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Jan. 30, 2023

King Jaffe Joffer

King Jaffe Joffer

We are living in a backlash culture where every agenda is being pushed.  Aretha Franklin trying to get cancelled. Backlash over a Dr. King monument. Black history is being erased, and king Jaffe Joffer is being referenced as a fashion statement.  Where do we go from here?

Topics Discussed:

  • Aretha Franklin's Natural Woman deemed offensive by trans community? or is it all just an agenda being pushed?
  • Bill Maher and William Bar compare the trans movement to the civil rights movement.
  • MLK and Coretta Scott King monument in Boston receives backlash.
  • Rick Ross refuses to ride in Tesla for strange reason.
  • Erasing Black history is like a Freddy Krueger movie.
  • Kylie Jenner out here looking like King Jaffe Joffer

Referenced Links:
Martin Luther King Jr monument in Boston prompts mockery and criticism | CNN

DeSantis defends banning African American studies course as Black leaders call for action - POLITICO

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Yo, yo, yo, welcome to another installment of the culture podcast. It's your boy Jeff. Here with my man ant. Anthony Austin, Jr. was good. I'm watching the Running Man. I'm wonder why don't make movies like this no more. That's the one with Schwarzenegger they don't make they don't make loud dumb like popcorn movies anymore like this shit is a plotline of the story but it's like dumb, but like every time comes on I gotta watch it. There was given Last Action Hero the other day was was a nigger. And I'm like this movie silly, but it was fun as hell when I was little. Yeah, cuz the old Philly ones like that. It just sticks with you like, is it a GREAT movie? No, fuck, absolutely not. It's not a great movie. But it's entertaining. Yeah. And like I say, it's not good. But I like the ones we can even just rewatch them again, even though you know that they're like, actively bad, but it's my kind of bad. But yeah, we got a lot of things to get into today. We ain't dropped nothing last week. But the week before that, we dropped that Job button. Episode, Joe Budden podcast episode. And it was supposed to be like a marketing ploy. It was supposed to be like, like a strategy. Who's gonna name it? Joe button instead of button. And see, I mean, I still I guess it's still too early to tell if that shit worked yet or not. But I tell you this, it has already more downloads than the previous episode before that. You know what I'm saying? And less time. So I don't know. Look, I'm not saying that this shit works. But I'm saying it's a silly idea. And maybe just maybe it works. But if it does, I wonder if we would have spelled it correct. If we would have spelled the Joe Budden? Would it have been it? Would it have worked better like the Joe Rogan episode? Like we named it, you know, obviously, that's the most famous podcast in the world. So that's gonna get a lot of clicks. But when I typed in, if you type in Joe button, like misspelled like that, like we did, and Google is still comes up the actual Joe Budden podcast. That's how powerful that show is. Yeah. That's how powerful that show is. Google is like, yeah, we know you misspelled it, but we think you meant this. So we, you know, and for the first two pages, it shows you the real Joe Budden show, we actually show up in third page of Google. We come up on the third page of Google for that for the job button. All right, look, I wasn't saying that. It was a bad idea. I said, You know what? Fuck it. Let's try. Like they got it down, though. So I guess technically it worked. I don't know how we can spell OPA wrong. But well, we could spell when the free wi N fr EE. Like you get a TV, you get a TV everybody wins some shit. Just Oh, Winfrey. Anyone here? Neither one of my family over at all? What's the ridiculous part? But yo, let's get into some of these topics that I want to discuss man. I was watching the season premiere of the Bill Maher show on HBO this past week, right? And he had Bill Barr William Barr, as a guest. And they were talking about you know, they were saying how the trans movement you know, the transgender movement or whatnot? Is this generations civil rights movement. Right. And then I and then I saw a tweet. And from a site called clown world and granted, this is a parody slash satire website, right? And they tweeted out Aretha Franklin song Natural Woman deemed offensive by trans community. And I was like, Let's get the fuck out here. This can't be real. Right? And whether it was real or not some news media outlets ran with the shift right Skysport started you know, tweeting like, Oh, shit. You know, I mean, the woke movement. They tried to take down Aretha Franklin now and she's like, and then there was a tweet by the trans cultural mindfulness alliance that goes Aretha Franklin's 1960s Song Natural Woman perpetrates perpetrate, perpetuates perpetrates multiple harmful and trans stereotypes. There is no such thing as A Natural Woman, quote, unquote, this song has helped inspire acts of harm against transgender women. They were requesting that it be removed from Spotify and Apple Music. So first of all, I think the show was supposed to be a joke, right? Like, it was tweeted by a satire and parody site is supposed to be a joke. But the shit somehow caught legs, and people started backlash about this shit. So I'm asking you now like, is this transmission? Is it like a real shit? You know? I mean, is this like the media trying to push their agenda? They go that word again? Like, you know, right? Is this like the media trying to push that anti trans agenda. Now it's one of those things that requires you to kind of look at it from a slightly a slightly different angle. I believe that anyone who is under sir underserved, undervalued and under constant force of oppression and do not have the rights that are deigned for them. They should push forward, they should be aggressive, with a message and everything else to that degree. Now