I personally prefer. And I remember him, you know, people were telling me on Twitter. Oh, boy, you know, Kanye has never been known for rapping. I'm like, Yeah, but I remember late registration. I remember college dropout. You know, I'm saying like he was rapping. I'm not saying he was the best rapper but the beats were dope. And he was rhyming. He was telling us his life story. He was you know, now he's not doing that. So this is not an album for me. This is not something that I would give him more than a listen. I'm going to listen to but like I said, I think the thing is that the man's become too rich. And that's not an insult when like when you when we have that wealth and you've got so many other interests, like do I really plan on going around the world rapping and shit and going on tour? I got a whole Yeezy line I'm gonna do some shit with gap like I'm a billionaire. Like I really concern myself with this like everyone still gets excited about a Jay Z verse And I'm like, No, I don't like Jay does doesn't shit when he does it. Like I honestly don't expect another job. He's 50 plus years old. He's not going on tour. He's a very wealthy man with a lot of different business interests and call me crazy social conscious Call me crazy but I'm still waiting for that Jay ignaz collaboration album. Don't hold your breath you're gonna die Don't hold up gonna pass out just certification. It's common it's kind of like nope even eyes on dropout. He said How long did you call it was like nazam done like where is it? Cuz I could not have so many unreleased music they can just keep dropping shit loss tapes part 20 you know it isn't that speaking of nods like they just released a few days ago a pop this that he had did 20 years ago and it just leaked now you don't I'm saying and it was just a preview you know obviously they had a beef and then you know apparently they squashed it or I don't know what happened pot dies I was I'm thinking he was prepared to eat to him if it would have kept going you know I'm saying if they went up squashed it and if Papa would have died you know that was like the little sample that he gives you first before to eat the you heard it and I don't think POC wanted it would not like lyric for lyric word for word. He ain't being NAS and no bad. But the whole thing about ballena was net is that when it became between him and big, it went too far. And I don't think NAS NAS want to get into that shit like RC artha how that went even what this is doing. I don't want to if it just meet him on wax is one thing like it's gonna be some death row shit. Like No, no, that's what happened with shout outs and shit. Yeah, like it gets crazy. Like I say, I mean it got personal between him and J and J's mother Gloria is the one who stopped but she like, no. And he's like, she might write on the radio assistant Sheila. Yeah, I'm on camera talking about his kids. And stopped and that's it. And that's me, right beeps go from town Mama. Mom. Remember he did that. Somebody's got to be intermediary and it's one dimensional. I mean, like say, like, say it's just as good for the history of hip hop. Like I just came out a while ago like Alright, so be it but we passed that we grow now. I'm a crypto King. So I'm just astonished at how people can hold shit, you know, in a vault for 20 years and check them out. We're still getting information coming out now of POC and big and stories that we never heard. Like, how is that even possible? You know, 20 years 20 plus years later, people still revealing that we never heard Because back then there wasn't a whole lot of outlets you didn't have like your chance to get your own shoe or your own like you might have a clothing line it's almost like that but like say he wasn't really like a big multimedia conglomerate like all he was trying to do what you did to put money in your pocket food and table you rap you rap rap you use a rapper the rap rap dude all the time he's always been laying on the verse for this that let me put this he was recording and recording and recording and like I said 90% that stuff don't end up on your album but it's just there. So once you discover like oh they did this they did that like that's what hip hop is you record you get your lyrics off it's amazing and you know it'll be more by time all these guys know leave this earth they have so much stuff this I mean with any big name ours like they even a smaller ones guys who just lived and breathed culture you're gonna find it that's what he finds when 20 plus years later there'll be more but it'll come out in time you know to guys that are keeping it on wax though. Yours should be radically radically these two lyrical miracle dudes Yeah. They dope to meet a nice they're going back and forth I went on YouTube and you can see the videos First they had like a video of them talking to each other on you know video chat. And then I guess they decided like yeah, we're just gonna start dissing each other on these tracks. Royce went first I believe he spit you know his show he had like a seven minute song It was I but that Luke pay responded and to me loopy I don't know if they're gonna do any more. But I got round one to loop a loop. It was going no, probably do more because they got so serious about a day in the podcast together. But it ain't gonna be you know, you know, it's not gonna get violent, a physical you know, it's just to wrap dudes just not not not kosher. You know? I mean, it's to dues that are at the at the top tier of lyricism. Those two guys, you know, think about a much unless you really into that type of rap that, that no galaxy brain, multi syllable, multi bar, triple entendre kind of wrap. You'll get there. But with these dudes is like, they've been asking for it. It's kind of came out this way. I'm not going to argue we're just going to enjoy it. I mean, I would agree rock ramen goes loopy, but I don't think they've done so we'll see what comes up next. We should put on a URL stage is just this is this. Do a battle rap dev to 15 minutes, five, five minutes each just go at it shit. I wouldn't even mind versus battle between them. Two. I think their catalogs are good enough that they could do it. Yeah. But if like if it's gonna be for us, you know, I mean, ain't really gonna be for the for the masses. I would think if you had a point of disagreement right now, like, they might get around to that eventually. It's something that you really, really want to see. Like locks and dipset like I said, just taking on smoke blocks. But some shit you want to see. Yeah, I got the locks. But yeah, we talked about last week, man. Like the more and more thing about like in that room, man. They don't smoke them. I cool. We got a whole nother week. We're gonna worry about it. We got another week. But yeah, let's take a quick break. When we come back where I want. We're gonna go over to the billboards list of best producers. The last one is alright.


