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July 12, 2021


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Summer, Summer, Summer time! 
In this episode the guys go over another series of "Is That Racist?" discussions. They also introduce a new segment called; "Hip Hop Rumors" where they go over some of Hip Hop's most infamous rumors and decipher whether they may be true or false.

Topics Discussed:

  • The Rachel Nichols / Maria Taylor / ESPN situation
  • The MAOA Gene
  • Cipha Sounds hating on Dominicans
  • Conor McGregor breaks his leg
  • Did Tupac Shakur sleep with Faith Evans?
  • Did Eazy-E really die  of Aids?
  • Did Rakim write for Will Smith?
  • Is Will Smith underrated? 

Also, is Summertime the best summer time Hip Hop song ever? How impressive is it that Dr. Dre left everything on the table and left Death Row Records with nothing, and still managed to become a billionaire? The last year and a half has been a blur.

Referenced Links:
A Storm at ESPN Over Rachel Nichols Comments on Maria Taylor - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

The Ripper Strikes Back (buzzsprout.com)

YouTube - Joe Rogan guest claims black people have a inherent gene that makes them violent | Streamer Community

Featured song: Summertime - The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff

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Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the culture. This is Episode 51 is your boy Jeff. For my man Anthony 51 this is milestone should be doing this shit for a minute. We've been doing this for damn near a year already do some crazy shit.

Jeff and Ant:

Yeah, it kind of adds up after a while too and not in a negative sense, man. I enjoy everybody. But it's like, almost a year. Sir. started in August of 2020. Yeah, they're in the middle of the pandemic. Then we so we started shooting right when I was just going back to work. Reserve fuck. You still wasn't even working? I think No, I think I was working a week later. I think I went back to work a August 15. I went back to work. They sent me a letter. Like if you don't show up back to work, we're going to terminate you like he was like, but I'm working on this podcast. I'm like, I'm trying to hear from COVID you're gonna need to come back to work. I'm not missing me. Shut up, shut up. Shout out to our patrons. We appreciate your you know what, what this the thing? I feel in the sense that we do need to record more? Well, not necessarily that it's a lot. I think I think we record we record more to a degree. But for those that are supporting us, like I want to hear from them like they need to go ahead and pick up just pick a topic. I don't give a fuck what it is. If your patron pick a topic, again, I don't care what it is. And we'll and we'll talk about it on it for patron for y'all. Because if your question you want to ask or something that's in your mind, or you want us to discuss some shit review some shit, I don't know. But like I said, If y'all are interested in this and you're supporting us, or at least can do is hear you out. So if you got something that's on your mind or something you want to talk about with us or something that you think that we should bring to the table, let us know we'd be happy to do so. I think that's fair. Where I want to share so much thought was funny. I'm gonna play a little clip of Episode 43 which was titled The Ripper Strikes Back. This was Episode 43 check it out. Separate message same person goes in your fucking disgrace to hip hop and word on Twitter, that's it so the only reason I bring that up is because somebody on Twitter


posted that clip right. And they wrote that was a weed smoker's cough if I ever heard one

Jeff and Ant:

fuck good shit. It was a waste Booker's golf You know what, since we're playing shit, I got some I need to play for you real quick. What's your episode I find it and I'll play this you know cipher sounds is right. Yes, of course. You know who ciphers Alright, so he Alright, so cipher put this shit up on our Instagram. Right? And I want you to hear this specifically. Hopefully Please clear let me turn the shit up. Make sure this is off.


Ready to get kitted out? Listen, man, we love you. We love your food. We love your culture. We love your women. We love your meals and we love everything about you the McDonald's but stop trying to be number one. What are Reagan's number one? Always been number one. Number one. Yes. I don't speak Spanish. But I know I'm Numero Uno. Cut it out to minigenes Don't be a fuckface. Don't be a fuckface.


Oh, that has to go on to is that Rachel? Oh, that's kind of


sparked some controversy. On my travel day. The war between Dominican and Puerto Rican, and all these other lines. Music and little fall by using Columbia is the number one. Once you go sit down, put some eggs on top of your state and your prices. Okay. I'll get to y'all in a minute. But we're talking about the Caribbean right now. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Don't be a fuckface

Jeff and Ant:

dude who doesn't even speak Spanish? Yeah, yeah, that's it. I'm not saying Puerto Rico is better. Dominicans are better. Obviously. I'm Dominican. But he wildling was that he bought to lose all whole demographic of fans, bro. That's gonna hurt his whole business. Oh, no. It doesn't he realize that the majority of Latinos in New York are the minigun gay man controversial sales. They they will Well yeah, but he's gonna lose fans. They will listen to him and call him to his station just to curse him out. So I mean, what an idiot. Amen. I don't know. I can't see your Cypher wave after that one little thing? Yeah, I'm good. I mean, he was it's not like he's the best DJ or nothing like that either. He's not even top three his own station. I miss DJ stuff. I got Peter Rosenberg over him. DJ clue in on nanomol right. Funk flex. I put him over him even though I kind of hate flex. I mean, he never let you listen to you. But I think that you missed the era of DJs you miss cipher clue. Flex drama cannon. Like, like that, just that mixtape era of dude like like you would wait for K slay whatever you always wait for this like I hate that guys call themselves DJ or whatever when they don't DJ shit like I don't I don't necessarily think Kalin is a DJ he just samples all shift from the 90s i think i think he's a fantastic brand marketer but I don't think that he's a dJ dJ like I like when was the last time you remember Cypher ciphers on my brain but when the last time ever callate actually like on the wheels are still mixing shit up now you never see power even know how to do nothing with a turntable bro. Like an F a lot of art that needs to be maintained man guys I can cut like Jazzy Jeff need to be appreciated. Yes. And I've seen Jazzy Jeff sometimes they'll be like, what they do beauty awards and when they do pay homage to somebody I remember it was what was it was m&m and blackdot it was paying homage to was LL Cool J like rock the boat. And they have they had a Jazzy Jeff mixed in it was m&m rapper, one verse and blackdot was rap and then they had um, Jazzy Jeff. And Jeff wanted to turn to Him, Jeff really scratches. He was great. He scratches B, he doesn't just press a button TJC laser saw only touch. It's like premiere to me premiere is one of the best scratches of all time you see him quicker we like he'll do that. And he'll put that into songs. You know, I mean, cuz you gotta appreciate the art form of it. Like, I tried that when I was a kid that shit did not work out. It's difficult as fuck, but but I know people that are to that shit. But once you get the groove of it, it's like, it's almost like simple. But then it's like, you got to see where your artistry and your creativity lies to mix this sample with that record. Get the blends going, right. I mean, that's one skill I wish I had I can actually DJ like that. I don't know if I want to do that. You could be at parties and shit. You want to do something else in a weekend but it'd be dope to have pay to be in those parties. Yeah, you don't have to have though. But I mean, you gotta be built to be able to stand in for like, four hours just scratching away. But anyways, yo, what's been happening? Um, you saw Conor McGregor break his leg? Just right, just the ankle right in half. Yo, amen. I think the thing that I wonder about now like, should they add shin guards to MMA fights? Yeah, they gotta put some No, because because it doesn't because if you add shin guards, you eliminate certain aspects of it like grappling. Like, I mean, they don't have to wear your heart though. They're gonna wear what are the soft ones that they put in, you know, like the karate maxes or whatever, right. But then, like, in regards to grappling, and so on, so forth. Like, are you grabbing a leg? are you grabbing a shin pad? Like, are you gonna be able to use it? Whatever. And I mean, it happens. I mean, what Brooke did like someone else did that shit too recently. Recently, yeah, for gosh, it was was hideous. But they did that on a kick. Yeah. And this one I figure in that McGregor shoe was already fracture. Yeah, maybe in the previous rounds. Yeah, I think he he was planted and jumping on when it's finished breaking the week is given his turn. And that was it. Now Dustin, is about to the one on the right. And Dana already said they're gonna have a fourth one. You're gonna have to have a fourth one you know, I'm saying goes to still undecisive but he was getting his ass with any Dustin was beating him It won't make a difference because he I think he might watch Connor again. Like Yeah, he will kinda is not the same guy. And I totally understand why he's not the same guy because he's so proper whiskey 12 for like, the number 12. I think I think the valuation for the sale itself was like $600 million. I don't know how much of that he gets, but it's gonna be more than $10 million. So, I mean, he's still the face of this year and a commercial and I think he's fine, man, I think when you get down to FIFO Well, he's not gonna be in a hurry to come back. No, no, because everybody said Dustin Poitier is gonna have a title match next year against somebody else. And the whole thing with McGregor is like, what more do you need to do when you when you begin your career and the job you have before you begin your MMA career like you were like a plumber. And now you're like, you're one of the most richest, most famous whoever's in the world, you really don't need to do enough.


He's easily probably the wealthiest UFC fighter of all time,

Jeff and Ant:

by mouth. And you know, I'm saying and it wasn't because it wasn't without a UFC. It was really because of that match. Yeah, it would. It was the whiskey you had to leave UFC to go get paid. Yeah. And that's the knock on Dana White in the UFC, they you know, the argument is that they never they don't pay guys, but I'm sure they're also not making as much money as boxing makes. You know, I'm saying, Oh, I don't know. That's a really good question. When you can have mike tyson come out of retirement 20 years later, and fight Roy Jones Jr. and these guys are 50 and 60 years old, and they can sell the shit on paper for $50 or whatever that tells you that boxing is still making all types of money. But you had what you had to put on a platform that would agree to it because ESPN wasn't gonna do it. ABC, Showtime, none of them were going to do that. Like it's a barely sanctioned match. You had to find some guys that we're going to pay that money to go ahead and get that done and they did. But every year, Mayweather comes out and fights a YouTube guy or some guy who's really not a boxer. That makes $100 million that you know, what does that tell you? Like I respected Mayweather as a businessman. I don't respect him as a boxer now. No joke now the fact that he's taunting this shit like he's disrespecting the sport now because we talked about it as a boxer. You supposed to going into smoking real quick and call it a day and saying like say you want to put on a show for fans. Fans are bloodthirsty. They want to see people concussed knocked out laid out you can dust that off we would have been happy if the last 45 seconds we got our money's worth he said as loud as we want to drag it out. Like said we talked about it before like you hit home boy like he held them up I'm like yeah, but the fact like I said is the all the shit that he's talking after the fact he's online he's an interview talking about Yeah, I just Rogers did the biggest you know robbery of all time I did a legal you know, legal bank robbery and he just keeps talking on the shit like you're disrespecting the sport like we know it's obviously some bullshit. But don't come on and say it. Because now you just spin on everybody's face that bought the shit. You know what I mean? Yep. And apparently in Team USA love to Nigeria. That's good. Kevin Durant's on that team. Kevin Ryan got dunked on by one of them cat, you're an American. I'm an American. I'm anti Kevin Duran, Kyrie Irving and James Harden anyway. What I'm gonna be talking about that just this week, um, I want to get into, you know, love America. Go ahead. I want to get into a new segment that I debuted last week. Is that racist? Cover new topics today that I want to touch on? Get your opinion on? Sure. The first one, and you know what, it's gonna you know what, like the second because it's easy. That's why we asked that question. You pretty much know what it is. I just want to hit the nonsense that people come up with. Yeah. So the first topic I want to talk about is the Rachel Nichols situation. I know you're familiar. For those that don't know Rachel Nichols works for ESPN. She's one of the news anchors and commentators there. She'd been working there for a long time. A disparaging video came out I mean, she had a conversation. I don't know if it was like a zoom call or some when an executive. And unbeknownst to her that she was being recorded, like the shit was her phone was on or whatever. And elite. The thing is, she was mad because an African American a different female Her name is Maria Taylor was given the NBA Finals last year. They gave her that day gig and that's a gig that Rachel Nichols always gets. So when the call Rachel Nichols goes and comments still rippling through the network reporter Rachel Nichols who is white said Maria Taylor, who was black earned the job to host the 2020 NBA Finals covers because ESPN was feeling pressure on diversity. And she goes on to say, I wish Maria Taylor all the success in the world. She covers football, she covers basketball, Nicole said, and she said this in July of 2020. If you need to give her more things to do, because you're feeling pressure about your crappy longtime record on diversity, which by the way, I know personally from the female side of it, like go for it. Just find it somewhere else. You are not going to find it from me or taking my thing away. ESPN has been trying and often failing to deal with the scandals for months but a fast approaching deadline is forcing the network to show at least some of its cards, and then it goes. Nikolas discussed her career on a phone call on July 13 with Adam Mendelssohn. And Nichols was speaking with Mendelssohn to request an interview with James and his Lakers teammate Anthony Davis, whom Paul also represents during the conversation. She also sought advice from Mendelssohn because she believed her bosses were advancing Taylor at her expense. She goes, I just want them to go somewhere else. It's in my contract. By the way, this job is in my contract in writing, Nikolas told Mendelson, referring to hosting coverage during the NBA Finals. A few minutes after saying ESPN was feeling pressure about racial diversity. We of course are not going to comment on the specifics of any commentator contract said an ESPN spokesman. Unbeknownst to Nikolas, our video camera was on and the call was being recorded to a server at ESPN headquarters in Bristol Connecticut. At least one of the one of the people watched the video on the server recorded it on a cell phone and shared it with others. Soon more copies of the conversation were spreading around ESPN and within hours of reached ESPN executives in part because of some of the comments from Mendelssohn. He is a prominent political and communication strategists who has worked for the giant private equity bubble blah, blah, blah, blah. Check this out is this this is a sentence I like it. In a recording of the video obtained by the New York Times Nichols and Mendelssohn pause for a moment during the conversation after Nicole says she planned to wait for ESPN his next move. Mendelssohn, who is white then said, I don't know I'm exhausted between me between me too. And Black Lives Matter. I got nothing left Nicole's den laugh. Multiple black ESPN employee said they told one another after hearing the conversation that it confirmed their suspicions that outwardly supportive, white people talk differently behind closed doors. I mean, it's a shit we already know. You know what I mean? And we talked about last week we talked about phil jackson being racist. You said well, we don't know. You know, we really don't know what goes on behind closed doors. So now I don't want to know. I guess the question is is Rachel Nichols racist? Is ESPN executives racist? Is the whole situation racist? is Rachel racist? No. Is he Israeli? Is ESPN racist? No. is the situation racist? No, because it's American. I'll explain. I'll start with with Rachel first. Oh, no, you might, you might lose people with just that statement. You just I don't give a fuck. If as a woman, not myself, obviously, when you're a woman, and you're a very prominent figure in a male dominated field, and you worked hard to get there. And we're not saying the bullshit that people say like, you know, she probably fucked her way to the top. Nothing like that. Just to your great