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May 10, 2021

Shook Ones - Hip-Hop's Greatest Beats

Shook Ones - Hip-Hop's Greatest Beats
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Resident guest Mikey She stops by as the guys run down their list of top Hip Hop beats of all time.... They will not agree on all and they will even argue about some of the selections, but one thing is for certain, it was a hell of a good time!

Topics discussed in this episode: Top 20  Hip Hop beats of all time.

Featured Instrumental : Shook Ones - Mobb Deep

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from urban life to hip hop and sports and everything in between, this is a podcast inspired by and for the culture. Episode 42 shook ones


Thank you for tuning in to a new episode of the culture Episode 42 we got resident a member of the team still resident was named resident special guest the resident third Honorary Member Mikey she my man Michael sheet their neck cable was good homie you know baby How you doing minute bro you've been traveling the world has little white kidnapped van


definitely kidnapping lots and lots of people not getting all the ransoms that I wanted. But yeah, traveling around man. Yeah, it was good to see all the things. Anthony Mr. Austin was good


another day in the valley. Let's go ahead and get the shit going. Because you got like at


everything to me, man. Don't be rushing me.


I'm not I'm not rushing you. I know how to, like Yo, I have a list with five of the greatest rappers of all time and 84 of these possible maybe mentionable common attraction might have been could have should have would have. But we're going to get to those like, come on. All right. The fans get it. You can't make your mind up you have like three people and like eight we'll get to that we'll get there.


First and foremost, I want to give a shout out to our patrons. I need to go ahead and highlight that Timberland versus just blaze versus that. So far, we only got a couple of votes right now Timberland is up to nine so I encourage you to go and vote um, I want to give a shout out to Alex and Mike the boys that bad weather fans podcast they shouted us out actually on their last episode. They're just two guys they talk about one is a knick fan. When is a net fan they talk about sports and entertaining. Go check them out bad weather fans. And yeah, so this episode today is going to be our top 20 hip hop beats of all time. And this shit was hard as hell to put together this. I've been working on this list for like a month. And I just finished it a day. Well, you can't get it wrong as your opinion your opinion can't be wrong.


It needs


to narrow it down to 20 songs. Yeah, it's like I told you as hard as I was like, I fuck I'm going to shit I hear and click on my brain cuz that's what I did. Otherwise, it's impossible and there's gonna be a lot of shit. We're all going to leave out that we're going to be like, Damn, you know what I mean? And I'm hoping that some of the ones I omitted you guys included so I can be like we're at least you know, justify them. But we all like different songs mean different things to all of us. You know, I mean, like, I try to tell you guys that I'm strictly picking beats that I think sound dope, but that's bullshit. Obviously. Yeah, I'm gonna pick beats that sound dope. But of course, we're going to feel a certain way to songs or beats that meant something to us at that particular time. You know, in our live right, whatever. You know what I mean?


influence. Exactly. We were texting about texting about this earlier. And that's exactly what he was saying. He's like, you're going to talk about the story from eighth grade. Nikes you were when you started? Oh, we gotta we gotta end this. I will go No, I wanna I want to settle this once and for all because I texted you guys. You know, our clearly I was joking. I said, Does Michael beat does does Justin Bieber constitute hip hop? Is that considered hip hop? Do you really want to? Mikey goes, I don't care. DJ Premier does the beat of rock kim k RS one or NAS on it is not hip hop. I'm like, yo, if those all those guys are on the song, It's hip hop. It's absolutely hip hop no matter who's doing the chorus. I know. That's a hard one, though. Like, and I will say the place where this came that you know, and like, yes, if all those people are involved, but it's a Justin Bieber song. I have a hard time though getting after it. But like this, this came into like, like, true argument when I was looking at Timberlands catalog, like all of his catalog, because he has a lot of beats that I think are fucking sick. But like, are they necessary? Are that what I said categories? categorize them as hip hop. Not right. And there's a so but it's I think they can go in? I don't know. He's a hip hop producer, though. who works with r&b artists, right? There's a lot. I think there's a lot of leeway, a lot of beats that I left off, because I wasn't sure you know what I mean? If this was total, no, or if this was considered something else. RMB whatever. Alright, so I mean, dude, if you want to say good beats, like there's like Dolly Parton had like some old school like 60 songs that like our head nutters, but like, it's not hip hop. Not your house. You know, you could be made into hip hop song. Yeah, so Who wants to go first? But who wants to start it off? Mikey? I'm gonna do the honors. Wait, we didn't get your honor. Because I have to wait. Now. I think we probably should do that. Yeah, dude, you gotta die. So look, are you playing your honorables? Jeff, I don't think Anthony wants us to do that. No. And as a matter of fact, since since we're going to record this ahead of time, we're going to put this up Monday, right? All our episodes dropped on Monday. Okay, I thank you. I appreciate that. But if that's going to be the case, and we should just say Happy Mother's Day, because we're gonna be rewarding Sunday which let them know we appreciate you. Thank you for bringing us into