it's amazing that when it happens, how touchy people can get because it's not a situation where it deserves anyone's attention. Like it was satire, they were trying to be funny thing about comedy. There are no sacred cows, you have to be able to be aggressively funny because the line itself, it just seems so ridiculously stupid. Like she's singing about, you know, how this person makes her feel. And makes her feel like loved as a woman. Right? There's nothing about being a quote unquote, Natural Woman, just someone making you feel so adored and so cared for and so love. She feel like a natural woman to take that idea and to twist it into something completely different. Where it becomes an actual news story. It's kind of no reflective of our society, because it's not necessary. It was spoof, like the onion used to be like, you create these headlines that are there for comedy not for consumption. But it's become that way when it doesn't make sense. Like, especially like a replay can speak for itself when like, if they want to get rid of that they can fuck right off. And I have no issues with that community at all. Like, I had a conversation with somebody. And I will try to explain to them like, I don't have any issues with the LGBTQ community. I don't I honestly don't. I don't care if we have sex, but I don't care if it's male, female, trans, whatever. Whatever your sexual preferences or interest is, doesn't matter me, long as you're not like having sex with like women, or notice I'm not women, with children or animals, then everything's pretty much just two to three, four consenting people, whatever, it's fine. But the confusion sometimes comes about, like trying to explain to people like this takes time it takes adjustment, like even our society hasn't quite grasped how to properly treat minorities in regards to respect in race and dealing within the culture itself. So when film was like, you know, we're going to get rid of the song about this just because you know, you feel offended by it. Yeah, I'm not going to do that. No, I'm not going to run or, or Keroh up every time you want to feel something that offends you should offends me every day. I mean, sometimes I got to deal with it. If it's going too far, I'm going to have to push back against it. The thing when things man like there's for one to replace God can't speak for itself. I don't think she would even speak on this. I don't think she has anything to explain. I think the issue comes about like your rights are your rights and should do your best to make sure that your rights are always put forward and that they're equal and fair, and that they're valid and that you are recognized for your contributions period. But when you kind of like take the stance, especially when it started off as a joke for you to kind of push it to this point where you feel that you need to make a statement about it and feel like it's offensive to trans people. Like do you know how much like music and art and things have been no dismissive or dangerous to know people of color? That's why kind of black people don't like know the rebel flag. Understand has a particular meaning and it was a heritage over hate but it's a lot of hate that went behind that flag. We're asking to get rid of it because not a heritage thing like what that stood for. At that particular time and whether people still know trans modifier to this point in time, use the science of hate not as a sign of heritage, that song has nothing to do with transgender people has nothing to do with anything to that group. It's a song about love. And if y'all want to get rid of that, then y'all got deeper issues to worry about or problems to worry about. Because that's not a fight you want to have. This is not anything that is a concern. Like it's one of the greatest songs in American history. About why according to Rolling Stone, the greatest singer of all time, which I'm not going to argue that because I think they're correct. But the fact that you want to make this point about this thing, when there's so many other battles that need to be had to be fought. It's just nonsensical. Like, y'all don't got to do this Man really don't it's so many other things that you've been even fighting for, that you have literally been dying for. But you're worried about the song. make good choices, man pick better battles, because they say that. Is it valid to say that this is this generation's Civil Rights Movement? I don't know if it's gotten to that level yet. Not necessarily. Because Because I mean, I mean, we I mean, even though there are laws enacted and everything else to degree, we're still fighting the civil rights. Like just just because you're enacting a law, I mean, to make everything better. I mean, like I said, with, with the death of people of color by the hands of law enforcement, and the continuing of redlining and poor health and poor, you know, stances to medical treatment, birth housing, careers, that, you know, we could pull it pull yourself up by the bootstraps, shit all you want, but part of it that there is some kind of, say, racist, let's say, bias or pre pre prejudiced in regards to it sort of can't say this is the new civil rights movement. I mean, the old one ended, it's still going on. They're just people fighting for the rights. Like when the Civil Rights move was going on. There were there were people in the Hispanic community fighting for their rights. There were people in the age of community fighting for there's like, no joke that the anti Defamation League is still fighting for their so it's not necessarily a thing like it's the new one. It's just just part of a grander thing. It's going to continue because everyone Who feels underappreciated, and you know, marginalized, are going to keep fighting there. So this is not the new one. You're just joining a call. It's been going on for decades now. Speaking of civil rights, did you see the new Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King, statue slash monument? In Boston, and we talked