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May 8, 2023

Cinco de Mayo, Capitalism, Racism, and Beyond

Cinco de Mayo, Capitalism, Racism, and Beyond
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Join us for a thought-provoking conversation on this year's Cinco de Mayo, the intersection of capitalism and racism, and more. Jeff rants about white people celebrating Cinco de Mayo. We also discuss a recent controversy involving Howard Stern and black basketball players not acknowledging him at games. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of these important topics and join the conversation.

Topics Discussed:

  • When did Cinco de Mayo become an American holiday?
  • Capitalism vs. Racism
  • Chris Brown vs. Usher
  • Jamie Foxx's health and why they won't tell us what he has
  • Jada Pinkett's red table talk show has been cancelled. Is that a good thing for the family?
  • IS THAT RACIST segment includes NBA commentator calling a player "Black Panther", MLB broadcaster using racial slur, and Howard Stern upset at Black NBA players who ignore him

Referenced Links:
A’s broadcaster Glen Kuiper suspended after on-air racial slur (nypost.com)

Howard Stern Stung That Black Knicks Players Ignore Him But ‘Go Over to Spike Lee': ‘Is Everything Racial Now’ (yahoo.com)

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Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo, yo, thank you for tuning in to another episode of the culture happy Cinco Demayo so Jeff my ad was good I before we even got started apparently had some thoughts on single device are you gonna get I got beef, I got beef with Cinco de Mayo man. Okay, because I tried to I try to take my wife out on a date completely disregarding the fact that it was Cinco de Mari I just wanted to have dinner you for me. I just wanted to have dinner in every place that we ended up here was fucking packed. Wait, where'd you go to? Oh, what places did you try? Well, the first place we try was Jose Torres. I know it's a Mexican restaurant. Then Chevy's packed as hell again another Mexican restaurant. I get it. We ended up in Bahama breeze. And we ate there and the food was great. So it was whatever. But my problem is when you enter these Mexican restaurants, and it's packed as hell, they had a DJ. Everybody Wildling in the wait times is like an hour minimum? You think it was Mexicans in there? No. It was nothing but white people in there are drinking tequila and listening to fucking you know, techno music and pop music. There was a Mexican music playing. It wasn't Hispanics. It was all white people. I see no one Mexican and in these restaurants line outside to get inside. It's all white people. These are the same people that want to get Mexicans out of the country. You don't I'm saying? We don't want Mexicans in the fucking country. They're trying to get them out. But yet they celebrate their fucking holiday more than they do more than Mexicans do. Why do you like When did when did this become an American holiday? I'm trying to figure out why he's irritated and surprise. Because I'm trying to figure out when did Cinco Demayo become an American holiday? Like when did white people you know what I mean? start celebrating that shit. This hard. Where they fill it up all the restaurants and a party and for Mexican Independence Day and shit. You know, it's a funny part. You sound like white people saying that shit. I do. I sound like a racist. I couldn't take my wife out somewhere to eat because it was this guy that Mexican holiday. That Oh, that sounds peacock Cassidy. Right but I'm not saying it because of Mexicans being out celebrating their own holiday. I'm saying it because of white people celebrating the fucking Mexican holiday. I don't got a problem with the holiday. I got a problem with white people celebrating it as hard as they are. And my thing My thing is that you went to two restaurants. Why do you just go to an Italian place? I want a pretty good pasta and I thought about olive garden but cream and pasta like that. They have other funding. You know we're trying to we're trying we're trying to do low cars right now. Summertime is gonna be right. Oh, let's stop stop stop shut the fuck up. You're trying to do low carb but you want to go to a Mexican restaurant? Because I want to eat like the chicken and the shit they have. I'm not trying to eat like you know I mean pasta bread. You could get chicken from anywhere though. I wasn't craving fucking pasta. Okay, I was craving Italian food but that's racist. You saying that all the time. Don't make pasta take when it lands seasoning. I want to land seasoning. The fucking says zoning your pocket when you go out man if that's how you feel, because most people didn't. It's a Mexican restaurant and they don't have Latin seasons. It's Mexican seasons. It's Korean and some other shit. That's what it is. But answering my question though. This could be an Is that racist moment? I don't know. It's not it's not why we're the Mexican restaurants only full of white people. It's not Cinco de Mayo. It's not because just like they're always full when St. Patrick's Day. But St. Patrick's Day is a white holiday. No, that's understandable. No, it's for Irish people. That's why the Irish CC is not what it was. every white person I know is a quarter Irish half Italian. Quarter German, you know what I'm saying? But bright, but didn't they have the feasts? When it comes to like, you know, like the feast of San Gennaro in New York, or Columbus Day or something else like that. You have the things that celebrate your culture. You're not mad about that. What you don't quite fully understand and what you don't fully grasp is that we want your culture we don't want your people it's not that hard to understand. That's racist. You say so. We want we want to coach or we don't want your people. You want everything involved in black coach, you want the style, the look the