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June 21, 2021

Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody

Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody
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In this fathers day episode, the guys discuss Juneteenth, the Eve and Trina Verzus, and more hilarious Batman slander.

Other topics discussed:

  • Julio Cesar Chavez' final boxing match
  • African American studies
  • Juneteenth federal holiday
  • Dame Dash getting sued by Rock-A-Fella Records
  • Batman doesn't eat vagina?
  • Nets getting eliminated from the playoffs
  • Jeff's Fast Round and more!

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Featured song: Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody - Kid N Play

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Jeff DeLaRosa:

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, thank you for tuning in to another installment of the culture. This is Episode 48. Your boy Jeff when my man was good, homie, here,


what's going on y'all?

Jeff DeLaRosa:

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. It's gonna be one of those freestyle episode, we're going to talk about everything and anything. I'm glad you kept it simple with the five state thing. Let me let me do some elaborate as far as that. No, no, no, no, because I hate when like his father's day and like, I feel like women to like, no Happy Father's Day to the fathers. They're being real fathers to their kids, like, shut up, shut up, somebody got mad if they Happy Father's Day, somebody got mad at me on Twitter, because you know, how you always say, you know, Happy Father's Day to all the fathers. And then for the mothers who play the role or for the single mothers, you know, Happy Father's Day to you to some people don't like don't do that. I know. I know. But I didn't. I was that guy. So I said that on Twitter. I was like, you know, Happy Father's Day to all the fathers. And also to the mothers who play the role, you know, whatever. And then some guy responded to me like, Oh, you know, like, whatever. I don't know, he let me see why you keep them for these women. Some do he put I knew someone wouldn't be able to resist. shake my head. clown. Yeah. It's like I because you because if you never hear the other way around, yeah, I get it. Everyone can be the better even though we could give it the better person and acknowledge them. Yeah, but but way more single mothers and they're all single fathers. And you know, it's not easy. We have but the whole thing is that you don't hear anyone say like, Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's Day into the father's taking care of like, like, you don't hear to reverse mother. How many fathers Do you know play both parts mother and father. Even if you're a single father, you're getting advice from women that you don't want what I do here, there's only so much you could do. You know, I'm saying the single mothers though they got to play both part when they don't have a father figure in their life. They got to be the mother and the father. You know what I'm saying? I think if you're a father, you don't have a choice. Like you got to play both parts. Like you got to like, it's weird because it only think about it in a sense. If you have a daughter, I think people think about it that way. I think if you're a single father and you're you have a boy, you know, think about it in that sense. But when you have a daughter, like I gotta be sensitive towards them, I gotta treat them. Like you look at each spread to something different. Yeah, but you would look if you were if I was a single father, I would look towards you know, my mom's and my sisters or aunts and uncles or cousins, you know, females in my family, you know, for guidance and for help and for assistance and for nurturing You know, I'm saying stuff that maybe you can't provide when there's a single mother You don't really see them looking for no father figures you know, they're not they're not looking to for homeboys or male friends or male relatives to help them be a mother and a father you know, I mean, they just do it. It's in their instincts to do both, or whatever I gave him a shout out it is what it is. Moving on. Yeah, I mean, just just Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. Just keep it simple. Like if you're doing your job Happy Father's Day if you're not do better. Shout out to our patrons the mob with some merch recently they got some culture hats. Oh, I don't have my hat on right now. It's in the car I was wearing earlier. Or sometimes like I said to pat like Yeah, man. Like, like, get me like get my man made gotta me like, like, was the reason I took the hat off. I'm like, oh, okay, okay, you gotta be you gotta tell them go subscribe. Yeah, yeah, I was like this cylinder to the people again just check it out. Just put in a cocoa pod check all the streaming sites we on there. Like I man, I check it out. Appreciate it. Shout out in the audience have a cup of coffee. I should have bought him a cup of coffee just just the name of the coach. It's actually just secured him just like you I got that for you. Like as I pay for your coffee, go ahead and download the podcast like this. We're gonna do all your coffee. Give me a phone let me let me sign you up real quick and put the pod on but he looks a little shifty. I want to touch that man. I want to shout out to my man James praying we had him on last week because this show was hilarious. I