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Jeff and Ant:

We back yo so let's do this billboard list. I'm gonna make this quick for you because he said there's 50 of them. We're talking about the best producers in music over the past 20 years funny. Okay, so from the top 20 Yeah, we're gonna go we're gonna work from 20 we are going to work from 20 but I'm going to try to mention a hip hop ones that's below it. And I will make it quick. So we're going to skip 50 doesn't count don't worry about that. Wonder Girl she worked with Travis Scott pop smoking little movie version, but was that she was 20 No, some songs are sorry, she was 48 and she's the first hip hop person on the list. First of all our portion list. Number 46 is Boy Wonder work with Drake m&m Nicki Minaj. is not in hip hop, but I'm gonna count him anyway. 45 was Raphael D He did work with salons on her album, where I failed to do they mentioned some songs. Mm hmm. Maybe like the kinds of leap every day of the week. Take Heath, you might have known but he did. Travis Scott sicko mode whenever he's at 42 Okay, we go scroll past this one. No, don't worry about them either. They're not important. No, he works for hip hop you but you don't count. So again, it's a bunch of white people move moving forward. 34 is Missy Elliott 34. Yeah, because, yeah, C's album Jazmine Sullivan, yada yada yada. 22 is my Dean work with Kanye Travis Scott Jay Z. Number 30 is mad lib MF Doom. Freddie Gibbs. If you're hip hop here, you know Madlib is whenever we go through that 27 day token where we're future gucci mane and amigos 27 we go to like he's at 27 and to get 2524 not important. 23 Metro boomin 22 A Stargate is r&b thing. They work with Neo Beyonce did it so stick with Neo? Didn't 21 is Rick Rubin. But 21 is Rick Rubin. Right. But Dana haven't talked about his hip hop stuff is basically all the stuff he did with other artists is just like, okay, are they gonna mention Russell? No, because he said, What did Russell produce in the past four years? I guess he's not really producing shit. Alright, so we're at 2020 we're not gonna concern ourselves with number 19 is actually Dr. Dre 19. Thank you. Oh, you should be higher but go ahead. Course m&m he he's at 19. At 16 is Swiss. Swiss 15 is low, john. We have fucked up low. Number 11 is DJ Mustard. Hola. Hola. Hola. I get it that this is a commercial as list and this is for like the masses. You think little john has more hits in the last 20 years and Dr. Dre? Probably. I don't know about that. You just said he like all the m&m shades. Obviously nowadays, m&m produces his own shit.