hard work integrity and everything else. You made it to this point, right? But do you say that because there's rumors of her sleeping around with a couple of NBA players, the rumors go when you got into the top of that field, you're not really trying to give no one else a shot at that at all, ever. Period. So her thing and get some rear had nothing to do with color. It just I like I've sacrificed a lot to get to this point. And the thing that I'm just going to give this away just because it makes the bosses feel better about them being more diverse when it should have been that way a long time ago. No, right? Hell no. It kind of does have to do with color because basically saying that the only reason Maria Taylor got the gig is because she's black. Yeah. Look at ESPN named me five black people that work that Amy five. I mean, that gets only like the NBA guys that don't have anything to do a basketball or football named me. No. No, they're only they're only in basketball right? Shaq Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, you know, I mean, that's his only the only the basketball team, right? They have all in there. And that's TNT. But But Right, right, right. Basketball is always the former player Talking Heads, or so and so forth. All the black people on the show is that a sports is primarily dominated by black people. What Rachel's job is, isn't necessarily that, I mean, she has the jump, obviously, like the sideline reporting, so on so forth, the things that, you know, make you what you're supposed to be. Of course, I'm gonna feel some kind of way about that. And you want to give my job away. Because, you know, you suck at hiring black people used to use you suck at hiring people to code anyway. Like, I mean, it's pretty fucked up. It's like, if you if you ever watch like a, let's say, like soccer programming. And those guys, you always get the people that are representative of the sport itself. So basketball and football courts going to get people that are of color because they represent those sports, but the people who are the sideline reporters, so on and so forth. They just, they're not going to just absolutely hand those jobs over. Because all the prominent people that have been at ESPN that have been of color outside of Steven Naismith have gotten kicked the fuck out. Michael Smith got kicked the fuck out and Jamil Hill got kicked the fuck out. It always happens it always, whenever you're black person, you're outspoken with a voice, you're going eventually one way or the other. Right? So to do a falter. No, I think like once you have something I don't, I'm not I'm not gonna do something out of guilt or something out of like my privilege, I'm probably going to just hold on and maintain my position as long as I can. until either ay ay ay ay ay, find something different than when I'm out of here. Sure, you can move her over. But I'm not going to go ahead and step aside because you felt that you did wrong by her. You should have did right by her in the very beginning, you felt she's talented, you could do this, you should have found a spot for it. But I'm not gonna step aside for anybody. And I'm saying that, seeing it from that perspective, I'm saying it from my own. I think that I think inside the culture, corporate culture in an environment, I think that an award is escaping me right now. When it makes a quote unquote, diversity hire, what's the term? Oh, my God, what's the term? For my back? Yes, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. Do I think they should be thinking affirmative action higher? Yeah, I think in a call in a corporate culture, because you guys don't do the fuck you're supposed to do. It makes it ESPN has a had a history of it, where you don't allow the black people within that company to progress forward. But that's why I say it's not racist, because that's just the way that the culture growth outside of ESPN any major corporation, it's not dominated by people of color, because that's the way they've always had to set up. They should probably put people there that are qualified for it. But if I'm if there's three people there, and two of those people are white, and one person is black, and are all equally qualified, I should probably give it to the black person because they're, I mean, I hate to say it, but they kind of do, and they're qualified and they can do the fucking job. So why am I holding them out? Why am I trying to select from this particular pool of talent, and then when I find one of those special talented people, I don't go them to become something more upon a network, I make their lives harder, like Jamil Hill, and Mike Smith should still be there, like build a big uproar about them like taking over sports. And I'm like, they're good at what they do. They're enjoyable. They had to had a different world skit in the beginning of it, so on and so forth. Let them be so is it racist know that the culture itself is a problem? That's racist. That's something to have to fix. But again, they have these conversations behind closed doors and things that we're not privy to, because they're not allowing us in those rooms. So we can hear those conversations. That's why that's what that part's racist. Yes. But what they did know, they just they stood the company line, and they follow what the coach has said. And a coach says that, you know, the reason why you guys are not privy to this conversation could refuse to let you in the door. The reason why I refuse to listen to door because we have these type of conversations behind closed doors, hence, we don't feel comfortable trying to let you guys in because you don't realize how fucked up it actually is. So racist, no, insensitive? Sure. Do I think Rachel is wrong? No, I don't like it's her job she fought for and she was a habit. I don't think she'd give that away to anybody. You earned it, you earned what you keep, and she hold on to as long as possible. But that other shit. That's the problem within their culture internally, that's something they have to fix. Are they gonna take real steps? Probably not. They're gonna have like, some diversity training with a motherfucking bullshit, but he's still not gonna promote the people that need to be promoted. But both of them on they should put her and Maria Taylor both on and see how that works out. And yeah, be if Taylor don't take no shots. Like, I think those who just need to have a conversation behind closed doors just got to be upfront with like, Look, I know you're talented. I know you're good at what you do earn earn this job, it's in my contract, I'm not letting the shit go. I think they should give you more stuff. I think that should be the right inappropriate thing. But if there's anything that I can do, if I have any kind of control power or sway within this company to progress you further, I'll be happy to do so I apologize for how that might have been taken. But let me explain to you my frame of reference. Like I said, if I can help you succeed, let's go ahead and do it. But outside of that, I think I shouldn't say to each other. If I was if I was Maria, I'd be tied to just us climbing in front of everybody. And then the whole thing was on the other guy Ben Mendelsohn, that's the bronze PR manager. Like LeBron, get your man. So according to you is now racing. So let's go to the next shot. Have