clothing. We didn't want to be directly involved in anything. We're golden and community. We want the celebration we want to dress like dressed in fucking sombreros and wear ponchos and shit like that and drink tequila and wear a little mustache that look and act like an asshole. We didn't want anything to do with you. We want your corned beef and cabbage. We We want your your Irish spiritual, we want your songs and your music. We don't want you. So the point of celebration is to celebrate, but both coaches themselves, people have a thing like commodified these celebrations, nice things that happened. Thinking that it's a cool idea you're not going to bash against it because you know why? It's capitalism. We do have a single demand and restaurants love it because they get a whole bunch of people in there. They're not getting your regular clientele. Your regular clientele you like not all Mexicans eat Mexican food. Like, you go to Tejas, you go to Mexican restaurants, and guess what? You ain't Mexican, but they enjoy the shit. But this to them is business on the sense a bunch of I guess you can call them white people there but guess what, it's going to be the biggest business that we're going to have. And it happens every year. That when I'm Mr. Joint and I'm in Clifton Chevy's says show me that shows back to that whole thing. They show me shuts down a parking lot my focus had a whole festival in that bitch for Cinco Demayo they had a live mariachi band plan because they know where the money that they get it it's capitalism at its finest these places are not owned by Hispanics by Mexicans or by Latinos are exactly their their chain brands did not individually own the chain brands. They owned by white people also, like trying to sell I can't let the people that I these motherfuckers might look like you think they might look like they Mexican but owned by people that look more like Joe Smith or whatever the fuck and so it was a white person, I guess you can say. So I'm not gonna like is this racist? Not far from it or proud of that you run into this every year. They're always gonna do this every single year, every single Domeier they're going to go out and they gotta maybe I'll roll our thought. I don't know, man, I was hurt. Because I go to this particular place and it was to pack. I bet you especially with this, especially if you went hungry. Do you want her to like if you'd like kinda hungry? Like we'll find some meat. But when you starve it everything irritates you, like I just want to get some of the fucking eat now. But let's do this. How about if there was a black restaurant, right, soulful restaurant that you'd like to go to all the time. And this particular day is MLK Day or you know, whatever. Black Day Juneteenth, let's say it was Juneteenth. And they're having you know, a promotion at the soulful restaurant for Juneteenth you know come and get free appetizers or whatever. So you go in that bitch they got a DJ playing a bump and shit and all you see his white motherfuckers in there would you have a problem with that? Now you wouldn't give a fuck your wait time is our you can't even get in. I mean, my thing is that if that kind of place and if they don't take like reservations, I know what I'm signing up for. And it was going to be what's going to be but if so you're trying to say to displace it. I'm going to this place that sells food generally for quote unquote black people is a black owned. So food. Yeah, let's say it's black owned. I mean, it doesn't matter because regardless, like you said, it's capitalism they're gonna let whoever in because they want to get this money. But if you try to go in and they tell you the wait, time is out when you look around, and there's number white people in there celebrating Juneteenth at a soul food restaurant. They do this shit anyway. I'm gonna be in my car hungry and irked. I'm gonna be like, God damn, what the fuck is going on? Is my thing, right? Like, I don't know how comfortable you are with the white people wanting a job but asked how many of them actually like fried chicken. You're gonna be amazed by it. They love they love fried chicken in there. They don't cook it though. No, but they just love it. Like, like, going to kitchen. See like Popeyes boxes everywhere. They love fried chicken. They love this shit. They really, really do. But if I can like, because a chicken and watermelon like kind of a hat, you're gonna walk them out. It's a great combination. And y'all want that shit. Y'all be having a shit. So the things you're talking about with the restaurant, it comes down to very simple fact. If I gotta wait an hour, I probably wouldn't do it. Because unless I know the shit is just that good is worth the weight. But if it's just, you know, people sitting there, celebrate and so on and so forth. And waste like 15 minutes, like alright, I find me a spot again and so on and so forth. I don't I don't there's so many things and so many options when it comes to shit like that. It's like I'm not gonna press my scroll about this be stressed out about this. may mean you had been in places where they said it was like the wait was like an hour and we were like, Nah, we're going somewhere else. We've done that. So isn't that shocking? I'm not gonna wait around an hour like you're good. You're not that damn good for me to be like waiting here an hour. Like not enough. You know, we could get your seat at the rock. It could be like an hour. Nah, okay. Thanks. Good. Yeah, take the number just in case then after that. Move on to the next I'm sad ghosts. But that's not racist. It's just it just capitalism. You're a restaurants job is not necessarily to cater to a particular audience. Their job is to make money. And if you happen to sell food, so food that have to be very good that people across all genders and all races happens to like it. Think you've done a good job. It's supposed to be for your people. Yes, but if it's