Jeff DeLaRosa:

But all throughout the 2000s Eminem was breaking records. And all his albums were produced by Dre. Early like I said, last month produce I think was like in 2004. He still got 16 more years left. Blank said the people on here have been prolific in regards to their producing like they're constantly producing. They're constantly producing. And that's why and that's why we get further up. You understand that? So? I don't really give a damn about Diplo do like Dr. Number. 11 is DJ Mustard. Now, you might not think of him as that way, but every kind of young artists and so on that this decade Ford has had from 2004. Amen. Mustard on the beat. Like he says, That's why it's zero because he's modeled on it'll be right the guy that's always working, so he's at 11 No, no. 40 should be that 11 that's drinks through everybody knows 40 He's everything but numbers. He's not a 48 just blaze a seven. Okay, Kanye six. Mike will made it five. The dream is for you would have over Kanye. And this is just going off his list. Right. Right. Right. Because I'm looking for

Jeff and Ant:

good. I mean, because that's who he worked with. He worked with Brianna. Yeah, I guess Justin Bieber, right. Yonsei like this is what he do. I got to remind myself that this is not just the hip hop list, right? Because Timberlands three fraile The Neptunes is two and Max Martin is one who the hell is Max Martin rubber Britney Spears Ariana Grande day the weekend boy so who's number two? Number two is for Okay, so we got a hip hop person up in the top three with and I said this is in the past one year so you know what Ben Shapiro said before but it not be music like look at what billboard is, which is isn't a place of like really favorable towards artists of color. Over the past 20 years, we've dominated the airwaves dominated the charts so to say that it's not an art fandom is Loki insulting? But not a bad list? I mean, it's arguable but like it's taking off taking totality and so I might be in the minority but I would have liked to see DJ Premier on this list. Ever. What does he produce? I'm not I'm not trying to be funny. He's still producing bro. If it wasn't for everybody he produced for every rapper bro. Right But you remember the last DJ promote premier produced outside of the woman Royce. He did to a Royce a few years, I guess now allowed me to dabble in songs here and there. Right. And that's like the thing about these people like they're doing a whole album for a lot of artists. Yeah. So I mean, it's not an info, it's just, it's different. And I don't I don't find a problem with the list. I mean, with any list is gonna be some argumentative things. Like we're gonna have a listen just a few moments, but that's kind of how it goes. It's how you kind of see the world and like its expansive. It's all kinds of cultures and everything else combined into it. And so many people are maxes out what to do. I didn't name a whole bunch of white people because I mean, not really like talking about it right now. We just want to talk about who we have. So yeah, solid list. I mean things complain about banana worry about. Alright, I was gonna go into this or that, saying that because I was gonna ask you who you thought was the king of the south. But we're gonna just end up turning this into a list. You know, I love list. I was gonna ask you between ludicrous tip or Scarface who you thought was the king of the south? Even though every question, even though to me, I've always told you that, to me, Texas is like Midwest, but I guess it is. Now, which is the silliest thing that should be. It should be Middle West. It's not it's not Middle West. Right? Right. But you know, that's what they consider it. So I wasn't really thinking about scoffers I was always thinking about just ludicrous and ti and little Wayne, and to me tip was this king of South but you know, you changed my mind on this. So let's just go ahead and do the list. Well, you tell me who you think is out of those three guys first, is the king of the south. Right now. Out of those three guys out right now ever? ambergris T is Scarface. Yeah, I mean, like, they all held the belt. If you think about it, like as like, the boxing title of the world. I think they all held the belt for a particular period of time. Um, but none of them are the king of the suffering now. No, no, I said, so let's do the listening. Yeah, we'll work five up. I'm gonna do because the thing is with Scarface you feel like he opened the door for these guys. You know, I'm saying started off with the ghetto boys then branched off to make his own group face mob did his own solo shit. And he got some classic records with NAS Jay, you know, I mean, like everybody, he's like, basically, your favorite rappers favorite rapper? Like all of our favorite rappers have Scarface in their top five, you know, I'm saying he's the cornerstone. Right? Cuz like I said, like, and