and we talked about but and we talked about Boston being a racist town last episode, right? So they unveiled his monument, and it's receiving all types of backlash. It's called the embrace, right? And it's just supposed to be Dr. King's arms. And his wife, Coretta has arms from a picture of them embracing they were hugging. So they took that off the off a picture that they had, from like, the 60s or whatever. And the statue is just their arms, there's no body, there's no face. And people are tripping about this shit. Like your age, you know, it's just one of the comments that I've seen is like, it was just another another way for the white man to try to erase our history by not even showing, you know, try to not showing our faces, you know, I'm saying, which predates back to like, the ancient Egyptian days when they used to shoot off the noses or shoot off the, you know, the faces of the of the Fink's, you know, I'm saying in the pharaohs, a show like that. Because they didn't want anybody to know that these guys are these kings and queens, we're, you know, we're black. We're black faces, you know what I'm saying? So they would shoot off the noses, so they didn't want nobody to see that their features were that of a black man. So somebody said, Somebody put, if you can look at it from all angles, it's probably two people hugging each other. It's four hands. It's not the missing heads. That's the atrocity that other people climb onto you. It's a stump that looked like a penis. That's a joke. Somebody said to CNN. artists aren't correct. Yeah. Objective subjective. It's right. It has it has to be interpreted. You I mean, if you went to the Museum of Modern Art, you're astounded by the shapes, the patterns of color, so on and so forth, but you haven't like I haven't thought I'd be able to flip them. Look It looks cool. By the way that quote that part of me that quote was from Scott King, he's a cousin of Dr. King. Yeah, he didn't like it. But Martin Luther King, the third did he say he was grateful to be able to see a statue representing his parents love story in their partnership. While some people have negative opinions about the monument, he said he liked it. He says, and I quote, I think that's a huge representation of bringing people together. I think the artists did a great job. I'm satisfied. It didn't have my mom and dad's images. Yeah, but it represents something that brings people together. And in this time, day and age, when there's so much division, we need symbols that talk about bringing us together, he added Yes, on Trump's cousin. And it was made the the artists that are created is from Brooklyn. Okay. That's good. I mean, gentleman by the name of Hank Willis Thomas. I don't think it's problematic. I think it's more about the way that people view things like when I first saw like, so if the king moment, but it kind of looks like a penis, but the whole thing is like, you didn't quite get like, the whole view, like, saw the backside were like kind of like a curved it. But really, I know what I was looking at when I saw that. I'm like, I was like, How is this a Dr. King statue? What is this about? Right, because it's art. And like I said, he had a particular vision. And I'm pretty sure he got it clear with the King family when he was creating it, to make sure like, this is what was going to go on. That's why the sun was so cool about it, but because of it, like, it's whatever. I mean, we're taught Dr. King in school, but I knew Dr. King for a long time ago, like growing up in church. And like, every time the church and like the fan doesn't work. So they haven't like these little paper things with sticks on them, you know, on a stick of Oh, it's a picture either Jesus, a Dr. Martin Luther King, those two people, no one else. No other black historical figures, no other biblical figure, Jesus, Dr. King, kind of high company to be in. So it's a known history. And like I said, if you want to see Dr. King's face, you can just go to the monument in Atlanta, where it's a towering statue of him. There's probably other exhibits. And it's probably other pieces that are abstract to a degree that are trying to reflect the purpose and dignity of Dr. Martin Luther King. Now, Mr. I can't say I'm not dismissive of those that are confused by it. Like I said, they go to Museum and if you look at it, you don't know anything about it, you're going to get confused. Sometimes an artist needs to explain it. And again, you're looking at it from a view, it's 360. It's elevated, so you don't see like the hand on the shoulder, you don't see the picture. This is big as hell, it's just 2020 foot tall, 40 foot wide. It's like pretty much just bronze. And it's like, um, like maybe when you go to the thing that maybe they have the picture there of his hand, on the shoulder and on her shoulder, and so on, so forth. Like you see that image. So it's probably more to it. And like I said, we kind of took a lot of people took a snap reaction off of it. And he found it to be like, some points erotic, some points disturbing. I'm like, Okay, I thought like that. I thought the big thing to him like, that was my first visceral reaction and reality I need to look at a little bit more. And then I saw the picture and then the explanation like okay, I get it now. It's, it's, again, it's kind of going back to the point of talking about the other thing. The Natural Woman thing isn't a thing about woman it's thing about love. This piece of art right here, which Aretha Franklin song was also a piece of art. It's, you know, it's subjective. But it's mix a very clear view like this is a loving embrace. This is a sign of togetherness and hope and love, and strength, and, you know, the love of your partner and you can take that anyway, again, it's about love. It's not about the past of Bitcoin in the hand, some other shit like that. It's, it's, again, it's subjective. It's how the artist wants you to see it and how they want you to appear, how you how you're going to interpret is up to you. But