something It's so good. It's almost universally accepted. You want to do but that's not we're talking about this is just, you know, no commodification of, you know, these weird racial lines and biases that we have and think this is just Mexicans and so on and so forth. So that's it. I will we already spent 10 minutes just complaining about Cinco de Mayo. I got no problem with Cinco de Mayo man. Happy Cinco de Mayo to everybody. But let's give a shout out to the coach crew, man, it's been a while. Let's do our Roll Call. And I want to start off with our very newest coach, crew member. And it was actually this gentleman's birthday last week. So Happy belated birthday to a man EJ deal aka EJ Skrill DJ scrolls environment demonic what is it? What Cinco de Mayo is that's what I know. Last week I end up fuck man. I bought on Cinco Demayo that's wild parties and shitting your birthday? drinking tequila Did you see that? See that racism right there. Like I was a racist and that was stereotype stereotype. I'm asked my maximum asking him like yo, do y'all really fuck what to do like that? They do? Yeah, we do. Don't tell nobody but yeah. Shoutouts to the black Hell Week. Shout out to King cause of the third shout out to Melly Mel. set out to Tosh. Shout out to Mikey she. And last but not least shout out to anonymous aka shall remain nameless. shall remain nameless. They don't want to be mentioned. So just just just the question. I got some topics for you, man that I wanted to discuss a little bit. Where you want to start man? I already did my Cinco de Mayo rant. You heard about Chris Brown. We're gonna I'm not sure. I did not hear about that. When did this happen? Uh, Chris Brown swung on Asscher. Apparently the out of Chris Brown and Chris Brown people but apparently I should call it hands knees, feet and toes. Why? What was this at a at a show or something? So I think is in Las Vegas. They have in their lovers and friends concert, who's a whole bunch of people at different things in Las Vegas. And they're headlining, so Chris Brown was going on a tour. I think he's still on. I'm not sure. But from what I read, so take this with a grain of salt. No, this is a ongoing story and a bunch of moving pieces. So Teyana Taylor was there. And Gianna was apparently like the Creative Director for the Grammys. Gianna Taylor was she there was Shumpert let's Trumpers Wayfair Yeah, I don't know if Trump was there or not. But probably but he might have been who knows this is Vegas things happen in Vegas so I think she was like the Creative Director for the Grammys not in the sense of like you know running the whole show but like the like the the musical performances that were going to happen so on so forth. So this is the time when Yeah, maybe last year yeah when I think Chris Brown was do like a Michael Jackson tribute some shit like that and he got pulled so he kind of blamed her for not like fight for him more or something else like that. So basically he got into words were her are sort of like kind of got between like the same thing you know, you know kind of design it to say the place or whatever. And then basically he swung or his people when he hit ushered in a fairly like much as like a little mark in his nose and mark in his face something else like that. Which is very interesting, because a couple of days ago I believe was on a radio they asked us you're like what he'd be interested in versus versus Chris Brown. It wouldn't really be a versus a really be like a celebration. He's my brother. I love his music. He's a great artist, so on so forth. I don't know maybe Chris took that shit personally or something else like that and took that versus in versus too far. Smoke breezy in a battle and versus look, I It's such a generational thing. I'm like, I should got 30 years ahead, like, like, like, I'm sorry, man. Like, I'm not a big Chris Brown fan like that. He's had a lot. He's had a lot of good songs over the years. And I know there must be some people listening to this app. Like, you don't know Chris Brown. Guess what? I don't know you either. So fuck off. The truth of the matter is you put them to an end got 20 songs each like us just dog walking him easily, bro. Bro, that mug, his 90s he could just do shift from the 90s bro. I could just pick one decade. I've been doing music for like three decades. I should just pick one of the decades and he'll smoke is his whole catalogue. Do a shoot off Confessions of a 701 I gotta touch nothing else. We're good. I don't I'm going to switch to my early microwaves I got to do none of that shit. A 701 confessions trust me. I'm getting it I'm getting out here quick. He got songs from when I was in high school bro that'll destroy Breezies entire catalog. No The sad part about Chris Brown like he's become this generation's Bobby Brown. Like he's talented though he was a definitely a better dancer, but it's not that it's like body Oh, that's only like it's not your music that we're interested into. You're going to get into Suffolk shit eventually there are going to be some antics. We're waiting more for the antics of the music. Check this thing about Chris I don't ever hear Chris Brown song is always this rapper featuring Chris Brown. This person is like nine fucking features. When he brought it up a while ago he said features only like this Usher. I don't do fucking features. Who the fuck are you talking to? No, they did come on my record. I don't go embarrass is Usher. Featuring Little John and ludicrous. That ludicrous and Little John featuring Usher. You gotta fuck up. It's Usher. Featuring Beyonce. Come on. Stop. Don't play with me. At the very least if he feels like being kind he'll take off the work feature and just put and assure and that's as much as you will get. Like you get like, you're gonna put that boy zip this zip his little ass up. But I mean, after this that's just not gonna happen either. Just just just some casual fuckup like