that has to count for something. It's like when you mentioned LL Cool J, like, I was forced to put LL Cool J in my top five. And we did our list way back, just because of what he's meant. You know, I mean, everything together. No, I forced myself to put him in there. Because I started thinking I'm like, Damn, you know, he's a cornerstone. He's, you know, he's a founding father of this shit. He was the first rap on Def Jam. Like just aside from the fact that he can spit all the other you know, intangibles, I added that into that, you know, I mean, that has to count for some, you know, the influence. Right? And so, that's why I say he's a cornerstone because when you put it that way, like I said, South Midwest, how are you calling it right now? Well, what was the was like really the first Southern rap that you really heard that was working with artists that were basically based upon the East Coast? Probably face probably face to face. Like I said, we named collaboration to collaborate with a lot of people at first we came to mind with like NAS Jay like, yeah, yeah. Like when when those guys went to work with you, that says a lot about you. Right? Right. Right. But they wasn't featured on his shit. They asked for him like, No, we want face to be on our joint. Right? It says way more about face and I would even ever actually ever even imagine. But he's in my list. He Well, no. All right, well, I think we both have the same five I would think I can assume we probably gonna have it in different orders. Five an order if so. So, you first I'm just gonna give you in No, order my five so the rapids also so you can polish it. So you want to show me give you an order? And then you give me your order? Yeah, cuz I really got to think about what order I want to put it in. But in no order. I know. We're gonna have the same five ludicrous ti face. Wayne and Andre. Right decks. Right. Is that right? He's the same five. Pretty much. Yeah. It's just gonna be a matter of what order right? Because you know, I'm gonna look at lyricism. If I'm looking at about lyricism, Luda, Andre and TIFF are going to be my top three if it's just about lyrics. Wayne Wayne will probably be fifth on my list. Okay, I will probably go out I'm gonna go Wayne five face for your Ludo be spit and alluded to be spirit and Andre B span. Can I do a three way tie? No, there's no three way ties man. Yeah, the clever spot this week Olympic season you claim a medal or you don't. And there are no ties. Either you either own a podium or you're not in a podium. It's that simple. So what's your what's your five is tip for Scarface, no. Five is tip for 3003 Scarface. Two is Luda one is when one is weighing okay. I mean I'm gonna argue with that. When easy like I said we had discussion before like when I thought about it while I believe like you from from waiting from beginning like said the reason what Wayne is because like I said if you if you're of aging remember waiting for a while but he was saying aren't great, but you also remember that he was like 15 then like you watched him living come from this to that. There was a time when no Jay was doing whatever NAS is somewhere out there in the ether. Wayne held down rat for a smooth three years. There was no one hotter I defied the thickness of it. If I didn't weigh in at that point, I said, I like a lollipop that exactly my beef with window and I told you that before like, he has a lot of punch lines yes probably one of the best punch line rappers of all time after you finished listening to Wayne song, or even multiple Wayne songs What have you gotten out of it? What did you learn about him? Did you get anything from it? That this shit is fire? No your shit you don't you know exactly the same as you knew before you heard it you don't know anything more about him. You don't know shit about his life after hearing him you know give you a punch line after the punch line. That means nothing. But you're gonna hear a JSON you can hear a nice song and they'll tell you some show you but like I didn't know that about his mom. I didn't know he sold drugs. I don't know. But he got to tell you something about the life that you're gonna come out or they're gonna tell you a story. That's not fully true. And it's gonna make a whole song about sucking lollipop and it's a double entendre and is going to be a double meaning to it. You know, because he's about sex or he's gonna make a song about you know, messing with a cop lady, Mrs. Officer and there's no such there's no you know, there's no fire Yeah. What do you get out of it? But okay, but but would you talk about your lyrics if you said said Luda, ti and Luda Tr 3000. We know about 3000. Because he's the male version. Like Jay said he said he said he said when a B Rahman know you learn from a buddy life. What did you learn about 3000 talks a lot about the Saudi talks a lot about the Dungeon Family. What did you learn about