they provide an explanation for it. And you saw the picture like Now it makes sense for people to kind of get bent over sideways about it. The thing is like, I'm glad they got a monument up. I think that Dr. King was one of most important Americans in history. And the fact that only some people get a day off and others don't. But you get presidents and other like Washington, Lincoln or President's Day off but you don't get Dr. King's often we just talking about civil rights, and realizing the importance of what he did and the impact he made his country and he still won't necessarily get his man today. So any kind of appreciation towards it, whether it needs an exhibition or not, it's always going to be appreciated by me. Because like I said, this, this thing here, us doing this right here, the idea of, you know, people of color, having the freedom to say things and do things that they want to do, or something that he literally bad for. So, I mean, you can push whatever thoughts you may have onto it. But the truth of the matter is, it is art. It is subjective. And once you really dig into what it's what it's clearly trying to say, I think people just have a deeper appreciation of it. Now, so you're saying there's nothing racist about this? I think any place needs a symbol of any kind of togetherness and unity and culture is probably Boston. Right? But as soon as like, they can't get nothing right. You know, what I'm saying is like, regardless, but just because of the history that they have, and the reputation that you have, you know, I'm saying? It's like, it's like the woman that's accusing Mike Tyson of rape. He said he raped a top 30 years ago, back in the early 90s. Like, we know, Mike Tyson was Wow. So we're not gonna, you know, we're not going to dismiss it, like, you know, because it could have had probably happened, who knows? Right? But just because you have that reputation, right. But the fact that it's in Boston, you know, I mean, that's what fucks it up for me. But also now is this. Can we chalk this up as today's generation? Just being to back last year, so to speak, you know what I'm saying? Like, they quick to backlash over everything. Like, everything triggers them? You know, I mean, people have to learn to stop being so reactionary. I think everything come in due time. I think if you don't understand something, I think what you do is you take time to figure out what it says, Uh, what's the meaning? Right? But the truth of the matter is, like, you can't jump at everything, I think, which kind of have a generation that just wants to be the first to say something whether right, wrong or indifferent. Like I just want to be. First I want to post first I want to react first. But if react and within minutes of something happening, you haven't really thought it through a lot of things that go into society, even something like that, even though artists objective. Like I said, my first reaction, I thought it was a penis. I did. But then, like, once, once, but I never said it. I just thought it like, done. I mean, I gotta say it, but people say I think therefore I am. So therefore I'm gonna say some shit. You don't have to. I think you know, you take the time with it and see what it's trying to show and what he's trying to say. And then which come from it, then basic reaction, you can still say look like a dick. Like my first thought was this. But now that I know, like, it's a really different dope kind of piece. Yeah. Then I think like I said before, like growing up seeing those pictures of Dr. King and Baca fans and stuff like that. The last thing he wants, he has another fucking Dr. King statue. I mean, like, they do like to do like a biggie monument, which seemed like almost like in some random Park in Brooklyn, just didn't seem like it, but it is. But this is one of those things, it was kind of a picture of Biggie and shape and form and so on so forth. But like, I know what he looks like, I see that picture with him with the crown on I know, know that that joint with him in the coat and pinstripe suit and fedora on like, Alright, there's so many other ways to pick or describe a show that and that's where the kind of art thing comes in that this was just a different interpretation, about showing an honor respect to Dr. Kane, but also showing like, you know, this is a symbol of, you know, love and togetherness and unity. So we're seeing a lot of things that wants to affect, most people react to just making a phallic is one thing, but that happens. And it's not one of the things that, you know, we should be extremely critical of, especially when when the artist explained it, like say, once you seen a picture, and once it kind of got the point across like, now you know what the answer is. But the fact that everybody who just always wants to be first just because you're first doesn't mean you're right. You're just the first person to say something and doesn't mean you're gonna have an impact anything else? You just feel better about yourself. Like I was the first person say that the first person see like, great cool, like, do you get a bump and pay like you get a bonus or something like that you get extra star knowledge, just stating your opinion. People got to chill out on that man. There's nothing wrong with stating your opinion, but just think they should over if they would have put a face on it. If the face wouldn't have looked exactly like Coretta Scott King, then they would have been backlash for that, like, oh, they tried to deface her. Right You know, they make her look goofy is that and the thing about putting any kind of like monument with someone's face on it? Eventually, just because kind of generally racism in this country works is going to get the face so just leave a symbol like Prince Prince governors names made themselves symbol. Just easier doing that, like I don't have to throw shit at me. You don't have to mark me up. You don't have to write any kind of racial epithets on the statute something else like that. You take it