you heard of the MAOA gene? Yes. Okay. Well, Joe Rogan, he needs to stop having racist people on the show. But anyway, Joe Rogan recently had a gentleman by the name of Charles C. Johnson, who's an American activist, and in my opinion, racist, and this is the first time I had ever heard of this term. He said that black people are inherently more violent, because they have what's called the MAOA gene. And I had never heard it. I'm like, What the hell is this I had to look it up. And the mayo a gene located in the X chromosome is also known as the warrior gene, since abnormal versions of the gene often result in aggressive behaviors, several animal models in which the function of MLA is defective display excessive levels of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine in the brain. So he's basically saying that yes, black people are more violent, because they have this particular gene. Is that racist? Is he racist? Because I felt like when I first saw this shit, I was like, no way. I was like, Yo, this is just this is just another way of a racist trying to justify his racism. That's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this shit. I'm like, You gotta be kidding me. Huh? Because they've always said for years like you know, people have studied like the Charles Manson's or the Jeffrey Dahmer was like, yo, is there a gene that makes you know people serial killers in all of this shit? They've you know, people, but we tried to study that shit. But it's the first time I've ever heard that. Black people or African Americans have a specific gene that makes them more violent. That's the bullshit to me. Until you're asking me if it's racist. Yes, this let's start with Charles Johnson. Is he racist? Charles C. See Johnson, American activist. A racist. Yeah, fuck yeah. Like I don't even know why I'm overthinking that one. Yes. racist. Like, do you believe that shit, that there's a gene like that it makes you more violent or more aggressive or whatever. It's not necessarily. There's gene in a gene expression, but also like it has something to do with the neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine, and so on, so forth. But it's not specifically black people. I just pull some up right now, as I'm saying there's a variation 30 34% of what your opinion to have it. Maybe 50 50% of African Africans have it. Polynesians is that 56. Mainland Chinese is that 56 and Taiwanese males have is that 61%. So, so it's not it's not an anomaly. It's not anything that's outside of the purview. It goes on in other ethnic groups as well. So to say, into the single out black people, that's the part that becomes, you know, racist, racist. And also and, you know, I'm not saying I'm not trying to put down any race here. But this is a statistic. This is facts. Majority of mass shootings in this country, white folk, white folk, mostly all of them every single one school shootings, the bombings and you know, marathon races, whatever it is mass shootings, it's usually a white person or white man and genetics don't affect behavior, because race is a social contract races, not real. races, races is something that you we make up that we put up on the server something else like that you don't. Okay, your race. I'm speaking to you, Jeff. Yeah, you're, you're racist, what they kind of put on a survey application or something else like that. Your ethnicity and your heritage, heritage is Dominican. Right? But on an application, you don't see Dominican, you see you like, like, not Hispanic, Hispanic, whatever. So try to group you into these little things. Like if you're born in Latin America doesn't. It makes you know, Latin America to a degree but aren't you? Are you Argentinian? Are you from Brazil? Are you from Chile, so forth, they try to put create this view, especially black, we tried to make it seem like black people are inherently violent, but it's kind of supported and kind of given credence to like, the things that people show on social media or on television or on any forms of media are outlandish, violent things that happen by people of color, the thing of which people always leave out and never mentioned the shit on TV, they The one thing to do make no TV is black on black crime. That's true. But the thing about crime and think about violence that generally happens to perpetrators within their sphere of influence, or the people that are closest to them. So why don't white crime happens because it's in your area, like white people haven't have a problem with this white person, but they don't go across to the other side of town to go find a black person. It's here Why don't white crime is spending what's been a crime whatever it is people within your area, but our seems to be put out more can seem to be more inherently violent. That's not necessarily true. And I say that someone is the moment that you kind of put yourself on that path about genetics and behavior, it becomes a very eugenics German Nazi kind of thing. Like our races appear because our genetic say, so you're trying to say that our we are inferior because our genetic say so we are violent, because our genetic say, so your genetics is just a makeup of chromosomes and other matter that's within your system that guide you increase as a human being but you're molded and made by your experiences, your thoughts, your behaviors, and how you acknowledge them, don't acknowledge them, and how you deal with them and how your environment influences that. So for him to come out as white as mountain like, you know, black people are just more violent just because they have this little fucked up part of the gene. We don't say stupid shit, like, you know, maybe a dick smaller because your genetics is all fucked up. We don't care. We don't want to say like, what we are based upon is purely because of a genetic factor. No, you're gonna grow a certain height because of your fact you're going to grow so much hair or be this color or maybe be left handed right? And certain things influence it. Yes. But you can't say my this one gene makes me more inherently violent to other people. That's not true. And the fact that you know, Joe does allow them going in and just says that and doesn't even check them at all. But I mean, Rogan, does he been problematic and unset his things that he wants to invite on people who have a different perspective or a different perspective of life, and I get that but the whole thing is that it speaks to his audience. I don't even listen to Joe Rogan like that. I just happen to hear that clip because it's fucking insane to me. Me too. But the whole thing is like it shouldn't even got to that point they they call it the warrior gene. So So Is that why you guys like tend to draft us more water anything else? No, because the system itself is inherently racist in the goes upon poor people have nothing better to do that they don't have parents or money that can maybe send them across the border to Canada or south to Mexico, where they can kind of ducked a draft. You don't have that option. We have to go so for him to kind of spool expensive books like this and think that this is okay. Oh, no, we carry a warrior gene is just inherently racist and Thomas fuck and I can't believe he allowed this guy to sit in front of millions of people. So definitely racist. Fuck yeah. The fuck out of you with that.