this world. Happy Mother's Day. Yo, now play little songs. Happy Mother's Day, Mike, you go ahead you do your honorable mention. All right, I didn't I actually just had my my number 20 pulled up on my youtube so hold on here. I got 123456 honorable mentions. Oh my god. I mean, I don't even know. Like I can just mention my I'll mention my honorable mentions here. So what here's one Go ahead. So this the reason that I didn't that I didn't pull this one out in my top 20 was that I can't there's certain beats that are like they have to go with the lyrics right. And the lyrics are such a major part of the beat so this is this was this one that's what my Daddy Knows performed in Oviedo. Okay, and I you know, the because I was in my head, I was like, What What, what what like it, which is the most important part of the sun, it's, it's a sick, it was it was number 21 for me, okay, but my my first honorable mention, you guys are gonna hate me. I know Anthony's gonna be almost hanging up. When I play this one. It just it was on my original list, but I had to take it out because it just didn't make the cut. So this this is my first honorable mention. And it's a classic beat. I just think that there was other beats that you know, to me were better than this one or that I personally liked better than this one. So let me pull it up. Wait, this is not just oh. stop the recording. Hey, it's my list, bro. I know, I know. This is all going to be in Anthony's list. His whole list is gonna be 80s and 90s. His list is gonna end at like 96 can I get this out of the way now? Good. Yes, that's my number one. Me to the fuck out here. Are you serious? This is thinking does not know how to do no hit pause. It's on my ship, but it's on my honorable mention here. I'm just I'm gonna. I'm gonna How is just one honorable mention, bro. How is it? And I'm the one that doesn't know hip hop. But there's a million different beats and different songs to choose from, bro. Okay. All right. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. It's your list. As I respect your list, even though your list is trash. That's your opinion. Mike, what's your next Wow, that was really, that was really dramatic, Jeff. That's for sure. Like I started my list when I actually have it just missed all when I usually have another Mobb Deep song that's on my list that I like better than that one. I'm saying. So go ahead, Mike. What's your next one? Okay. Oh my gosh, I'm gonna put I'm gonna do my three. So here's this one. Again. I don't know if it's hip hop. But I thought it was a beat that I fucking love. That's not hip hop. No, no, no. But blackberry molasses. missed a random song. But in the middle of this r&b song. I don't know if it's considered, it drops into a fucking beat. I remember when I was 15. And it's a beat dude. It's a fucking banger and the instrument. Oh, we had it and I used to freestyle to it in high school. Yo, my second honorable mention in this was almost to cut this one almost made the cut goddamn with these YouTube fucking commercials, man. I know. That's gonna be hard, dawg. I'm doing well. I'm just gonna, I'm gonna play the song you're gonna notice beat we're gonna be good. beating us. Anthony doesn't give a fuck about Hispanic rappers. So I know. None of these guys are gonna be anywhere near his list. But it's not that there'll be it's not that it was innovative that the moment that you said the moment that you said shook ones is debatable. I'm like everything. Everything. Go ahead. I just have one more. Like Canon linguas math as one of my favorite beats, but I don't know just did this is one of my favorite beats too. That didn't make it here we go. Nobody said it would be easy. That's a banger. Let's keep it real. And it's just gonna be mad. I'm happy. I'm not happy man. Life is beautiful. Like like, oh, you're all out honorable mentions. Yeah, that's all I got. I mean, I have a bunch of honorable I have a Fat Joe song. Like, you know envy didn't make it. I have a button. Stuff that didn't make it but that's okay. They didn't make it cuz they're not in the top 20 Alright, so I had Timberland and Timberland, the way I are and I even texted you guys about it almost made the cut. I don't it's one of those songs that you're unsure if it's really hip hop or not. It's a dope beat. I'm not even gonna play it. We played it last week on the verses bad or whatever. So that was one of my honorable mentions. And then check this one out. I got two more honorable mention. Oh, Anthony said I got five minutes to get my honorable budget you've been burned past five minutes All right. Here we go. going nuts. That's probably like his number two on his list. You need to broaden your horizon bro. There's a lot of rappers out there a lot of fans want to take the most mainstream beat of all time and that's gonna be his block that it's the mainstream because their friends their foundation. I understand. My honorable mention bro, it almost made the cut. It just didn't. That's my number three. You're gonna mainstream and the most commercial shit of all time. You need to listen to more shit. You ain't go outside of just you know what? What they play on the radio. You need to respect the fact they should would they reminisce over you aren't okay. No, I'm not. I'm saying I'm excited now. And I'm excited to see what your top 20 is going to be. I am thrilled. And then and I like the use of that those like the Pete Rock and CL smooth that that's the most mainstream. It's okay, we're in it. I like it. And we might have the same list. Like we literally have those in the same positions. I got to his top five like, come on, man. You got to listen to some more shit in both of our Tolleson internal underground. She's not listening to nine that wasn't a single he's just sticking to like the main 1020 songs of all time there because because their beats there and there's a lot of there bro, I listened to hundreds of beats before I came up with this list. And this is my list. You listened to hundreds of