for what it is and make life lilies for yourself. Speaking of racist places, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is defending the band of African American Studies courses and classes. And of course, black leaders are outraged about this as they should. And DeSantis. He stood by Florida's decision to reject students access to an AP course on African American Studies. And his reasoning was, he said he supported banning the course being offered to some high school students because his lessons delve too far into political agendas, broaching topics such as queer studies and abolishing prisons, black officials in the state, from Democratic lawmakers to faith leaders, however, are seeking to overturn the DeSantis administration's determination that the class significantly lacks educational value. He went on to say when I when I heard it didn't meet the standards. I figured, yeah, they may be doing CRT DeSantis told reporters at an event in Jacksonville, it's a way it's way more than that. Is this another form of or another way? For the racist whites in this country to try or to attempt to erase? Black history? The black history of this country? How on it's gonna be about this. Be honest, bro. Let me tell you what, let me tell you what a reverend said. Reverend RB Holmes JR. He's a pastor at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Tallahassee. He said when you devalue my history, and say it lacks educational merit that is demeaning to us. And it may be a problem in messaging. Maybe they didn't mean it that way. It already has national attention. All right. I don't know, man. sounds racist to me. And what's worse is that this might be your next president. This fucking guy might be the next President of the United States of America. And I wouldn't be surprised at all. Because Trump won. And this guy is just a smarter, more political version of Trump. He is, and it's gonna be fun to watch. You know, the Republicans go at it. And the primaries when it's Trump versus DeSantis it just kind of sucks because they have to think like, why people don't realize you I wouldn't be shit without us. Like, the sooner you're coming to grips with that. I think we can move forward with this conversation, man. Seriously, because like I did this. I did some intellectual thought with my Oh, my dad. Okay. I'm gonna do a quick You're a man of Hispanic descent, right? If you could, if you could create like a perfect meal describing your culture, what would be a perfect meal probably consist of some form of rice. Rice and beans would be involved. Right. Probably some chicken. So very well seasoned chicken. Okay. Probably gonna have some plantains of some sort in there. Fair enough. Possibly fried. All right. Go for it. You know, I'm saying. But you got a good pretty good grasp on that. Right? Yeah, right. Everything American Asian American, the shit they like like pizza, Italian, hamburger German hotdogs. Now from here. You don't think Americans really have blue like American pines take an essence because we had cattle. But like your clothes, your art, your fashion. Everything was influenced by us? Know, the artists you guys all know and love. You know, like country music that was based on Wayne Johnson. It's kind of every every musical genre was was created by a black man. Right? Yeah. And like I said, like the music, your style of clothes, your style of taste your style of fashion. Like your style of fashion. It's not American. It's based on like, a Eurocentric, like idea of how one should look and dress up people in power. Where if you see the wardrobes of people from other countries from African or have someone of Hispanic descent, very, very flourishing, very colorful, a lot of different colors, styles, patterns, things like that. Like we enrich your very existence. Like it's stupid that people say things like you should, but pretty much saying that African American Studies is racist like, you can't tell the story of this country without it, that we were just talking about civil rights, Martha King, you can't tell a story of America. Without that. We're talking about Aretha Franklin, we're just talking about music, you cannot tell the story of this country without that. So just to say that, you know, to disregard African American Studies is to disregard African American history, to do so to disregard American history. Because you're gonna leave a lot of blank spaces and a lot of empty things out there. You just want to talk about how some people, not all white people, but a fair amount of them were culpable. And the desecration and the denigration of people of color. And I don't know why you don't want to hear that. Just like when we're trying to balance critical race theory. Critical Race Theory is something that generally taught in colleges, not in high schools, like African American Studies, it's not critical race theory, it's a study of African or African American history within this country. So to say like, we don't want to do this, it means you're gonna disregard American history because you cannot tell your story. Without ours, we are, like, intrinsically intertwined, at the very fabric of America, because we picked this fucking cotton and we built this goddamn country. So if you just say like, we're just gonna leave that part out, you can't, you can't leave our house, you know, a fair amount of the income and a fair amount of the wealth of this country was built on the black back of blacks, of Hispanics, of Mexicans, of a people of color of, of Native Americans, so on so forth. So you can't leave that out. But you think that it's a good thing to do so because you think that it's being critical of white people? No, it's being critical of America. It's not leaving out anything. If you are part of this culture, part of it, that you have to be culpable. You have to be understanding of your role of what it played. And we played such a large role in to kind of just disregard and dismissive. Going to be kind of a fad for a man who just might be president