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want to introduce a new segment today and I'm gonna call this one hip hop rumors. So true or false. And let's start with the first one. This is a classic rumor, we've never really gotten to the bottom of it. I want to get your opinion. did two packs a core sleep with faith? Evans? I used to always say no, I'm like, Nah, you know, I'm saying he was just saying things like that just to get back at Biggie just to get Biggie mad right. 20 years later though, the more I hear interviews of other people that were around, you know, Death Row Records, from re j to you know, to different to different executives, when you hear him in interviews, you know, and even when you hear Faith Evans, tell her story and tell different interviews like her stories don't even our stories are different every time she's you know, does a different interview. So I'm starting to believe that Tupac did have a relationship with faith that faith did have an affair with Tupac. Maybe she did it just to get back at biggie. I don't know why she would be lying about it for 20 years. But I concluded that I think Tupac did sleep with faith, your take, think about what you're saying. And I read something real quick. I have to agree. The thing about lying is that over time it gets more and more discombobulated. If you tell the truth, you never have to lie because you know exactly what to do. When where how and whatever. The fact that her story kind of like shifts over the years. It's like it's a truth. You never are ever going to forget that. Like, even she met up. It's the fact that she met up with Tupac and Rialto. When they asked her body she says all went to recover some money that he owed me for a hook that I saying or you know what I mean? But like her story be Don't be making sense. And even that don't make no sense. Then there's then there's pictures that I'm chilling together. Right Jay recently came out he said he went to the studio and saw a face sitting on two parks laughing I'm trying to make no sense because if you owe me money, you're going to bring me my money. I'm not going to you to get it. I'm not definitely going to hotel room like, are you When are you going to Why are you in town? You got my bread come through? Yeah, I'm gonna go see man. I don't want to bring up because we just had a bullshit start, like, awesome. She ended up in his hotel room and then something happened. None and you come to me Give me all my money. And then you go on about your marriage. Boy, you've got nothing to talk about. Did hook you got the bread, you went down swinging. Like the inconsistency the story that other people kept seeing other things like it doesn't match up to like the naive attai that it takes, like she knows her husband is basically in a war with this gentleman, right? And you're still gonna do songs with him. Or you're going to go to a studio with him and record some shift for him to put you on a song and I don't even think the song was ever released is leaked. You could probably find it on YouTube her doing a hook on one of his songs. But like how naive this you have to be like, or she thinks you're stupid. I just think the whole thing I mean, at this point, I mean, if it happened you should probably just say so but and now the fact that she's married to Stevie J who used to run with Biggie and badboy back then to me also suspect you know I'm saying not saying that 20 years later you can't marry somebody that was friends with your husband but still like that just puts more emphasis to me on the fact that okay, maybe she can't be really trusted me so i think i think i think i think you know yes, if you died I wouldn't want to marry your your your wife or your widow that would just be weird to me. But that's different cuz he cuz Stevie J work with big doesn't necessarily mean that they were close. Yes, negative producing shift me. Right. Like it is a bunch of hitmen and I think it might have been promising married idiom, but in fact, it was tvj he was prominent and like, the way that his celebrity be out here in the streets? Who knows? But that whole thing I could see how would it make sense? Sure. Is she ever gonna admit it? No, but I can see how it makes sense. So we agree that Tupac did sleep with faith. I don't know about I agree. I will say I feel more confident that you probably didn't didn't Yeah, I can say that comfortable. Yes, she did up to par whatever. Whatever helps you sleep at night brother. All right, my next one and this is probably more of a conspiracy theory rumor because even got a new show coming out about it. Um, with his kids, it's just to try to find out the truth. Did Eazy E really die of AIDS? And if so, was it like injected on him or something like that? You know, I'm saying because this again, this is one of those situations that it doesn't make sense like he was Let's say on a Friday, and by Monday, he's already dying from the shit like, Really? I mean, I know the shit works fast, but it doesn't work that fast. Second of all, this dude has Mac kids, and none of them had the disease. None of his baby mothers, you know, had HIV tested HIV positive. You know, I'm saying, um, you go back to like magic johnson like, Yeah, he had it, and then his kids or his wife had it. But 30 or 40 years later, he's still good. He's still living, you know? I mean, you mean to tell me Eazy E. Who was a millionaire in his own right. got sick from this shit. Unbeknownst to anybody. He just died for me though. Well, his kids will tell you that yeah, that he was he had a lot of money, then why didn't mention about didn't? Because they want to get to the bottom of that he really didn't come with anything. Like there's a lot of rumors about the money. Because there's a lot of kids brought in the you know, you know how it is. They are going to fight for the shit. There's a lot of baby mothers involved. Everybody wants a slice of a pie. But anyway, did he die? Yes. The Fuck yes. Yes, he died of AIDS. But yeah, but that's the whole thing like Arthur Ashe. So none of this shit is so special ash had AIDS but hidden from a blood transfusion, you can actually have sex with somebody and not transmit HIV to them. Because if the viral load is not high within your body, it doesn't automatically terminate. Like I said, Magic Johnson had children. None of them have HIV. It's not automatically submitted. But the shit deteriorates, you slowly, like you start wasting away. You don't just die suddenly from still looking unless you had it for a long time. And just you just were unaware. But like I said, Everybody knows what, what HIV stands for. Right? So we don't have to play stupid to the audience. Right, right. So it's not the HIV that kills you. It's the aids that kills you. And aids not what kills you, as destroys your immune system. And then anything can kill you. So he might have had it for a while, slowly deteriorating his immune system. And also he can catch like, like, an extremely bad flu a virus and be dead because your body can't fight it now. Tell me online. Just tell me why? Well tell me I'm right. Like I said, I couldn't remember. But if he had it for let's say, he did have it for a long time and didn't know he's still sleeping with women. didn't pass it on to anybody. I mean, was he banging all of them wrong? Maybe I don't use no condom and he wasn't doing it. If you see this thing, I was gonna feed with people and like athletes and entertainment. People always believe that these entertainers and stuff are out here like banging rock. If they were they would have at least 20 kids, at least and he has a bunch of them. He has a lot but not 20. As as much as you go and be fucking right. And be fucking all around this country all around the world. Actually. You should have kids Oh, you can have your own industry. Right? He had a lemma? How many different people? Yeah, right. Like she had had loving kids. Right? He was only married by when he was only married to one timika. Right. Right. Yeah. Married speaker but he's out and about doing God knows what. No one knows when he received or got HIV. This whole thing about they injected HIV into him with a needle just sounds insane. And what and why? What all conspiracy theories involve black people in some dumb shit. Can you explain that to me? Like we can't just die with dignity. It always has to be some other shit. Like before when DMX like passed away. The first thing that came over like, oh, he took the COVID vaccination now he's dead. Like, why does it need to be some Why can't people just die like the way that you're supposed to? Like to look? He was he was diagnosed in February. He made an announcement. He made a public statement on March like he was diagnosed on February 24. He made a public statement on March 16. And by March 26 he was dead Get the hell out of here. It doesn't work that fast, bro. Right. He was diagnosed in February. But how long was he ill or sick before the sale but he didn't even look at them. He did. He does magic john see people that have HIV and AIDS. You see them started tearing when they get hit when it gets Sadie Johnson had HIV we he came in that he had AIDS, he's like, once you get to age, your immune system is fucked. There's nothing you can do. It's fucked. Like when we have when you have HIV, they can still handle the viral load. That's why to give you antivirals to keep it I know, I know. A person who have HIV. And I have never became because because they take the entire bar within the viral load is always low. I know. I know one person I was poking him in a few years ago. I know he's married, he had three kids and none his wife, but he has raised the bar a little low so you cannot pass it on. So