the crew, the crew that they grew up with? You know, I mean, right just writing prompts in the basement, you know, right. You learned about trees they came from and shit like that. Right? And Wayne doesn't have to do that with others because in his music, like you can tell like his New Orleans bass. He shouted out all the time. He played the city all the time. Every time every before it's always Cash Money Young Money. He's all shouting on his team. If I get one guest then I'm just got some just New Orleans. Yeah, Wayne Wayne's amazing Wayne's that Wayne is the mate like said man, we're talking about the Carter series. even talk about his his DJ drama mixtapes and shit was crazy. I mean, mixtape Drake and mixtape Wayne to me are the best better than the commercial Drake and Wayne. Yeah, so so far gone. Drake is I got I got put on, I got put on to Drake from his mixtapes. I didn't know who this lace can do with this hook part when a fucking Pico was like who's on the cover the shooting? But it was so far gone john. I'm like Yo, whoo. He can rap. He's good. And like I said, like I say him Wayne and Nikki was under the same roof. Like right ago What about Corey guns like Yo, he don't get his or her gusta spirit don't matter I'm gonna be putting him out a moment how because you imagine a star where Wayne and COVID goes to spin wait Wayne would dominate that song gave a quarter guns could spit bro they didn't get called six foot seven. He could because he's like the thing is I mean I guess they're all as a diverse group you know he's from New York obviously Drake is from up north i'm not i'm not we got more guns. I'm not saying the core guns can rap Corey guns can absolutely rap. But the thing about rap is this just because you can spit don't mean you will star it just because you start them you got star power. No, like we talked we talked about voice looping. They can wrap their asses up but they don't have star power. They don't Wayne does. Wayne just does like, I mean anything that you could throw everybody you have Roy's lupane you could throw him in a box you could throw like a Cassidy but he's a battle rapper can't necessarily make any good songs. Right? Like has to give rap and he's a star right? He ain't got star power. Right right right but the guy that I kind of rise along like that it's like beanie seagull like he could wrap his star but his star power like it's just there right but even him he needed the whole Rockefeller machine behind them you know if he didn't have Jake how big would even may have made it really? Oh you know Jay and Rockefeller. When you when you when you hit do what you were just talking about like what you learn from somebody when they wrap when beans wrap you feel it That's the difference. He talks about you even going through like the pain in his life. That's why we love x x. x wasn't really that great like a lyrical miracle kind of wrapper. But you feel the passion but he was the closest thing I would say to to pop that you fell in that shit. And that's the thing about beans beans is like is always something angry about like you can feel like that visceral rage and when he's rapping like I think freeways A Better Rapper than beans. But beans is capitalism more than freeway even though what we do. Exactly. That's my shit. Chop downs up laugh out loud fuck niggas up laugh about I'm not trying to Oh, is it the more and more we're not doing that we're doing that. Just no way number one shit together clean up my sins. Now like he says, I like what he said. My kids hungry step two ditches that your kitchen needs to be like I got a few Tianna may rain wasn't his nail that was oh man. I don't know. Because I first of all I would have been a gentle guy no daughters when he said data he got to know that rain sleet hit No no. That was JT let me get a free black range and it goes to Pac Man leader oh yeah it was Jay who was like no man you can throw music or call me a piano man rain sleet hail snow man and then and then the other dude comes in and you don't even know when if when Jays verse finishes because what happened when he said that Jade didn't finish his verse so they had to just he never came back to complete it. And that whole thing like I said, that's a fire song but who finished it beans Beans, beans, and that's my whole thing about like when you wrap it whoever has the closing spot is the star that track back in the data so it used to be Yeah, when I finish it off you know if you close it it's yours. Yeah, it's yours. Like even like even though we like that's why not say compared to beans you whack whiskers like of whack when it's like a rat compared to you. And your man on took the blame or he's they was just disrespectful. Back to hip hop now. No one was getting shot like Yo Yo, yo, going to folly I'm talking about my nigga. He called me whack in front of everybody. Anytime I you know, fuck up like my mother baby.