one day. Yeah, the entire country was built on the on the sweat of Colored People, right? Here's my theory. I feel like that they feel that we're getting too angry, right? Or too aggressive, or too afraid, even whether we're afraid of the police or authority, or we're getting too aggressive against the government, or against the white man. You feel me? I feel like they feel like we're getting too angry. So let's what we were gonna do, let's erase their history. If they don't learn about why they're angry, then maybe they won't get angry. Right? Does that make sense? It reminds me, it reminds me of a Freddy Krueger movie. I forget which one is one of the late is one of the last ones. You'll you'll you'll probably remember seeing it is the one where they revealed that Freddy Krueger can exist if people don't believe in him, right? It's like if you don't believe in the boogey man and he can't harm you, right? So the town the town, they try to erase him they try they you know, they they throw away all the records of him. You couldn't find any records of him and he newspapers, the adults, no mention of him. Like nobody, like all the adults in the town were instructed to not mention him. And I say a word about him. You know, I'm saying you would go to the libraries and look for old newspapers and there was nothing. There was literally no traces of Freddy Krueger. And that was Government's way of trying to keep the town safe. Because they realized that if people don't know who Freddy Krueger is, we're just going to erase him from from memory. Nobody mentioned him nobody remembers who he is. Nobody knows who he is. He won't harm anybody. Right? So that's what I thought of when I saw this shit. I'm gonna how to fucking you erase African American history, bro. Like how can you prevent teachers from teaching this shit? You know, I'm saying this black colleges dedicated to teaching this shit. I'm saying if you live out if you live our African American history, if you don't, we're here to read about four weeks. She said you won't you won't need three months. You done about about a minute. It's a wrap. A stash should immediately absolutely like you're gonna get passenger. Like, cuz the whole like, just leaving out certain parts like Okay, so if you're talking about African American history, you're not so you're gonna basically disregard the entire role that they played in regards to Civil War, which is amazing to me. So just gonna skip that chapter. Like some happened and and people started fighting in America fighting each other than the norm, right? Like, yeah, some of this should happen in between their dog like you leave in some shit out of the book. You're right. It's, it's, it makes sense because it's like, the truth of the matter is you can't be like, you can't erase the Boogeyman. You can't erase what exist. Like, you can try to disregard it. But people have this on yielding need to find the truth. Actually, that was a my bad that was Freddy vs. Jason, because that's the reason why he started using Jason rose to start killing people. But when make people believe I owe Schiff for it, he's back. You know what I mean, Freddie's back, you know, hold Yeah, you can't erase what happened. You can't erase the truth. You can't all of a sudden just literally whitewash it out of history. Like I said, we literally started off talking about to black people started talking about Aretha Franklin. We started talking about Dr. King like, like, you just can't erase them from history. If you erase them from history, like, what is it go like Beethoven, Elvis Justin Bieber. That's it. And Eminem. Yeah. No, but Eminem, you got mentioned Drake. But that's the thing like how they're gonna, that's what I'm saying. If you ever raised black history, how then do you teach about Malcolm X? How do you teach about Martin Luther King? How do you teach about Rosa Parks? You skip all those stories as well? How do you talk about music? How do you talk about who invented rock? You know what I mean? How do you talk about who invented hip hop? Do you do you do ignore all of that? The history book can be 88 pages long or less than that. Your history books gonna be a coloring book, that's just gonna be a synopsis, bro. cliffnotes, Columbus came, killed all the colored people. And that said the end. Like Columbus came there with some Indians, we grew from corn, we had cowboys. After that, we had some beef with the British. And we had a couple wars. And then we had disco. Like, you miss mad shit, man. Like I said, the John Wayne, like John Wayne movies and shit like that. And you cannot erase history. That's the point of it. You have to look to your past to avoid making the mistakes in the present. Because if you don't, you're going to consciously repeat them. But you have to have the awareness of what was before. It's why we never had another civil war. And because we are doing our best we should kind of failing right now, to avoid, you know, part two to that story, is the whole point. If that story is not written, and that story is not told these people don't die, you have nothing to learn from it even now, even when the history or what people call it, there's still so much to learn. And there are still so many mistakes that we continuously and constantly make every single day. Do you think that getting rid of it's gonna make it any easier? Like, well, we don't know about it. We're proud to have the word but no, the truth is out there. And the thing is that it did exist, it did happen, it did continue. And it does continue to go on to this day. So therefore, you have to keep this kind of thing going. You have to keep a class I had AP African American Studies. And you know what, we didn't study the Civil Rights until I think like, from thinking back maybe like the last three or four weeks. It was it was literally we learn about, you know, the history of Africa, we learn about the, the, the triangle, we learn about the slave trade, we learn about No, you know, the history of you know, insufficient