beat and left off Troy and didn't leave them up there. My honorable mention of mentioning them their classic good go to you know, oh no, this is my final honorable mention. And this is your top five. For me, it's hard to hard to leave premier off the top but I that's my honorable mention. Go ahead and start your 20 bro. Go ahead, man. But I know that judges better wrap this that's a symphony Mali mala had to be up there had to put some great old school this will be good. And this is another beef that I have with Anthony because he does this every time we do a vs battle every time we do and list of any top songs of anything. He picks random songs that whatever reason either meant something to him or he was jumping somebody in high school and it reminds him I don't know. You know what I'm saying? But he like why why is that? Why is that on your list? like that song is not even worthy. That's a foundational sound what I'm saying he he strictly picks songs based on what they meant to the to whatever or you know, I mean, like that doesn't mean is one of the hottest that's important understand. This is not the list of reported songs and hip hop. This is the hottest beats what's your 2009 number? 20 cool. Fucking commercials. Mike Do you 20 minutes? Okay, premiere DJ premieres number 20 is a premier B. My world for OSI It was his first yeah from his first solo. Let me do my number 20 seconds my number 20 This is my favorite song from this group. Just disclaimer. It was the first time and it was used in a rap song I have my 32nd that's the Fuji is ready or not and has the sample from Enya which was a scary as beat back in the day when I was watching it in that movie that Stephen King join sleepwalkers. That shit was scary, isn't it? Yeah, it's a scary so they used it in the hip hop and ever since then, they used it like three or four other times Puff Daddy used it I believe bunch of other people have used this shit. I think even meek Mills recently used it. And you have thoughts about that. Why is he smiling? He's gonna smile and make some remark for every single song on my list. No, because it's exactly what I said. I say you don't play a song and you have a story like this is endure and he has a great place to go my 19 Yeah, 19 right. Oh, yeah. Finding with no delay, is that what you're saying? You know what the delay would not be your grapey who produced that in? That is a good question. I can give it to you. Guys most flip most beats Remember that? You can produce this data in in house producer. I know some some dude named chameleon Buddha surprise. producers. Yeah, um, Buster Buster was the hardest one to kind of pull off but I don't think that many groups had in house producers. Wu Tang had mathematics. You know, I'm saying Wu Tang had written Riza but they also have mathematics. You know? fujis have whitecliff. prodigy had havoc. Yeah, I guess monster is the hardest to pull off. How? Because it was between that? Yeah, Danger Room. Yep. I'm with him and Janet or Ashley. Oh, God, dude. What? An r&b song. What's it going to be what you really want? Yeah, he's rapping on that. Oh, it's gonna be right. I had I had everything remains raw from the coming. I make sure everything we wrote. That's a great 119 Mike was good. All right. Well, we got Oh, grinding Neptune. Yeah. And I feel like this was the first time that I really understood. Burrell Neptunes like, I don't know, I just love that. I love that beat. I'm not like I actually I like clips a lot. I like Pusha T's you know, solo stuff more. But it was just one of those things that like came along and I was like, Oh, frell we need to listen in. Well, I complete it again. That's my 15 shift. I think we're gonna get rid of Anthony's entire top 10 like within our first five so like, I think Anthony and I were like spying on each I just yeah, no doubt about this next song. Oh, I hope you're doing but this is my new team. Here we go. One of my favorite Wu Tang songs. met the man kills that shit that was actually on the yoga album. And then it was also on that video game Wu Tang Shaolin style on PlayStation Oh game fighting game and on there that should have stuff Wu Tang called rumble I don't know. Go look it up the lyrics are crazy. Initially. I was gonna I was gonna say like we were talking about what we should do next like top 20 top five whatever. I was like we should do top five jewelry setups. And I think that like it has to be goes faced with Oh, yeah. Are you God's golden Are you God? It's all I remember about you. Then well, that would be number one. No, what's that? Would that be number one now for jewelry? What am I What about when no slave labor flees clock would that be in the top five? clock is is good. Top baby or Rick Rick Ross's face below his face medallion. I mean, I mean Run DMC is go necklace. The gold chain? For sure. Yeah, that See, this is number one. This is what I love about when you and I when all the three of us get together and is like the historian he like he's like, these are the things that are the foundations of everything that we're that we built and why they're important. He doesn't care about nothing. And then and then I'm kind of a blend and then Jeff, you're like, it's kind of like this meant this much to me in the you know, this is why this is like Anthony, and I like that. It's like an almost stopped caring like after like 99 like his entire list. The oldest song he has the newest song he has on here is gonna be from the 90s he's not gonna have nothing from the 2000 guarantee, let alone anything. After that. I'm hearing he did. When was that Buster? Song? That's the 90s What are you talking about? It's like early 90s like 9495 assumption. It was it 90s Oh, yeah, it was 90s I was in high school bro. might have been even the middle. He made a lot of good. There's a lot of good music that was made. Even those, I didn't mean to derail it. All right. All right, good. So where are we? So who's up now? Me 18 Hey, didn't you answer It's me. Gotcha. Hold on. 18 is this