The baby seat.

Jeff and Ant:

Hey, you gotta see me. You guys see me like oh word iPhone. I the fact that that didn't get physical. Like I don't know how his mother his mother. Like no more songs that he did black. Like Jay was hella disrespectful to that because you know, he was just lyrical. He came with bars. But Jay was like saying disrespectful personal shit about his girl. But that's why I say now is one because because Jay got Jay got out of his shell. He got out of his element. He got Jay I was elven because because even Jays dissing you, it's always like, smooth, subtle swaggy shit. The fact that like you just use putting on wax later, whenever wherever, however, nigga one, like, come on, you're not doing that. And like this, man. It's not even you. It's not you. Because he knows he had a whole army. He had goals that will get for the fight for him. And I was gonna show it up by himself to the point where they wouldn't do it had to come in Queensbridge like, Oh, you wanna see me? I'm sitting right here this part but but yeah, but you know, I got more shooters and Queens Bearsden. You. We go up in the Coliseum roof. bottles of the boy chip to? We don't see. That's true. We're gonna see it come see me. You got a problem? You come see me come to Queens. Exactly. I wouldn't even man like the whole thing back and forth and going to the radio station. That shit was exciting hip hop. When I go back and listen to it. It's over. I'm like, I'm like Jay, you lost I'm sorry to tell you this. Like you lost because you got emotional first and take over my be professionally a better song by far than any, you know, an ether or whatever like that. But by far yeah, but the whole the whole thing would take over. It's just that you know, it's the other ones is basically some shit that we cut here on like, dedicated one verse that does that. Like there's no freshly produced track? Like right, right right in the studio and work this shit through. like super ugly. I'm just gonna jump on this beat number. Yeah. And then the NAS had the ACE to the Omo, which was the little freestyle, the little illmatic and he had whatever he had Ethan he jumped on a simple beat like no, clover, this. Yeah. I know. I think Jay would have won if you picked a different beat besides super ugly like that's a that was that. Was that a Dre beat? Yeah, he did it for fat pimpinan it super ugly. It's just weird. Like you pick the different beat. Man that boy a I got more in common than just bawling and ramen get eaten over in common? I was like, oh, like, that's not even cool. Like, it's not good. Like, you don't hear snitching like AI Maryland Yo, fam. Right? Right But that's the one thing that if anything Jay had on him that it was that's a fact like he you know, he slept with NAS his baby mama. So he you know, he had that to jab at him with you know, I'm saying Yeah, but when we're not because really just talk about how you ugly and how you sampled my voice on multiple songs. And you know, and I'm making royalties off of you even though Jay tried to say Nah, what was the way dude MC search said it like yeah, no NAS made money every time Jay sampled his voice. So who really won? You know, I mean, I mean, at the end of the day, you could probably say Jay won the war, but now definitely want to better anyway. Yeah, we got off track. Before we go, I wanted to do I wanted to name some names. And then you let me know if you think they say the N word, whether in your private life or behind closed doors or today, boys. Okay. I'm gonna start off because we've mentioned this gentleman before. One of my heroes, Derek Jeter. No, you don't think he says it at all? Remember, want it behind closed doors? Yeah, like Granted, he's half black, half white. You know I'm saying. Yeah, yeah. Behind closed doors. Yeah. I think that he says it. Yeah. Yeah. And of course I absolutely I think I think once you're in public you have a particular persona you hold by that but his whole career was supposed to be squeaky clean. What people do behind closed doors a whole different issue, but what you present to the world is one thing so I think he's always been so conscious about his public image that in public No, you would never say that but in private competition you loosen up and relax you know, I'm not I got to be no Derek Jeter number two coming in the morning, just Derek? Probably does. Alright, we mentioned this gentleman before I believe he's racist, Ben Shapiro. Oh yeah, he says it something Yeah. Do you says he says it with an A at the end or with a heart are not the ER they're not nig me MiG are like what a growl to it. I fail the harder and he says like just as political. Like you see these niggers out there like listening to this rap music? This rap with a heart are this rap music? It ain't Nick. is Nick. Yeah, it is er, and you can be putting the ER like you can be in the ERC that shit around me But yeah, it's er trust me that know what they go all the time. Him in Candace Owens be having discussions over tea and crumpets talk.