housing and things like that, and African American communities and ghettos and things of that nature. We learned all that stuff. But it's important to notice and see how this this pattern weaves itself into the fabric of American history. Because again, you cannot tell that story without it. So I am glad that there's some pushback. I hope that they are able to kind of you know, get this is Florida them and this is blue. This is Florida we're talking about that's just passing bro. I got good friends in Florida. I can't call them all stupid. I got a lot of family in Florida. Yeah, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say somebody I mean, a little suspect. Now I see that you have like 50 names. Now. I know. The ones I'm the ones that I'm the closest to aren't aren't races aren't stupid, you know, I'm saying. But then. Yeah, but then also like what happened? Okay, so let's say they stopped, you know, they're not going to teach African American in school in high school, right? But what happens to HBCUs? Like, if you want to study the history of blacks, you're gonna have to attend an HBCU. You know, I'm saying no, what? I'm never worried about that. I worry more about the slippery slope thing. Like if they get rid of us, guess what next, y'all. There is no us without y'all though. Right? Majority of us come from Africa. Right? But the whole thing is like, don't they, if they if they're gonna eliminate that. How far off is you know, Hispanic studies? How far off is like, you know, if you're an American, you don't need to speak Spanish. You know, I'm saying there is no tiny nose without Africans. You know, I'm saying there's lower Latinos. For the most part, you know what I mean? So they're gonna just eliminate some of us like IQ but like the dark ones, Cubans. Puerto Ricans, Dominicans. You can't talk about that. Let's talk about you know, Spain. Right. And like, that's the whole thing. If you do that, you create a slippery slope because because now the I think the thing that is just standing in regards to like this is a form of bias because you cannot do that because now you're making things culturally by So by literally trying to eliminate an entire culture, and like it's been around in existence for a very long time, and I don't know if it helped or hurt, but it definitely allows people to gain some type of knowledge, whether for good or ill intent. I don't know what someone did with it or whatever. But you were able to learn something. You might learn my Santa Fe class all the time and disagree with everything like that. It's bullshit man, black women do as much it. Well, like said the history said the truth is out there the words that they have the history there, the actions are there. So I'm not really going to be worried about what no Governor DeSantis is doing. As long as doesn't he doesn't become president come like a national issue. Like this is something that you need to like nip in the bud now, because I don't want it to become a slippery slope. I think. As a matter of fact, I think history in itself is taught stupidly. I think that the only thing that we learn about, you know, in regards history is American. There's an entire world out there where a lot of things happen that influenced our country, as we influence there. I think it's super important for that to happen. But don't get rid of the things that black people have done. We've been dark we've done entirely too much and we've earned the right to be able for people to know understand the things that we've done in the past that we've created and the lives that we change, so you're gonna give it a shot Ryan I think the shake gonna fail though. But I let's loosen. This was a very serious episode. You know, I'm saying this go to a couple of little more lighthearted topics. Let me know if you hear if you heard this one. Rick Ross said he will not ride Tesla's because he is afraid they will automatically drive him to the police. And he said and I quote, I've always had in the back of my mind, the government could tap into the brain of the car. Okay, where's Rick? Nah, bring him in for questioning. And then of course, the funniest shit are the comments. Mind you, let me remind you this motherfucker is a fed. Okay, when you are CEO, like calm now he's a fucking he's polpo. Okay, him and Vlad are popo. Okay. Papa Lee's somebody wrote in a comment Rick Ross Miami's best undercover cop over 15 years straight. He's the police. What the fuck? Somebody said he's still trying to play that role. Hmm, what that was, was he like 40 years old now. He really scared they gonna bring him into work into work a shift. I think he's older than 40. But the real Noriega he owed me 100 favor. Stop. Ricky. Stop. He said Now, somebody said bro tries too hard to sound gangster after he got exposed for literally being a CEO. Or you know what? I don't even care that he's a CEO. He just had a regular fucking job but equity the biggest dope deal in history a dope deal is his brother. It's, you know what? It brought up a question that that I've read today that it was a thing where they were asking women would you rather date a man that makes $40,000 a year and in regular money or a street dude that makes 250,000 And, and I laughed and thought the dumbest shit ever because it's stupid because a lot of people was picking like the drug dealer I'm like, no watch too much power man. Stop man This isn't real it doesn't work out the way you watch power remember happened and Ghost Ghost died never happened to Tasha she was broke. It doesn't work out the way the fuck are we doing here? This is still they were dead when the daily series like I'm not picking on man make $40,000 My fucking be you make $40,000 Come on now. This is irritates me, irritates me because like, it's such an obvious thing. Like it's a dumbass answer. I like said these are people who probably watched like television shows and shit like that. Like, it never ends. Well, for the drug dealer ever, ever. Like I said, when he did that Rico, he goes