why are you fighting people? And of all people? Why are you fighting Asher? Asher just seemed like just the coolest guy like, you know, man. You can sleep my sister. You seem like you could come around the house seems like a nice guy. You want to bring Chris around like Chris probably beat Mrs. Assets doing coke in front of her choking your father like hold up, man. It's Thanksgiving sit down. Even take 20 minutes to cause calamity. You know, pissed on the carpet. You're throwing up your tap dancing and shit. moonwalking on the floor to come up with a turkey. No, brother, you got to go. But actually you want to sit down and have a conversation with them. You tell you about life and stuff. You put that big and smile and start singing love him. Asha what made you cheat on Chile? To have the conversation he liked he just listened to confessions part two. It's all I tell you everything. You want to know what everything is in my songs. I ain't gotten in the laptop. These are my confessions. Like look, I didn't told you the truth. So that's what happened. That's That's fucked up though. Because it's it's a concert with all the people you're trying to bring together funding unity and this motherfucker get the fight. And so that is what's going on in the world of colored news. As of today, what you can jump on to next topic is fine. Jamie Foxx, why don't they tell us? What's wrong with Jamie Foxx? Like what's the big secret? They keep telling us? You know, just keep them in your prayers. He really needs your prayers. He's in critical condition. He's not doing good. We have no idea what this man got good. I don't want to. Why? Cuz that's between him and his family. That is the fucking business. And that they're asking us for prayers. Right? Right. Talking about praying about what am I praying for most of them. You're praying for some some serious? And if that's what you're? And that's all I want you to ask me. You need me to pray for him and keep hope he's in good health. I'll do that. But the rest of is up to the family. I hate like, okay, because as a matter of fact, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. You might have been Saturday, we had a conversation about Kobe. And I told him I said, the fucked up part is that, you know, because of how this world is. We knew about Cohen's death before Sammy did before his family even wrong, that's fucked up. We are posting pictures online and everything because we are so obsessed of being first and being right and being the first one to break this. Uh, no. This, uh, say this, uh, no, that, that I honestly, truly from the heart really appreciate the level of dedication and care that his family is putting into the secrecy of whatever it is that may involve whatever might go on, because it's gossip is gossip coach, right? It's no one could the first thing happened, like, he had a stroke. He had a heart attack. Something happened he got we put the worst possible thing upon whatever it might be. All I know is that right now he's getting a proper help that he needs. His family's there for him. They're looking out for him. He puts up on Instagram said I'm doing better, no blessing to everybody. And that's all you want. I hate that we live in a culture that everybody needs to know. What's wrong with someone at a particular time. Like, if if, if I need a moment to heal, give me a fucking moment to heal. Don't keep calling. Don't keep texting. Don't keep bothering me. When I'm right. I'll get in touch with you and listen to everything that occurred. But fuck a call and every five minutes like you Okay, okay. No, no, no, no, don't just stop, stop. I'm like, Let me deal with this didn't go in and do this, then that's what his family is doing. And all the people who run into people he's choosing to speak to. They let them know like he's doing okay. He's whatever and they're still not saying what it is like, that's nobody's business. And I really do appreciate that about everything that's going on. I'm glad that he's getting better. And when he has a time and a place to say whatever may have occurred, we'll be there to listen but until then leave that man the fuck alone need a pink it's red table talk show was canceled. And my first reaction was you know good now will can stop slapping people. Oh, no. And she could stop airing a business out and getting this man caught up out here. Looking crazy. No the fucked up part about the show. No one ever cared about the shit until something messy right but she was always on there areas shit out talking about her shit with Tupac talking about her relationship. We were talking about the kids and how fucked up they are and you know, whatever the fuck. Yeah, but when you're talking about other shit, nobody cared. Right? Like it served. It served no purpose except to be a vehicle for the ongoings of the Smith family outside. It didn't help much entertainment value. Like it's on Facebook. Like you got to be on like a fucking TV show or channel. Like anybody stopping to go by Facebook. Like have you ever watched a show on Facebook? Like religiously? No, no, no one does like it's there like you have it and the only time you guys got like, like tread on the show was really that that time like when you were wiling out when your husband or you're having this this this weird hostage negotiation situation for everybody, or talking about what's going on with your kids, I saw that any of them other guests. No one ever gave a damn because the interesting part isn't them, y'all. I mean, y'all are really the black Kardashians, which is weird, fake, but Right. But uh, but that's the thing, but the Kardashians have made a living off of putting their life on TV. Yeah, they monitor entire life is on TV for the last 20 years or whatever. The Smiths don't need to do that. So that's why question like, why what's the point of even having that show? You don't need to do that. They're irrelevant without that. And