this isn't my top five. Microphone check. One Two sorry. It's a great song. Yeah. I saw Rottweiler was your number 118 18 years ago. I have that at number three bro. That's my number three on my list. That's that's one of my favorite and I have it on my list. Yeah, it's it ended up getting booed on mine but it's so good. Yeah, I know. It's it's honorable mentions. I know it's probably it's in the it's in my like, it could be in the top 20 no problem. Number 18 go ahead Mike. Right DGI high tech with sun rad Yeah, yeah, I know the high tech beat it. I love it. I feel like Mike is gonna have a lot of underground shit but he's gonna be surprised that some of the shit I'm gonna have to Alright, I left a blank All right. Oh, that's I know dude. I kind of didn't even did like I must out I will admit it now I didn't really even dip into to live in quality like I by the time I have it. If it didn't pop into your mind then it probably doesn't need to be on the list. You know I'm saying your aspiration like respiration power mind Miss fat booty pop into my mind a lot. On My Mind. Mathematics is pretty dope. Yeah. But um, like I said 20 is hard if it was 25 we'd be here for like four hours. Well, and the other thing that I kept feeling guilty about was like, I was like, I need to have more foundational shit on like, I need to have more jungle brother or tribe but like, you know, like, native tongue stuff, or Yeah, I don't know. I just kept double getting second guessing it is fine. People love it. Hate it if you don't have a lot of dope beats off of me to leave off. KERS one. There's a bunch of songs. Yeah, I was gonna put but you know, like, it was hot, but the hot Oh, and the whole? Well, I'll get when I get to that person out. But this is my 18 and I know this person is nowhere near Anthony's list because he's racist, but okay. Y'all know who it is? First 1000 pounds of plastic. And the whole body goes back to a crack head on the first back. The one and only Son up but never really noticed. I never really noticed how much that beat kind of sounds like the night rather been. Hmm. All right. Well, that's my number 18 that's Big Pun with dream shattered. I'm not sure who produced that though. So yeah, number 17. Yeah, who's that me? That's you. Emilia, Emilia, Emilia, Emilia, Emilia, Emilia. Emilia. Emilia. So that's on my list. Who are we not playing replaying songs? Okay, what numbers that went on, y'all. It's coming up. For me. It's number 11. Okay. All right. So we're that was the meeting, right? That was my 17. Yes. Yeah, Mikey. There we go. 17 That's dope I mean that's a foundational type of beat you know I'm saying, Oh yeah, it's hard to pick tribe too. I haven't actually I have tried twice Yeah, well, I don't know if I do actually I have I have a last minute Game Changer and tribe as though is one that's on the cutting board but that was just 17 right? It was my 17 and this is the first of two songs that this group has on this list. And this is epmd I'm a sucker for the Rockies. I was gonna say Dude, you're rocky love the Rockies Eden Thank you This was how they even the intro how they even clear that sample This is the intro to the out of business album by epmd it's expensive probably yeah that's my number 1716 is up that's me. All right. All right. Get to bed I get the story. Once upon a time not long ago. I've got a separate data Slick Rick has children store. Great foundational joint. Yeah, totally. 1013 is my list No, I don't I'm gonna promise you you live in one's own kitchen is disgusting. Alright, cocoa brothers parktown I had a I was a hard hard choice either picking the original bucktown blackmoon or that but I love everything boot campus. You know like that. boom bap had to be included. Mike 100% has the sound bomb and Volume Two. I did. I don't even want to probably pressure that final tea. Is that a problem? Somehow? Oh, no. That's great. I'm trying to see if I can get that on Vine or not. I should live. Oh, yeah. Alright, so the 16 months 16 and here we go. This is my first I guess you could call underground join on this list out of out of a few. Piano was beautiful bro. That's end of days by Vinnie pass from Jedi mind tricks. And I just love the piano. All the different instruments is dope. That's my 16 was that produced by stoop? I don't know. I mean, it doesn't like snow goons do most of those guys beat snow that is about snowglobes I think does all of his new stuff. Do broke up. I will say Jedi mind tricks was a hard one for me because like it's like they have so many dope beats but I just I don't know, they didn't kind of rise to the level of like, top 20 for me, that's fair. I had rise Rise of the Machines with Ras CAS that's in my kind of like alternate. So we're 15 now. Yeah, y'all can just do y'all like that cuz I said 15 by 15 was a grind and grind in. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So if we go to flip it around my 15 another underground joint right in the same category as Jedi mind tricks. This one is a OLTP army of Pharaohs Yeah, so that's number 15 LTP the name of the song is called seven army of the pharaohs seven that could have been easily higher on my list, but it just didn't have the impact as the ones that after it so that's a dope as B. Yeah, I think Mike would agree those guys have a lot of good beats. I will say about a hateful scary shipping set on topic. I have a lot of horror of course. like listening to Vinnie pass now I'm just like, oh my god, dude, calm down. Your 15 is up, Mike. Yeah. concerto with Desperado roots. Yep. off of my favorite album. It will delve half life it was gonna be the that are clones. I couldn't decide but what you like the dope half flatbed and things fall apart? Yeah, I do. Okay, I know. It's close. But I love the half life just like has so many songs that I love on it. No, no, it's classic. I'm not there. Yeah, they're there. They're cousins. Yeah, they're super close for me. Alright, so we're up to 14 now. You can skip my 14 too, because my 14 was