down for like 10 to 12 years. And it's the whole thing. You think a drug dealer uses women? Like this is how you sell drugs? No, you look pretty. Let me from time to time shut the fuck up. Like, once it's gone. It's gone. I know somebody was like, you know, you know, I will be the drug dealer because I will teach them how to invest at 20 50,000 I was like, Well, what have you invested in if you're an investor? Why would you just take some dirty ass money? Because the moment he goes through all that shit goes away? Like, fuck, I invested in some Jordans. Yeah, like a stock or I don't know, but I'm a boss of real estate. You know, you got to kind of show where the money comes from. You can't just tell tell the drug dealer board from like, I'm gonna buy me a cup of houses so we can go ahead and flip this even like who's money? What Your Money Your name gonna be on that a baby's name. Did you crazy? I sell drugs. I can't put a little tax return. Credit score is zero bitch. I know. My life. Car and my mom and me. This house in my son name. Hey grandma My name oh shit you got to tell me what to do with you you need to go in there try to get it go in there try to get a loan we go to the bank and try to get a mortgage they arrest is there I get this fucking guy. Somebody tweeted down downpayment somebody said about Rick Ross I thought he was the polies before he started rapping what are they going to do warn him that freeway? Ricky Ross wants his name back. I feel bad for Rick. Because it's a whole freeway Ricky Ross, who has this amazing fucking story. I always found I always find it funny that there's two rappers named after the same fucking drug dealer freeway and Rick Ross but by freeway, but it's like it's not together like he's free right? You're off in free. And I don't think free whatever had a problem with Robert Ricky Ross had a problem with the rapper. I'm like, using my whole last name you name is William Robert. But you use like Ross name like come on now. That's not like a police name. William Robert should we should be you know, Willie. Rob. Right. That's a better rap name. Willie. Rob. Rob. No, but don't be Rick Ross. I'm gonna be the Big Willie. Rob. Sounds away. That sounds like Marky Mark or something. No, no. Willie, Robert. Will he Rob Yes, he will. Huh? That's actually see. Clever. See? I'm smart. I'm telling you to freak the shit. But he will be Rob. Will be Rob. Rob. Absolutely. Willie, Willie. Rob. Yo, finally. You see Kylie Jenner was out here looking like fucking King Jaffe jofa Ruler of the moonda fucking family she showed up to the Paris Fashion Week were in a lion head dress and of course he got slammed for that because he you know they called the disturbing you know, we talked about the backlash culture that this generation is so of course she got black backlash from all the animal rights activists and like whatever the black Well, black last two. Yeah, because you know, I mean, it was comparing it to the King Joffrey jofa When he came out of the limo he had the shit you know, he had like that shit draped over with the little lion head. But this shit is like three times the size that I should this is like the size of an actual Lions Head bro. And it's just on one side. I don't know what's holding that shit in place. It's just a lion's head bro. Biggest fuck and it looks real. And she's just walking around with his a black dress and then got the lion's head on the front. Looking like the ruler of the moon doing shit out here. Why don't we give like me shine? Oh, no, man. I'm done with them. Do this all the time. And I'm like, I don't give a fuck about them then. I don't give a fuck about them now. Like didn't Kanye get like married to some other like some random bit and I think I think Kim is putting like a restraining order on him with some shit. You putting them or training order should have been the day shift. But you got to do it now for it and they've been crazy. You got to worry about the crazy people in life you worry about like, wow, I should have went and got this restraining order before commitment before but you're trying to do that shit. And he's like, I'm gonna move across the street from me. Right next door yo. And that's the weirdest shit like you're not moving next door to me like this is ridiculous to take your western world. I'm trying to queue this shit up real quick because it's kind of just that made me laugh though. The fact that I'm queuing up man with the Lion King. Like queuing up Lion King. I hate that movie. I love that movie. Why would you hate that movie? It's an African American movie except for Simba who's a fucking white boy is the African American is only African American because in an African product shipped somewhere else is still open. But all the actors all the voices are pretty much black. Again, except for Simba when the old one and the new one I think he's Black King Jaffe Joffer Gotta throw them roses on the floor. With a rose budget Seriously, just was fresh tonight. It was fresh as the flowers. It was not popery yet fresh and flower was like picking them every day. All day round. That's rich it I like that. I'm gonna pick all these fucking flowers. Just throw them off of my feet, sweep them up and do it all damn day. I love that part of the movie. I don't know why I did but it just did. The yo great movie. Frederick Douglass said the soul that is within me. No man can degrade. That's a fact. Three learn to put the black bullets on there and that the white folks got you learned good for you. I was I'm on my black shirt this week. There you go. No worries. We got a whole month of it. Shot to our Patreon it's a K the coach a crew. Special Happy Birthday to one of our patrons. Simba. Happy birthday. Should I give out his government? Absolutely not. Alright Simba Happy Birthday yo appreciate you. I don't know if they got child support a warrant we do not say the whole name. Maybe not get the government. Yo check out the website, theculture.one. Thank you for tuning in. Till next time. Peace