we love them without knowing their shit. You know, I'm saying like, Oh, we you know, where everybody compares power couples and black couples and black love. They say Jay Z and Beyonce. They say Will Smith and Jada. Right? Because they've been together the longest. These people have been together for 20 years. And it's rare in Hollywood to see that. But we don't want to see the ins and outs. We don't want to see the bashing. That's gonna make us be like, fuck, why you ruined the funds. You know what I'm saying? It's like telling us that Santa is not real. Like fuck, your relationship is not real. It's not what we thought it was is not perfect, like, Damn the ruin of us. And that's why I never believed and I just want to never did like it. Like the importance of the Smith family. It's not the Smith family. It's Will Smith. It's not the Smiths. Nobody cares with them. Kids do. What is it? What is Jayden doing right now? Isn't he like a model for like Revlon or Brooklyn or Victoria's Secret? Look, you gotta guess like, I think he doing that shit. No one knows. Right. Jada was doing a talk show now she not Will's an actor. He does his movies. Willow what she up to. Last time I saw Willow was on Saturday Night Live. She was performing a song with another shorty? How did that chart? I don't know. I liked the song that was behind the chart in your playlist. Exactly. It's not you know why? Because our whole family lives and breathes off what the fuck will does the willing doing shit in any Arabic because we'll enter the news. I mean, ain't none of y'all in the news. It's not the Will and Jada show is the will and Will's wife show. Trust me. Like that's the bug that part about Jada think about this. People kind of propped up as like a like a star to since like, but you never worry. You are a supporting player. But there was nothing I could say like you were star something maybe I think Whoo. But she was a supporting character and set it off. supporting character in The Matrix was the one she was in with. What she didn't shoot with Jamie Foxx. No, she wasn't. No, she wasn't. Not there's a movie headliner movie called Whoo. But that wasn't she wasn't a booty call. That was Tamela Jones and Vivica A fox. She was in the Nutty Professor supportive interest supporting Yep, keep going. She was in a low down dirty shame supporting Keenen Ivory supporting Yes. She's never actually started every day. Exactly. Never thought about that. Right? Because Because Because can we were seen as Will Smith wife and like, Oh, she got these things because she's kind of good at whatever it is. But the truth of the matter is in her entire career, she's never had a star vehicle that's been all hers all along and built her career off of that. She got them series as a supporting. Exactly. She is Will Smith's wife, she goes as well goes, whatever goes on beyond that is whatever goes on beyond that. Just like the whole thing you were talking about, you know, the whole idea of, you know, we look up to you guys, you guys are perfect. And I'm like, I've never thought that I'm like, This is bullshit. Because all the people I know, that have been in relationships, long term longest relationships. None of them should sit perfect, and they absolutely love one another. It's always some fun shit going on. It's always some some cheating or lying or betrayal or misunderstandings or some unclarity or half truths or whole lies or, or some anger or some some misguided feelings and notions. It's all of that shit. But at the end of the day, they still love each other period. And that's the thing that holds them together. It wasn't as we're perfect shit like no, we are to weirdly kind of in our own little way fucked up individuals that make this work because we care about each other and love each other. That's the difference. This perfect, pristine thing that we want to have bullshit the thing same thing with being Jay. We say that shit all the time. But Jay Jay is probably one of his best albums for for for him coming to grips with doing the bullshit was wife and when to be honest, is best almost eliminate her deal with the bullshit from her husband. It ain't perfect. And we put them on a pedestal and it kind of came to that debate. But guess what, she can go right back to being Will Smith's wife, he can go back to and bad boys for life to whatever the fuck you doing. And we're gonna keep on spinning. Congratulations on a modicum of success for exposing and alienating your family from Facebook views and they get to do some other shit. So God bless, man. Let's get into it Is that racist? Segment? I gotta obviously, I will. Tell me your first name. If you keep on talking. I'm gonna try to play it for you. Hi. We have NBA Playoffs going on. Right? We have Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics. You know he wears that black mask right? You know he broke his nose once upon a time whatever the case where now he just plays with this black mask on the face. The commentator and I don't even remember who commented It was some one of those white motherfucker said he says he got black panther vibes from Jalen Browns mask. He might have to be to challah snacks and having a good line like Jesus Christ. I was like all these fucking guys are racist. I know that I hate like lazy racism. Like it's like I can see if the joke land. It didn't land. Like the joke didn't hit if it did. But it did not hit it didn't hit. Never been was that racist? Was it? Yeah. No, it just white man being a white man. Like I say you try to be funny, but being funny. It's hard. It's not an easy task. It's really not. It's like one of the things you try to do. And it doesn't really work out too. Well. Lee, I want if I could pull it up here. I know. This is like great, you know, broadcasting people, but don't worry about almost if I get the volume up. I'm gonna need to tap this and rewind it. So I'm gonna play this with no context. Okay.