super thrilled by Nori. You played that too? So let me do my 14 and I'll disclaimer because I had I switched it last minute my 14 was originally and I had to leave this one out. You're gonna hate me for leaving this one out. Originally, my 14 was ruff. ryders anthem Damn, Damn fanfare and then it but I had to take it. I'd have to cross that out. And I had to replace it. You don't like that song? Yeah, no, I don't hate it. No great song, but I just felt like it didn't fit. So here we go. It's one of those. It's one of those songs for me like and I don't know if you guys are gonna if this is gonna land with someone, but it's like big pimpin. We're like it is really recognizable beat like, it's like what a great, like, you can play that anywhere. And we're going to know what are those breeds? Yeah, there was a lot of songs like that, that I had to leave out that because the lyrics is what made it better like the hook or the chorus with other like, you know, hot dogs gonna stop, turn them down, open up. What what like that made the song better. And then I mean, there's a lot of songs like that that the delivery of the hook or whatever made the song better and just without when you when you listen to the instrumental without the lyrics. It just doesn't hit the same. So I had to leave a lot of songs in the title. Because in the title, it's an anthem. Yeah, the beat matters, but you just right. Right. Exactly. You're on the nose. Yeah, that's true. That's interesting. That's kind of the same with I think a big pimpin as an anthem has a lot of like great Timberland beat Yeah, I sold my my 14 Yeah, somebody mentioned it. Looking at the way my mama named play, I'm a fallen play disrespected the shit out of Muhammad Ali. He don't give a fuck. Timberland Magoo clock strikes. I spoke about this in the last episode you know this song you can start bringing it with me took the night right a beat and made yo Magoo is in the salt, which I'm gonna tell you, I know, but it's a whole other song. You spit his lyric. You're gonna start with this magoosh A Better Rapper than I thought Magoo. He was washing my car last week. That's true. Here's a question. Here's a question for the ages is Magoo pirate. What do you know pirate who's on like Tracy Lee's song he was on a couple songs and even covers I you can feel me tapping it as the same dude. I know. That's a distinct voice that needs to be voiced. Yes, super nicely. Voice they cut they look super similar. I've never been able to find anything about it. But I've been I've been looking McGuire here and he's just wicked. Well, I tried. He's pretty better. He just had an interview about something because they were like, how did you fail so hard when like four hours and Tim are like your best friends and he was like, shut up. Because Because you broke and you untalented Ah sound dope over for Obi your bombs I keep watching them cars that was my 14 he does a really nice shine though and that's you buddy so I'm on your 14 hour cinema 14 with super thug your latest 14 Michael imma is that mean 14 already know your problem is an intro common sense nobody for me what that is for me right Why did I think he said no idea at the beginning this was my favorite in the comments on who by the way yeah I love that track if I don't like it I don't like it that'll mean that I'm hating I had yeah I had a couple songs that had to be kicked from this list to the other two are other lists that we were thinking about the top five now we're on 13 Okay, now this is the let me go let me go for it because this this is the reason why she is not on this list. Because of this song. You probably already know what it is all right yeah Mobb Deep quiet storm that is my 13 Hot damn Whoa, here we go with it yet. I like this one better. It's a better than Shrek once. No problem both. Are we on? 13 That was my 13 Yes. My 13 is trippin chicken side you're clicking. As we got close, you're smelling like your baby's wicked like a freshwater scrub. Added to that ice cream if you don't know what that is. You got a personal problem. That's tough. That didn't make me sick. It didn't make my list but it is justifiable. Yeah. Me the district. But quiet. Go ahead. I'm becoming ahead Mike. I just want to start singing I'm already running. I'm already running. J Dilla. Yeah, so that was your 13 yeah farside running keep there's a couple other songs that could have easily been on here calm Don't say like I'll be talking about it that could have been on here too is you're gonna get deep now. This is mine number 12 Daisy's blueprint to which was the final distract that he made for NAS? And I think I think it's a dope song. And it's a dope ass beat to take the the shift from playing esport What is that? the good the bad and the ugly sample is one of the westerns i think is good and bad and ugly might be good or bad. ugly. But yeah, that's my number 12 jc blueprint who's up Mike What do you 12 are you want me to do my 12 you want you to do is do my 12 you can set up Yeah, I got the old school boom bap Yes. MC Mr. People call me milk when a person is most suckers down with me. That's how I feel to be down You must appeal to me go in a great What more can I say top billing? Sometimes the beauty of a beat is the simplicity of it. That's how I was gonna say that's like the simplest most stripped down literally like one instrument that even an instrument is just what is that called? Yep. Boom, boom, boom. You're Whoa, that's my 12 Mikey. I'm gonna go ahead and go for the opposite of simplicity. scope, scope, scope. Imagine me doing pull ups right now. JACK definitely work out. from nowhere wire the pack. debated about it? Because it's one of those songs that's kind of like anthemic, you know, whatever, but it's just like what a record my grandmother would know. That might be the first Dr. Dre beat that we've put so far on this list, but it won't last it will not be live right so now we're down to 11 correct? Yeah, you did to go to for this is mine number 11. Mmm, that's the first m&m fall on this list. That will not be the last and that's my number. 