think there's people that are still laughing from the from the episode. Any anger management man, he got to talk somebody if you ain't If you ain't. If you ain't go ahead and listen to the whole shit till the end. You might as well go back and listen to the very end. The after credit scene, because this dude is hilarious. He was like I thought this was the culture. This is the voltage podcast. Like what? You got it? Yo man. You just angry like, yo, why are you mad bro? Like, be happy drink water. Yo, his first words when he came on was like fuck y'all, man. Yeah, Jesus Christ. Like we hosted you hemo wipe his feet and he walked out. He just came in mud in this boot. wreck and shit. I kind of I kind of want to bring him on again, though in the future. You got to get his shit together. What else we gonna talk about? Juneteenth federal holiday Hey, happy Juneteenth bro. Appr ciate that, man. Thank you. Apparently you had off from ork. I did not take it off. Yes. I mean, my job acknowledged it a d they spoke about it. They ent out emails and actually aid whoever wants to eithe leave early or take off on Fr day. They can but they were go ng to use that as PTO. So I was like, nah I'm assuming that Bide signed it into law that it s now a, you know, national h liday. I'm assuming that at star ing next year, you're gonna mea , companies are gonna start obse ving it. And even though it was a Saturday this year is pro ably gonna be a Sunday next ear, but I'm expecting that Mo day off. I got it. It's got o get to the other house. I mea , they passed it. But then, I me n, you sign the law and one h use pass it up to the other ho se to be like, Yeah, we got Ye h, I'm expecting. I'm fully e pecting to have that Monday ff next year. Um, but yeah. Hap y Juneteenth my brother. If it a so you this is important to notice, because I was gonna ducate for those that don't kno , a lot of people was like, Yo, I didn't even know this was a hing until like, last year, uz I guess last year's when p ople really started talking ab ut it, but it's been around s nce the 80s. Texas has been cel brating Juneteenth for very l ng, right, because it's the ay general Granger that was name Granger, and former slaves of Galveston, Texas, that they w re officially free. Yeah, I mean but so I missed that part. I me n, America got two years of fr e labor in Texas because it was 't no cell phones. Well, n messaging, right. Like, it didn t get to the rest of us for a inute. They were like damn, w 've been free for two years tod y, they know I peckish like dam up back been hurt. Or this ti e you know, you can you can leav now. Fuck you're going oh, we free Brian knew we had a mas er No, he was like, I'm not go na leave now. Yeah, free to go. Hey, we were free two years ago It looks like you can kind of get some hazard pay because I've been out here for Can I get b nus Can I get like overtime word we're just going to do e're going to do is give me like 14 bills that is cotton. So the ellas off you know, off the you know, thanking me for these extr two years of service I the tra e off then I'll go about my me ry way. It hope it was l ke some of his clients like so ebody is calling and see if yo can sell it. It says a lot abo t American history. I thin the thing that we miss and m sinterpret is that we don't g t taught this stuff at all. Yo know, we get we get taught C lumbus in school. Yeah, the eachers Columbus discovered A erica. Even that was a li . Correct that it is almost irre utable proof that he didn't ecessarily discover America someone else did but he got cre it for All right, cool. But the hole thing is that we still cel brate that day because it's o important. The thing that pi ses me off about Juneteenth an, I just don't want white peo le to be out here tripping, b t I know to go into like, I li e next year I don't want to see your June team fail. That's g nna bother me. Oh, you kno what's coming, bro. I know wha 's coming but I'm not doing targ t Juneteenth electronic SEO eve ything I'm not nine I'm not percent off. I'm not buying noth ng that day. I think that's j st wrong and inappropriate. The likes it why people always o Op and holidays. Like why p ople love the love Cinco de Mayo even though that's not ac ually Mexican independ they don t even know they don't even kno they just going out. No, I tacos and drink beer. And Ch vy's is going to be full of peop e in all these restaurants. Yep St. Patty's Day to loaded. Li e you're not Irish. I don't car . I have no idea what we're cel brating on St. Patty's Day. All know is I'm gonna eat that co ned beef and cabbage. And I shou d just bang every beer that with that with that sweet bread. soda bread. Yeah, so my question now is this though. Alright, so they make Juneteenth for hol day? What about like, okay, ow Mexicans are going to be like yeah, we need cinco demayo o be a national holiday. We nee this and that, like, every ever race, and every country is gon a want it. I mean, what are t ey holidays to be observed? Hel , no. Next thing, you Across around the year, if anyone else has said I will fight that tooth and nail, I will fight. Because the whole thing like I understand like, like, you have your days here, where you're acknowledged, and like that should be done. But the American experience in regards to African Americans is distinctly tinged with pain, anguish, violence, for a very long time. This is continuing to this day, right? So I think you should give some credit to the people who literally built this country. By I