the things that if easy had already got passed upon an HIV and then he announced that he's already in the as part. Your immune system is already compromised and it is fun. It's nothing you can do. That's why he died so quickly. It wasn't it wasn't gradual, because it was Prior to graduate school you probably think he was sick or he was like and the thing is the part of like you know, getting a general checkups when I go get general checkups I'm like alright so we're gonna do the whole to have a hernia cough this way cough that way blood weight check and so on so forth like doc I tell him I tell my doctor every time Take my blood and run it for every single thing but everything covered in the my insurance run it even if it's the that was not even people of color can't even get I don't care isn't covered by my insurance, run it run every single thing. Every blood panel every time we go to the doctor haven't done. So it's possible. I think the thing about conspirators that you try to make things possible when they're probably not. And you want to try to find something try to make something out of it doesn't make sense, but sometimes believes you got to take the simplest road possible. At the time he's probably infected with HIV. He was feeling under the weather and sick for a while not thinking there was more than what it was. And once it got entirely just worse, I'm like I need to go see professional about this and I really, really really need to see what's wrong with me at that time. The prior diagnosis at that point is probably in the latter stages of it which is now converted to AIDS and within his body. Once his immune system got compromised, that's why he died so fast. Trust me. If you're if your immune system gets fucked today, you can be dead with a mouse. I mean, shit. That's what the Coronavirus did it wreaks havoc on your body immune system that if you don't go into what you know compromised lungs or any kind of pre existing condition, you could be dead. So was a strange sure is it likely? Yeah. Matt don't remember your dope because like I said, it's been rumors a lot. Oh, it was it was should night or was this was that somebody injected the shit on him. And then now like I said, they saw a commercial recently like his kids or whatever. And his family they put together a TV show, I don't know if it's a reality show or some type of documentary where they're trying to dive in to the whole thing you know, and really find out a truth about you know, whether they father died of AIDS or what really happened, you know, maybe it's true sometimes there are some truths that people consider unconvenient inconvenient they just don't want to accept they just certain truths that you got it live about certain things that maybe it may be the truth of the matter is that your father lived a very interesting life. He was a little bit reckless a woman he caught a disease that eventually killed him did think that it was some big conspiracy. And I think that a conspiracy we live by shug who's in prison now kind of fucking blows up should never seemed like, you know, some kind of Machiavellian mastermind do some shit like this, like, I'm a secret to this hospital and bang easy with this needle full of AIDS and he's gonna do I'm gonna own his masters like, he did all that for his masters. Stretch, that's a stretch. That's a stretch. It's a lot of other people he could have killed me he could have could have just killed Drayton wing just kept all the shit to the chronic, but he ended up getting anyway because Dre left the labels and Yaga had his shit, but his other dude, you could have just smoked if you want to make money and keep it Shea is still a billionaire. Imagine if Dre would have been able to, you know, keep all that debt for sure he'd created I think it was necessary for him to leave. I don't. I think once he realized like, this is not for me as a creative, all this violence and shit around him. But I'm saying the fact that he left and left all Asher behind and still became a billionaire and hip hop. It's impressive. That he's really not making no money off of the chronic you're gonna mean have a dog now often none of the two five motherfuckers you know, we're literally quit their job right now to go pursue their dream. Everybody say that? I give this all up. If I could just become an artist. Go ahead. You can leave everything behind given all of this shit up. Fuck this job for these kids fucked his wife. I'm gonna go and just finally discover me. You can go right on ahead and be broke for a very long time. You may or may not. I'll give you credit for taking that risk. I would I would love to do that. I wouldn't do that with a security blanket. Like if I had like nine months salary saved up fuck yeah. But it just yeah, hit me. Like I'm I'm through all the shit away. Because I want to know I want to paint canvas. Nah, dawg, I'm cool. No. Cuz I was thinking about that. Um, what is your what's your deductible? When you go to the doctor what you deductible, like 50 a month 10 yearly insurance a one? Because I remember when I remember having COVID and it was saying like, what is it? The declaration of whatever like the little bill they send you? Yeah. I just got one from the dentist. I went to the dentist for a cleaning they sent me to build my Why am I getting bill right? They did send me. She said 50 you know, whatever. Like he has a copay whatever. So I'd have a copay. Like all the hospital stays and everything else like that and all the bloodwork or anything else. When I add it all up, it came out to $275,000. And that and then I had I had the patient thank God for deductible like third time. Final room. Did rock him. Right for Will Smith. You know, you've heard I've heard I know you've heard that removal. Yeah, I've heard everyone I've said The before and after. Yeah, the big one the big song that they say he's bro was well yeah, it was it just cruising What am I think it's just cruising. Okay, like cuz i don't know i think people don't get Will Smith credit for his pen game I think his pen game is legit you know I'm saying it's not hardcore is not violin is not rugged it's not st he's not cursing you know I'm saying whatever A lot of people think his popcorn is not, but I think his pen is underrated quite frankly, like the guy's talented. You know, I'm saying the guy could spit some shit. So it's not far fetched if he has a hit song every once in a while that he wrote it himself. Will Smith is a rapper. He's not a lyricist. Right. So so when you hear summertime, it's Ollie lyrical. Like it's like when we'll say Fraps like okay, let's like you know that Miami song right? Well, Miami will rap it doesn't that's that's the that's the video that Eva Mendez made her debut. So he gets credit for for introducing her. She's beautiful. But um, when you hear that in other stuff, the wild wild west joined the minim black join the wild wild west when I'm going into the when he does it. When he raps there's not he doesn't he's not able to like set a mood like he's just he's rapping because he's good at rapping. But not a lyricist. And thing about lyrics is that they have this way with words to create pictures all right. Like when you're when you're really good lyricist. I guess yeah, don't write you don't consider him as right tell him like and like I said is that in a film is here it is the group slightly transformed. A little bit break? Like Come on. Like, why is wolf Smith in the words of monotony that doesn't sell some shit. That has gotten to be a little bit out of control. It's cool today. Bro, man. Give me a South Southern mix. Named broken Don't try to fix it and don't try to fix it. Yeah, but by now I think rock Kim would have came out and said like yeah broke down. I'm still getting rejected from it. You know getting on the check. You cut me like, Yo, I'm gonna cut you the check. You could never tell anybody. You can't say she's like, Okay. Like you might not see okay, until you like you put the check across taping see six zeros, two comments in the number like, because you know what it is later? You know, we find out 20 years later, we find out a Jay Z row for Dre and snoop on the front. You know, I mean, on the chronic whatever. 2000 like, we didn't know that shit back then. No, no, no, no. Well, no, no, we we actually did i do check the liner notes right there. We wasn't reading that. That's just say, Shawn. I think I'm gonna write this song and I get no credit for it. No, no, no, no, no, no, they said they said they said NAS row for Wilson. I believe that on on what song was it? It was what? whenever you hear a song where a guy's not really lyrical, and all of a sudden they're super lyrical. You're like someone had to I'm not gonna say write that for you. But someone had to do this instead of that or do this instead of that makes suggestion right change a couple things that bar and put this bar there do that do that use this word, or at least give you the flow like say this like says something about when a guy just not lyrical. And all of a sudden he does. I mean he I hate rap rapping? Like No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Who wrote that for you? And when did they do it? Especially with that and then and then and then if I'm Bill Smith and let's say he did and rock him you know he's obviously one of the goats you know four Founding Fathers of the game he's not doing much Now I'm not saying he's broke I don't know if he's Richard broke. But if I'm Will Smith and I'm one of the most successful rapper slash actors in the world and riches How? I will I will shout him out in the interview I would say hey, you know, piece of rock him he wrote that shift for me to one time you know, I mean, much