11 m&m Royce pod. Nice Scary Movie. Once again. Alright, I'll go next. Alright, my number 11 is this straight out the back flip the kick in 16 classic song I mean, that could be number one. No problem. You know, because I was trying to it was too many premiere beats actually. I was actually going to put boom by Royster five, nine. But I couldn't not could not put NAS on here. So yeah, with that production or illmatic. That's Yeah, that's an elite Elite off track, isn't it? I think so. I think it is. Yeah, no, totally is right. It's like It's like an intro Dennis that we lead off illmatic with that right. Got me right. You got platinum. That was your 11. Right. Okay, tribe once again a couple of times, right? I do actually. I'm a couple times, which I was actually surprised about, but I just love those beats. Now we're entering the top 10 now is the nitty gritty. Here we go. My number 10 and it happens to be my second Eminem song in a row. So he was 11 and he's also number 10. Have you responded back with a bad rap? I vote for cannabis. That's a m&m role model with my number 10 I should is tough. Solid. Solid. Alright, so that's number 10 where we are so Emily was my number 10 Oh, you're ready Emily was you okay yeah, cuz our damn cuz I had it like 16 a summer. Yeah, but yeah, I got grinded out again super dug out of here. So like I said they're gonna get a little light into you, right? Alright, so it's my number 10 right? Yeah. Oh, okay. Oh yeah. I can't remember when the class was I had a hot teacher like when that song came out too so I was like I know what you're talking about. They were saying Rudy pool way before the rock was saying. Can you record them royalties because they didn't say that rock like that sounds good. Let's put in one of my they said that shit like fucking rock said exactly. Yo, yo, yo, get my publishing back. So that was your 10 right. So are we going into nine now? Because 10 was my was Emily. Hi. So yes, nine. Right. So So Jeff, you got your 10 right. Yeah, my number 10 was 10. Okay, so winter nine. Number nine. Now, you know you're in trouble. Yeah, that's solid. I wrestled with the idea of throwing that in there. But I had to admit it. It's It's not my favorite song. But it's foundational. You know, it's got to be there. So we're going to go ahead and stop there because it made life a little bit easier. So that was my number two. I'm gonna get rid of his entire top five love that dude, but that's so Mistake number two in that because that song It's like Dude, the West the West Coast isn't a West Coast until that song. Yeah, they know that like that one. Like when you hear it when you hear it you automatically Cali so that was a nine. My totally Yeah, it was alright, so my nine. I don't even know. I doubt it. I even know about the song. But it is Redman met the man and be real from Cypress Hill. So the name of that song is actually read method B. So they just named it up did they selves? That's my number nine. I don't know that beat. Do you know I don't know. It's not like a single nine. It's on on a Cypress Hill album. Yeah. Oh, it is right. methane, V I don't even remember the name of the actual album that it's on. But it's read methane B is the name of the song and it's those three guys in it. So that was mine number nine. So who's up whatever. And why don't you go got my nine. Yeah, all right. Thank you five oh, forgot about this. Good night. Solid Carter heartbeat. Was that the first song that Snoop was on? I think so. Yes. And that Joe and puff took it and made it twins. Right when Snoop is in the video for that one too. And from from the movie deep covers title track, right? Yeah. That was your one number nine. That's my nine Mike. Alright, so this is my number eight was your nine. My nine was number g Thing number eight, then Not only such a heartbeat but listen to that song and hear how many samples there are in that like how many lyrics they have sample from that one so I think the maybe the most samples I would argue that that one is also better than ship ones cool who by the way is not on Mikey's list either, so you can kill me for omitting shock ones what is no shock ones is my number one bro and it's also Anthony's on board right? Yeah aggress and Troy is number three for me as well so that was your number nine right? No, that was your 808 Hey, so you wanna do you wanna let me go? If you guys go Hi, my number eight and this is the second epmd song on my list that's epmd Symphony 2000 minutes feature and met the man red man and Lady Luck Yeah, that's my fault. I didn't know my audience I fucked up when you mean because I thought you can put on you guys to chill but I was wrong. I'm sorry. 1000 Ep DMD. We started off 20 by saying he was Melly Wagga please. Oh, boom bap shit. It's the symphony. They did the same thing. Symphony PMD done it. I mean, what's a hotter beat? I'm not talking about who made it. Or this is my number eight. fucking tell me that was hiding No shit. Slim baby. Beef. I like that. You pick that thing up too. It's such like a it's such a cool like, lazy beat. It's cool, but it's meant to like I'm not the fucking Oh, yeah. Like I play with talking about somebody and that's right. Yes. Yeah, but but the weight of big words. You can never fully tell like he never really called out like that. I mean, the only time he ever did it was what on? I loved it though. He mentioned like five kids. You probably have to get it getting it right but but that was it. Supposedly he went on kicking the door, but nobody knew about that shit until now has mentioned it. And apparently he probably Rob Anthony Mason on a story. Oh, really? That's Yeah, that's so good. It's one of my favorites. That was my mic. Well, we are number seven. Most static, gotten automatic, nice and smooth. Sometimes I ran it like a video game beat. Yeah. Was flipping that Tracy Chapman song. Yeah. And that that was what I remember. That was like, I