We had a phenomenal day today. Major League Museum, and Arthur Bryan's Barbie.


Let me run that back one more time. All right, ladies and gentlemen. Just living that is racist.


Phenomenal day today. Major League Museum, and Arthur Bryan's barbecue. So


it was a baseball game wasn't lucky do it automatically. You know how to baseball broadcast and give it up. So let me go ahead and do this because it's nice to have the Oakland A's broadcast at Glenn Kiper has been suspended after uttering a live racial slur were describing a trip to the Negro League baseball Museum. NBC Sports California and a statement Saturday said that caper will remain off the air until the view of what happened during the Friday night's broadcast. And a pregame segment on NBC Sports California before the A's played to Kelly Kansas City Royals. On Friday night hyper talked about a trip to the museum was Carly Dallas Braden, but seemingly mispronounced the word Negro making the sound instead like a slur. Negro and nigger do not sound the same bill there was there was no Miss pronouncement that's a slur worse mispronunciation of all time that's both for ESPN and say that but seemingly mispronounced the word knee row making it sound instead like a slur. He didn't make it sound like a slur. It was a slur The fucker you're talking about he clearly he clearly said nigger league museum not Negro nager art are one is an art it has a d at the end though. Negro nigger, D Li, right? Grow an earth growing girl and grow. You're not confusing numbers. And like my father was a pirate, right? And I'm like I'm not even kind of giving you like I'm not shooting billing this from like the no darkness and like I said, He's Yeah, he wrote like, he like he missed, like misinterpreting printouts. Nah, he said that like willingly and freely like he said this shit before. He absolutely went to the nigger league Museum. He went Hunter Fenton. You're like, like, man, look at all these diggers around me boy and they play baseball. Wow. Not only is that was that racist, and not only was that Is that racist moment? That was the Is that racist? Like I don't like and I don't think it's a fireable offense. Like I think you should go out there in front of black people everyday. Just have them look at you like, oh, you're a white boy said nigga. You went, you went to the Negev Museum. That's where you went. This weekend. Once he baseball in Vegas, that's what you that's how you don't this is what I would do. If I'm if I'm the Oakland A's right? For whatever day comes next Jackie Robinson day MLK Day, pick a day, June team, let's say June 10. Right? For June team for that game. We're going to have a special section where we're going to give some free tickets, right? Let's see whatever bleaches is only going to be African Americans in this section. And let's we're gonna put this gentleman in that sec. We're gonna need you to be in that section right in the middle. We got to preserve see for you. Section 205 The Negro section specifically for Juneteenth game, right. If you survive that day, we might let you back home to just go sit with the brothers and sisters for this one game. Needs to be sit down like just quiet what are the chances he comes out of there unscathed? Ain't gonna be the whole thing out you'll be thinking just because you say this we go home you're like No, we're not No, no, that'd be the stereotype. Absolutely. All we need to do is understand that fear is more terrifying and violence. The fear of violence is more terrified of violence coming over how we had a conversation about the kid that came to the door and got shot by the guy wasn't a violent act in the sense of the the young black man that it was the fear that it might be an action and that's great advice itself. Because if the kid when it came through like being awesome gangster comes into a blast if you had a gun or else like that might have given the man oh man time to go ahead and fight back but the fact that you're afraid that something might happen is more terrifying than something doing happen because it's almost like getting to a fight. Like you don't know how fight is going to be into actually getting them on what's gonna fight like I heard a little bit wasn't that bad? You don't know but the fear of actually being about to fight it's more terrifying than the actual fight itself. It'd be the same situation if that happened. They'd be sitting there and it's all kind of look at him he just trying to make small talk like now we're not talking to white boy. You're gonna explain what the fuck he said that. I didn't mean you meant the fuck you said nigger and Negro are two completely clearly different distinctions determinations. One has five letters one has six you pick the six letter one not the five so unless you play Scrabble before you gain some more points which may explain why the fuck you did that. Yo and since we're on the topic of sports, it says we're on the topic of racism ended with this one. Howard Stern outside Oh go ahead get down tell me this is racist. Go ahead. It's not if this is a whole racist episode today if not, but go ahead. Good. I know to my favor. Good. So he gets courtside seats to the Knicks games right. He says he's appreciative that the team gives him courtside tickets. But he's upset that the black players won't come over and say hello to me. But they go over to Spike Lee. Right. He said he said they go over to Tracy Morgan. And they and they do that bro shake and stuff. This is a direct quote. He said they do that bro shake and stuff. What the fuck is a bro shake and stuff? That's like I said those black guys doing that dance again. The black guy that doing that dance and the thing they know they shake their leg and they move their arms go this is what he said. I'm quoting yo, he was on the show. And he was asking questions. He's sitting courtside at the next game. He said Yo, I'm upset. They don't come say hi to me. They