love like we just had an agreement like he has a check. Thank you for your service. Don't ever mention this again. And now I'm trying to find this thing because I'm about to go and see if his name is on the credits. Like what's rock Kim's real name yo. I know his name is rock him a lot like this is actually given name my tribe member whose name is William Michael Griffin Jr. here but but I think I probably got a rock in my life I think I think changing was converted to Islam I believe. Where is that thing? So I'm about to tidal. I'm gonna go to tidal and what's the name of the song? No, summertime. Summertime. I see some great investigation and reporting we're doing right here. We're going to prison for this shit. Don't say that. Don't let us naming Oh hell no, bro. Here we go. Summertime. I can't even find this show. implied to you ain't nobody gonna find this shit. They got every Will Smith song ever. But that huh? There's there's a conspiracy theory. But don't go down that rabbit. We're gonna start tripping. Y'all don't even got his old music, bro. The earliest album that they have the latest album they have is a big Willie style from 97 which is a wild title. And sometimes before that can't handle a little bit of big Willie style. have kakak and they're even got to Hey yo, I'm after Wikipedia this shit, man we just talking about rock camp is weird because I've read about them earlier this week. On the ringer calm they have this retrospective about it was written because it's the anniversary. So they were talking about how certain people have a particular flow in style. And no matter what they do, they're not going to change it no matter what. So that fast little blurb about Rakim, I read it real quick. In his autobiography rock him tell the story of his first session at Marlin most home recording studio. This would have been 1985. Though he's considered a prodigy of sorts on Long Island Rob was still in high school. Marley was already a legend in this apartment on the second floor of the Queensbridge houses project is where the juice crew members would have been at the cutting many of their records but instead of standing at the mic that was set up for him. The young rapper was lazing on a sofa widely looked like why he laid focus. That was dope Robert recalls Marley Santa was first sick Let's do it again with a little more energy but he did it the same way. This he insisted was simply how he grabbed another take than another than they came to an impasse MC Shan happen to be there. And at the choir commiseration with Marley in the kitchen took over the sessions Chan tried to reason with the teenager. Marley knows what he's talking about. A little more energy won't hurt rock him held firm. History would vindicate him. They song they made that they became paid in full with my melody and Rakim tell the story as a parable about trusting your instincts, your vision yourself. So if a guy like that, and high school is not going to compromise and do anything that he doesn't want to do, if he signed that, and so he got to keep his word saying I'm never going to tell anybody I wrote this shit for you. He's probably going to check this out. So I figured it out on title for his oldest shit he's not under Will Smith he's under the Fresh Prince. So you got to literally take the Fresh Prince against his oldest shit. Okay, so summertime take us out. Producer hula and somebody named fingers composers our bell be Thomas hula c Smith k fingers a Taylor Willard Smith. lyricist Willard Smith. There's no mention of Rakim there's no mention of William Griffin Jr. Associated performer DJ Jazzy Jeff The Fresh Prince Background Vocal Lovette chanting k fingers hula mixing engineers recording engineers. So if he did write or write it or give him you know, he's not this one called ghost writers. I write you pay? How many to be on it. I write. That's a good gig. I'm not I'm not mad at that, I think is actually an underappreciated part of the culture where people don't understand. They think like, you know, this guy wrote everything like no, no, there. There are so many times that people that they might not be able to rap, but they understand and they get words you have to let them find their way find their voice and do what they do best. If they don't make a hit, like the whole thing we would drink early on it was with homeboy named Quentin Miller. Like Like when he wrote so much fun like, but but apparently Quentin wrote a lot for a lot of people. He's telling him what to do he might not have made as a rapper but you can still use your skill to accentuate and push the artform forward and that's what they did. So if we did that with Will Smith, that wouldn't surprise me and like I said that sometimes voice sounds more like right like said using that word and that come on man who the fuck says monotony if you're not a lyricist. Seriously, like like most people don't even know what monotony means. So it just seemed like some shit that somebody wrote and that's cool and and rock everyone probably got paid for it and that's awesome. I mean it's one of them What if things but it's one of his best songs to me like when I live you know when I'm in my car and I'm you know, the only two Will Smith yo songs you'll hear me bumping is just cruising in summertime Is there a better summertime anthem didn't summertime? No. I wasn't trying to argue that I was just thinking so myself. Sit back. Please. Do Yeah, but just cruising is dope too, right? But he talks about how he pops Biggie and Tupac in his in his CD T in his day. And just driving around and think about something like this not I'm thinking about exaltata ran around in a benzo Oh in a nice non Lorenzo's that's before spree wells. Let let your Alpine blast Yep, I know the Alpine speaker system is I do. But the whole thing is like how many summer anthems Do you know? It'll probably be like some pit bullshit, Mister Mister 305. Right. But the whole thing is like, like, like some point. Those party records not necessarily somersault right right. Boo Smith made a summer song I'll see about the summer cool. But then other people make songs that work in the summertime. Like like ice cream. Ice cream works. Could you think you think because because ice cream? Ice cream cash rules everything about that ice cream? Oh no. You're talking about Let's talk about ice cream. No, I'm talking about you're talking about ice cream truck right Lux is I mean it's about women and there's something about ice cream and hot and summers rap negros get all up in your guts, French Vanilla butter pecan chocolate, not unlike a lot of summer. So I mean, that's the perfect summer song because it's literally in the title. It's about whatever it is real, real descriptive, and some of the folks that barbecues and you're getting your clothes together and outfits, it's alright, right. The problem is he was rapping this this type of music in a time where gangsta rap was now prominent, you know, I mean, and that was the way of gangsta rap and here comes Will Smith. You know, vanilla popcorn he's not he's not the person he's not talking about and gangster fanatic, so I got lost in the mix. It's dope. I, you know, I still think it didn't matter in the end will wins. Well, what about what about I got another one Coolio, gangsters. What is it called a gangster's paradise? A Fantastic Voyage. Yes. Come on. I know I know what it is. It's just depressing. like no one's living it like Whoa, whoa, whoa, now fantastic boy. When people coming out the trunk during the beach party and yeah, they coming out right because it had the right tone the image and so on so forth. 100 people in the trunk right and that was it and that was based on fantastic boy who's taking us on I can't remember saying it was an old 70s group that saying it I apologize for not knowing but it's not that many songs that evoke the idea and the thought of suffering but it's not really a lot of summer. Literally summer jams. But that booth sometimes it's memorable. might play that shit today. I'm going to play that shit today. rums we might just named is episode nine isn't it? We do it in the summertime right? We got to episode it. Don't even know what we have a month like Yo man is December right? Like what I don't even know totally dude before that this whole show has been a blurb for like the last year and a half. You know what's weird about the shit being a blur? How is this year more of a blur? than last year? Because last year was a blur blur? I don't remember cuz all they remembers you almost dying from COVID that's literally all last year was literally like people have seen a movie Groundhog Day. It was literally that every day was the same. The same shit wake up. Especially as I was working from home Wake up, wake up for a couple hours do the same thing for winch rinse, wash repeat over and over every single day. Not everything opened up. It's all blurring together. Like I know I did some shit. But when did I do it? I don't even know. So yeah, I mean, we're not gonna worry about the title industry is definitely summertime because it's summertime. It is and with what happened on try to enjoy whatever this weather is. So we add here.


Here it is a cool slightly transform just a bit of a break from the norm. Just a little something to break the monotony of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be a little bit out of control. It's cool to dance, but what about a coup de Souza, move, roll, man, give me a soft, subtle mix. And if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And think of the summers of the past. Adjust the face and let the album pop in my CDN. Let me run around and put your car on cruise and lay back because this summer