A little black nigger. Hey, buddy, like Candace stuff.

Jeff and Ant:

Next Nick, Candace is negative think she says Hell yeah. Er as well. Oh, yeah. You say both. She's She's She's bilingual. She says a en er. I know she does. When she's around blackfog you think she says the A? And then when she's around? blackfog you think she's a er? No she says the ER because it Come on man. We don't we don't kick that black people long time ago. She She came around us. Yeah, I think you're right. You run away people who got traded before we didn't treat it we just cut off the roster. We didn't want no pics back. We didn't want to no draft swaps. Like oh, you wonder Oh, we're not trying to keep the next person I mentioned I must say would you trade her for this person? Sure. Bill Maher would I trade her for Bill Maher and do you think he says I mean we know he says he said no we know what we traded for Bill Maher Yeah, we traded for Bill Maher bill bill Maher's like Bill Maher like like that white uncle you didn't know you have that? You know he drink Hennessy but we've seen some real problematic shit about black people from time to time. The thing about my Mars like well it's brilliantly lag and he dates only black women and like the like you know, you know who does this theme song for the for the show. Now for that bill Marshall he has on HBO kid from getting played kid from kidding plays like when his close friends he did the fucking music room. Yeah, I don't I don't fuck with kid. I don't fuck with kid at all. If you did that Colin Kaepernick shit. Fuck kid. When he when he came in and put that little African Polo glove on doing that that shuck and jive shit with Jason would look like my whole dude. He's trying to be funny though. Now is the other sheet to come out like you know what they're trying to do this man use you as a person to call it should be a little bit more supportive of it. And like I said, some understand that humor is mined from pain. I understand that clearly. But some shit you just shouldn't talk about especially no like they're taking this man's career away from him not because he's not talented. He just pretty much led him to the Super Bowl taken away because he took a particular stance about society which he was 100% right about and he's never going to get a job again. So he just became a martyr. That's fucking terrible. And the fact that the fact that you and Connie as Jason Whitlock come here to sit down and just joke about and ha ha hee hee over the shit man fuck off fucking on your flat top damn harsh hey go hurt nobody even got he got he got like some curly process s curl shit going on. Yo, is it man? It's just not colorism. Anything This is a real question. Is it me or does he look like extra whiter than from what I remember him from the movies from back in the day and the house party and movies and went to probably look extra pale? No, because he started dressing more and more like white people so he starts he starts wearing you know those types of clothing and starts to fit in a little bit more like he was light skinned to Brother but I felt like because he only got a fade in on it but he has like this this curly half bullshit care topic on top of his head his hair looks terrible he should go back to Eraserhead plate play looks play looks good for the chilling be he still looked like himself but him nah nah man of God now to to play if you find a gospel man good for him. You know play was married to me for I'm coming to America. share share. Hello, Lisa McDowell jelly. Any like I said, Man when a man found God he don't go for himself. I have no I have no complaints about people. No donate glow up man. I have no complaints about someone if it's through Christ's or through whatever. That makes you a better person. I'm cool with that. And I'm not saying you know, no kid didn't find God I don't give a shit if he did or not, but I bet you play when it didn't know shit like that by playing one's company dress like Colin Kaepernick get hung up so fucking fast now, so, so so I love play fucking fun. All right, period. final one, Donald Trump. Next topic. Does he say no. You know, good and god damn well, he does. Like, like, over the summer. Look at all these niggers out here in the streets. What is this? I need to call a military. Hello, Colonel Colonel Mustard. Yes. What can we do have all these niggas out here protesting? I gotta walk down the street but I need some. I need some military surveillance. He said he's not he's not aware. We walked through that church and held the Bible. He had the Bible upside down. Yeah, yeah, he had clearing the block. out I don't want them near me. If they cough shoot them kind of what did you hear now? I'm the president if they cough BANG BANG seagull street gang early. Nah, man. Bad but yeah, that's gonna be our time man. This has been Episode 53 of Lacuna Coil This is Jeff my man app we is at ahead Peace and blessings yo bc


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