go say hi to Spike Lee. He said he goes say hi to Tracy Morgan and Chris Rock. They give Morgan bro shake. He says, I'm like these guys should hug me too. I mean, what am I I grew up in a black neighborhood. You know what I mean? I mean, they should know that but I get ignored. So he pulled out the car like I have black friends too, right? He pulled up from the bottom of the deck. Play this motherfucker right now. He says he notes that he doesn't see the players greeting other white people. He says, is everything racial now? Then he says, I just get upset. You know, fame to me is very important. I'll admit it. I like people to recognize me. I'd like to think it's a white thing, not my personality. I hope his racial, that's all. He continued. He goes, I grew up in a black yo, fuck, fuck this guy. You know why? He's been to the land community. He's been there to us. Okay. He's been that to us back when Selena died back in the day. Selena Kingston Nia Perez, Latin sensation. She fucking died and he made fun of her death. And he mocked her music, right? As if to say like, nobody knows she was until she died. No, Fuck you, motherfucker. He's been debtors. And then, years ago, he went on the Magic Johnson show in Magic Johnson had a TV show. short lived. He went on and he told magic. You know how he grew up in a black neighborhood. And he told magic and this is a direct quote. He says, I'm the blackest person, you know, I'm more blacker than you. He told magic. And later magic went on to say that he felt like smacking him. And he also went on to show here he was also making fun of like, magics HIV diagnosis and shit like that. Like one thing is being a comedian. Another thing is knowing you know, I'm saying your fucking roll. Magic should have smacked his ass. It's not magic. But magic said he felt like smack I know man you had you had to do the same thing with magic magic. Don't feel like Smash magic. Like I got money baby and smacking magic. I'm the blackest man you'll ever meet. I'm blacker than you are. He told magic. And now he's upset that the black players at the Knicks games don't come up to him and give them a dapper found or ugh. Or even an acknowledgement No, motherfucker. You know why? Because the culture doesn't fuck with you, bro. We haven't been fucking with you for the longest time. Yo, even when he was on America's Got Talent as one of the judges. We already know what it was bro. You know? When a black person was on that stage performing you know there was getting the buzzer from him. You know? He was gonna give him the x we already knew that because we fucked with Mel B. We fucked with how we we fuck with how we you know what I'm saying? We don't fuck with who it was the dude's name the owner. Which one was the fucking owner of the America's Got Talent and all this shit. The English racist motherfucker. I'm sorry Macau? Yeah, we don't fuck with Simon like that we fuck with Melby we fuck with how we write? We used to fuck with Nick Cannon we used to fuck with Tyra Banks when they was on there. They're not even on anymore. Partly because they fucking racist on their show. Now they got Terry Crews. You know how I feel about I'm not even gonna say he's his. His rhetoric is problematic to say the least. Right? Right. But we don't fuck that we never fought we Howard Stern you already know if it was a Mexican crew. There was a Latin crew up there dancing to sing and if it was a black brothers sister up there dancing and singing. You know he was gonna give you the x we already was expecting the X from Howard. When it was a colored person over there performing right? And now he got the audacity to say oh, he's the fucking black players don't say hi to him. You know fuck you because we don't fuck with you broke. The culture doesn't fuck with you. We haven't been fucking with you. And you racist. Howard Stern is Vendetta? Well, the thing people don't remember but Howard Stern has been dead to the fucking land community. I don't know how to how to know how to black folks feel about I don't know how to landfill it but he pinned it to us. The lines wasn't filling them neither. Neither ones the blacks. And no matter what I mean, this whole conversation is actually moved to me because when the Howard Stern Show was the biggest show in New York, there wasn't the audience for black and Spanish people it wasn't for them at all. It was like half of a percent bro it was it was for the it was for the for other boroughs in particular enclaves it pretty primitive to people outside of New York, and then a certain class people within New York, and then that shit was nationwide. But it wasn't a huge black audience. It wasn't a thing that black people turned into or as people of Hispanic descent turned into it was never our audience it would never ever was. So for him to be like, you know, these guys don't show me love. Like there was never anything about you that made us think that you were like something that was supportive. Not even of black people. Which I mean the majority NBA is made up of appeared just NBA players. When you go to Knicks games, you see Chris Rock. You see Tracy, you see spike pretty much all the damn time. We don't see you like that. You don't really rep the Knicks like that. You don't seem like you're the biggest fan anything else. But I bet you if he's at the Raiders game, or all of them start backing you know why? That's your core audience. Those people that still listen to you fuck with you and rock with you. They will do so. Of course fucking Julius Randle like I'll give you an apparently Who the fuck is this? Dude, I don't care for him. Like I don't know. Since the Howard Stern Show, but I have seen in school days I've watched Tracy Morgan I just saw Chris Rock special. And they always here they're always at the garden. So for him to spend some kind of special treatment or, you know, try to prove his, this point his blackness. Like, he pulled it into