think that was the first time as a kid that I ever realized that you could like take, you know, a song that wasn't hip hop and sample it. So that was your seven. It was me to my seven and this song made the cut and last minute and it's in my top 10 I don't know why I think about it sooner. But yeah, here we go. Like the symphony jezza breaker breaker from his beneath. And yo There's so many songs from that album beneath the surface. There's like maybe three or four songs that could have easily made this list. I don't know what Anthony's laughing so but anyway cuz that's probably his top five oh no you took off sugar for breaking stuff clear the line again Anthony's thinking about the song What song made the best impact? No no no no I'm thinking about that okay well that beat is better than Shrek was to me and that's my number seven just a breakup breakup go Who's next? Who's my seven? Yeah, come on bitch play like a one man that's tough bombs over Baghdad got so many things going on. And that's the whole thing it proves it like the greatness of both of them cuz that's not an easy beat the ride at all like you got to really flow to really go with that one. That's my number set. That was what happened right before I came to record I was like, Oh my God fucking outcast. When I went into like equipment. I went into southern playlist and Cadillac music at aliens. I don't know man. I just didn't make it and I think it was just a time thing. Mike number six. Do you guys know that song but group home? produced by J Dilla. You got several J Dilla. Dough? Yeah, for sure. I mean, J Dilla. was one of the best. So that was your six. That was my to get six I so your six was group home and I'm doing my six do it. So here we go. Now this is this is probably the one of maybe four or five songs by this producer on the next episode that was Dr. Dre next episode as my number six. That's the song that comes into my head every time I smoke weed every day. So it was my fix scenario scenario camera batteries included in those things attach the drive scenario as Busta Rhymes made his debut on that song that made it that that song actually probably in IT leaders at a new school. Oh, yeah, we actually did cuz, like, Okay, he's better than all of us. He's out of here. Cool. Yeah, Chucky Brown was like, um, Nicki Minaj actually was that took a line from Busta Rhymes verse on that one when she goes rah rah like a dungeon dragon like a dungeon dragon. Alright, so where are we at number five? This is Nicki Minaj. Let me go with my number five. Okay. This is actually is it Nicki Minaj it is. This is actually the first let me see me make sure that thing this is the first premiere beat that I have. won't be the last but it is the first premiere beat on my list. I'm a verbal spit unload sector. Jeff it's about the beats. Yeah, nobody nobody will hear you wrap up. That'd be double Royce. Live was split three. And the fiber in bits so trust me I'm as live as a gift that's hard right Roy? Not Jeff Royce right but anyway boom as a DJ Premier beat that should have been the my number five beat so sick it could have easily been high and beats ridiculous was wrestling with the idea of having that like in my top three but it's number five yeah guy who's number five is next number five that's me yep not going after you this is some friends of the of the scenario crew affiliation collaboration okay you're ready to watch the world go around again Mr. bata going down I had a lot of de la that I was thinking about was your fight you know I am I be it was like a super important beat but it's so easy. It's my favorite. Ella dove half life or three feet high and rising woof. Or balloon mine state. I don't know a lot of half life like, because I just love it that much. But I don't know, dude. I know. I'm gonna do my best to try to knock it off the list. I know. It's never going anywhere. But you got to try. Yeah, dude, you should you gotta listen to that Prince Paul podcast where he's interviewed by open Mike Eagle. And he talks about all of his projects. It's pretty dope. Definitely check it out. My phone real quick. The factory get mixed the way in which the sit is depressing. That's when i loku j say he she. We're still trying to figure out what he meant by that blue tissue. Nobody still knows. Delicious. No one cares if he can do what he wants. That's true. That's that's a tough beat. Do we know who produced that one song so well, I mean, they don't really cuz it's a it might have been getting but I feel like that was a lot. I could be wrong, but like wanted to hit me. Maybe I'll look it up though. So that was your five? Yes, my four. Yes. Okay. And like I said, like the rest is technically yours because Right, right, right. Me and Mike. Well, I have I have two more. Yeah, so you're gonna be number one. But anyway, my number four is the second consecutive DJ Premier track. Like to beautiful beat. DJ Premier. That's my number four. I don't think anybody can argue with that. This is just poetic horn. All right, good. I'm not gonna argue my day off should make an argument that was it didn't make it. Alright, who's next number four. All right, number four is me and my got the same form snuffing them intros refill infinity you know baby failure This is tough. So number four, so if you're I got my 321 This is my number four. Check this so flush it out. cash crops are alive was no job. Most brownstone, man. The only way out like this one with this one pulling up. Who was the thing started smoking? Right. So it's a lot of Whoo. But there's something about them be I don't know what it is. But if somebody just takes you back somewhere, yeah. So good. I mean, it's just like those are those are the perennial songs that like, I don't know, Wu Tang. It's the reason that they exist. It's the reason that they are who they are cemented history. Like, this isn't an unpopular opinion. Like I thought that the lyricism on entered the 36 chambers was okay. Yeah, but but the production is superb. Yeah, I don't