your car so fast. I was talking like a man, I grew up around black people. Look, man, having two black people in your neighborhood does not mean you grew up around black people. This means that black people happen to be in your neighborhood. It doesn't mean you grew up around them. You grew up amongst them, not around them. Different fucking story. You had you know Robin crows as your one black cohosts. And she was always on and off on and off THE shit he was pulling the pizza black people right here are some silly ignorance. You're like Beetlejuice or whoever the fuck it was. So what gives? You might even think most of the time whenever you had a black person was to make fun of them. Exactly. So what makes you think now that people should kowtow to you? Someone who is the king of a dying art. Because unless you're a big sports fan, you're not even listening to the radio like that. You're on a programming platform, but you've left New York, to join Sirius to do their thing. So you're still nationally broadcast but you're with them. You're not know the voice in New York anymore. You're not You're not a podcaster you're, you're just want a game show host. And you're I'm not saying that you're nobody I'm saying the truth of the matter is, and regardless of relevance to let's say, the NBA, the Knicks in general, fandom and, and culture. You don't serve a purpose. You don't have any relevance. So for you to get mad about that, and think that's just going to be different. You don't matter. There's nothing wrong with that. Because you not mattering does not mean that we're going to take away the hundreds of millions of dollars that you already have. But you're going to stop the bullshit out like why don't they come talk to me? You're not important. And it ain't up to me to go give love or go give depth or a bro hug or bro handshake or whatever the fuck you call it to someone who doesn't even understand what the handshake is or what it means to proceed right? Uh, why gotta bro Shrek we we do that? Do we call it a brochure? No, like, that's when white people should like their brother shaking hands so we're gonna call it a brochure just sounds racism. Yeah, it sounds stupid. like, Yo, man come and go. Like, most times, he's like, oh, man, I see that. You're gonna love magic. You do it you don't buy a man Come give me a bro shake. You know what that might not be a great name for like a fucking like, like a shake place like bro shake. Like, like make different ones like, differentiate? Yeah, like like like a B and J it'd be like, you know like chocolate like, like lemonade drizzle. But anyway, my damn I did two rants and today in this episode I should have because man it's been a minute I ranted on how we're not granted on Cinco Demayo This is life sometimes you gotta get shut off your chest. But yo like met the man said it's not easy being greasy in a world full of cleanliness. The culture y'all go check out the YouTube page man is so very slowly but surely but it's coming together the culture 2020 All right all right. Yeah. Hola Hola. Because he wants to do like just subscribe let the people go subscribe let him describe this my fucking maneuver but that's it but that's the problem he's describing like nothing pops up you never like it's described as concepts grabbed hold a spot because this month we're gonna do like reaction videos. Are we doing those? Like I had man your funeral because like if you're doing this shit, you sound corny. We never do that shit again. They'll be like, corny, we don't have to upload. Oh, man. This is funny. Like you don't take this bullshit down man. Like ha ha ha look, he fell down the stairs. Funny. You're the funny one of the two. I'll let you cook. Because everybody that listens to the podcast that tells me you funny. The whole thing and like reaction videos you kind of got to just look at the insanity of what people doing. It's like it's this guy. He does he does Instagram feeds. I think his name is Justin Whitehead. But you ever seen like my 600 pound life? Yes, he does. He think it's hilarious is just going off. It's wrong because they're trying to get their life together but he just says the funniest shit ever. But that's the whole thing just got to kind of react upon and let your brain go like alright, it's my fault because it's insane. Like why am I doing this? As a matter of fact, you have a I think I showed this before it was a singing group in the night is called as yet and it came out with a song called last night. When you get a chance. I just want you to take a look at the video. Because that might be the one we lead off with just to get your early thoughts on it. Because it's like what's what's it called as yet David? As yet AZ ye T The song is called last night. Now Muse The video buddies wouldn't give you I don't know, 300 400,000 hours, maybe back today, maybe a little bit more. When you look at this video, I can honestly tell you if they gave those dudes a half a million dollar budget, they probably pocketed $490,000 just yet, they pour that money. They didn't put a fucking thing into this video. It's nothing but green screen of them nickels and white suits looking like in heaven, I swear to God, just take a look. If they gave them half a million dollars, they palmed 95% of it. I guarantee you when you look and I went I listened in order to do the same thing. The name of the group is as yet ese y et This is not like a promo for them. They they're not performing. They're not getting any royalties off, shut it off. The video was called last night you can look at it on YouTube. And for a bunch of guys who are professional singers. This might be the cheapest fucking video I've ever seen. And I really want to know what the budget was for that because if they gave them a lot of money, they palmed it if they didn't give them a lot of money touche cuz they really made that shit stretch, but trust me, check it out. The culture. peace.