think anybody can deny that they became better lyricist. Over time. Yeah. But like, I didn't, I didn't didn't do Wu Tang clan. And then the F word. I didn't do Wayne to try him. I will lift it off. Because a lot of those songs is about the lyrics. You know, I'm saying that's what I'm saying. They're trying to try and beat Okay, you just have to have like the greatest leap. leadoff best second race. And then like I said, and so on and so forth. But it's something about cream it just it just before Yeah, that's my full res album. Had some had some songs that almost made it for me. I swear we had Mike. Yeah. So yeah, so I've got your four. Oh, is this number three? Number four, four. What was your four? Number Four? My number four was 93. Right. I'll just go ahead and say that my number three was rock wild. Anthony already threw that out early on so make that choice my number three. Troy that was one of my three is it was Iraq. Yeah. Yeah, one of the I think one of the best songs period it was number three. That was my number three. They the same. Also they reminisce Yes. Could be these next minutes. It's crazy. How I got multiple songs in my honorable mentions that are in your top five. Okay, in our top three, top three. Yeah, so I guess we are number two now. final two, here we go. Let me let you go. city's iconic beat that shit is so dope that they've even used that beat and reggaeton songs. It's not better than nothing but a G thang? Well, to me it is. And I'll explain why. And I'll make it very simple. It is a Dre beat. It's a Dre beat. But the most important part of that song is scotch torches keys, right? those keys, that song? And let's say even its whole list. I didn't name any scotch store song, which is ridiculous to me. But I mean, you technically have one but if you take those piano keys off, they're the beats good. But hearing that then like I said, you're thinking about that connected with like training data most like that. Right? But remove those keys. What do you have? Yeah, right. They're pretty standard. But guess what the keys are in it. So it's part of them right? i'm not i'm not i'm not i'm not shitting on a beat. I'm just saying like, that's the that's the secret sauce to pull all together. like okay, I'm like Crimea River. Yeah, Timberlake. Right. Write that down. Don't don't don't the desk. Isn't I didn't know that. Yeah, yeah. Scott does the keys on that Okay. Mom Have you guys ever watched videos of him when he's playing the keyboard like in the studio and he has like a deal have like a joint or like a blunt that's like five feet long and if I hi shit oh my god so high there's so much smoke in the room. You're like hairy guy. I'll put in anything Scott will be producing with your sunglasses on and like the longest blunt in the world. Yeah, just banging away and keys in on the ADA. Wait, I'm like, this guy's a genius. We gotta get a shirt together. Yeah, and they'll have this keyboard sometimes on this like keyboard stand. That's like it looks like super wobbly. It's like flexible. He's just like, bang bang bang and looks at the keyboards just gonna fall over into the ashtray. He was tapping on him just flying away. I'm like, That's amazing, man. No, oh, yeah, I hope you get it together. He's a pretty fun good follow on Instagram too, because he's a fucking lunatic. A man was a genius. Number two, yeah. Dre. Dre was number one number two. Number two do then with my mic. Okay, my number two because the slugs he before gussto I didn't know till I was drunk don't freak Nick down to eight out prostitutes or bitching about the night the six ways I've made out. Verbal aka spray dip the techy. So that's the message but not it is very Now songs love it tough alright so now somehow you if you can make you can make sting tough yeah to police sample or sting sample well I guess we already know what both of you are number one was right it was a shock once was oh man I so my number one you're gonna be so surprised and this is because obviously I'm so biased towards east and this is a West Coast This is a West Coast joint and we're gonna talk too much about it get better listen as I wish you could see both of these men space right now. This is corrupt. The name of the song is called on site and that is produced by Frederick I don't even I don't know that song. Yes. If you're if you're gonna be a way to fuck out number one you'll get that shit the fuck out of here. That's your favorite beat this is sucks you embrace it chick ones is a debatable for you. And that's number one. Hey, this is disgusting, but I hope anybody listen to this just just shits on you. I hope to see like Yo, you're terrible at what you do stick to terrible I have in my own opinion is that no, you know you're terrible at beat picking like just like nice. That's a misconception. Now you're sound like Vlad fucking flat. Random Big Bang. That beat will make you snap your neck. It's so good. But yeah, so that was it. And I just had to play it. I was like, come on. Um, but that's the whole thing. He did want to talk about m&ms in a minute play the shit in his movie did that be I mean, dude, there was the there was this shook ones challenge going around for a while where everybody was freestyling over that beat. Like all the best rappers for a reason. The fucking sick ispeed ever made. So many beats left. Oh, that's that's okay. I know. Tintin says y'all doing mentionable just this. This was just outside of my little top Meadville? Yeah that's a crazy yeah, yeah. No, that was outside my top 20 I have like 20 mentionable but go ahead, but that was just missing. So we're going to urge people to go leave a review leave some feedback. We're gonna give it we're gonna give away some merch pretty soon please correct and, and don't forget it was produced by Frederick. The best producer ever. Hey, I saw I saw Mikey. Mikey was jamming to the sheet I know Mikey like this I don't hate. I mean, I like to be it's it's not in my top cut because I happen to hear this. Oh, I know.