mean, the slave trade brought a lot of wealth to this country. Cotton rum, the triangle, the slave triangle, so on and so forth. All these things. Were off the back of African Americans. I think you deserve something. I think this is this is the right step. I think a lot of black people are mad because there's other things they are asking for. They aren't getting, but I get that but that takes time. Like reparations should be on the board that is an anti lynching bill that they just refuse to sign. Was that what basically make it you know, a crime to look for hate crimes? Yeah, it shouldn't be that hard. Yeah, it shouldn't be that hard. There are certain things that we are asking for and we're getting and people are saying like, you know, he's just crumbs off the table. Like, we'll give you that. No, no, you're not given us a day you should have been given today. We earned that. As a matter of fact, like I said, most people don't even know what it means. Like, it should be something that shouldn't be in history books, often like slavery ended 1863 it wasn't actually over over over until two years later because we couldn't get the troops down there to tell everybody that they were free. They were going through this and going from place to place like Hey, yo, you're free. You can go. Yeah, hey, you know, hey, put that cotton down. Hey, hey, dropping you out here. You're free man. No, it's, it's important just for the history of itself. I think every seducer I think every school should have an African American Studies class. It's like we have social studies. And we have this bullshit history class. And these are not elective. These are like mandatory courses that we have to take. This shouldn't be an African American Studies. I know some universities have it and some schools do. Every school that should be like a requirement. It should be part of you know, I'm saying, I think in America, yes. Okay. Well, yeah. Cuz like I said, we're so distinctly tied into the culture of America, like it's unavoidable. Even now. They're fighting back on like, teaching people critical race theory, they think is racist, like, no, we're trying to explain like the history of the United States and how it blends itself into the racist ideologies and tendencies and laws of nature from school, they have called these things. Yeah, like, Look, make it I guess, when people are like, Look, we gave you Martin Luther King, what else do you want? want everything we hope build the ship? When everything yeah, blacks literally helped build this country. And even beyond that, every aspect of culture, every company where there's music, you know what I mean? Dance, television. Like, we influence their very being correct. Everything is influenced in some way or another by black culture. You know, I mean, exactly. Almost every single genre, except maybe country and some people don't even argue that, you know, was originated from Black Country to like, so yeah. African American Studies, and you don't have to focus just on the slavery part. We can focus on everything, you know, all the cultural things that they've influenced. Teach the shit. Yeah. I mean, I mean, I'm gonna do we have discussion before about Ray Charles now, we didn't that wasn't us. But Ray Charles was influencing the country music, Charlie pride. People like that. That, you know, you probably give like, proper credit to, but you're not going to. Yeah, we always talk about how Elvis you know, copied his style from African American rock music or whatever. Oh, fuck you. Oh, yeah. So me like we deserve some credit man. Like it's and it's not like we're begging for like, we just want to get the proper do in regards to it. Like I said, I mean, we are like this. You think a country music? Like what do you think of? Oh, Nelson, Willie Nelson. Literally part of it. Like, um, like, like, anything. If you think of like old old country music you think of like, some some some guy. Let's say the white guy sitting on a porch with a banjo. Right? And a dog has to be like a German Shepherd of some sort. Right? But but the the banjo was from like, West Africa. Like the design in the sound of it was made by us, like, as a part of how we made music. And then once they took it, like, I know we can pull it over the country music like, you see, you're always taking shit and I give him proper credit. That's all we asked him for. Oh, asking for credit. That's it. Just in credit. We did this. Like it's a group project. I want, you know, my share degree. But in fact, you push that history like the shooting never happened. It's like, frustrating. But we got Juneteenth June Juneteenth, we're working on other things like so we got to get the anti lynching law passed. It's far too long. There's a lot of things you need to change about this country. Last year, we saw a shift, especially the death of George flow with probably, you know, kind of help push it forward. You know, but still more work to do. So. I'm just glad to happen for now. You have a day off next year, you should be good to go. How long before we get a black person on a bill on currency? They've been trying to get Harriet Tubman on the 20 for a while. Right. Harriet Tubman or what was the other one Sojourner Truth? Yeah, like just the whole thing, man. Like, why is it that hard? Like I'm looking at shit you could put Obama now and I like I just want people get mad like, I would never carry a twin in my wallet. There's a black woman on it. Alright, cool. If you don't want them, she's given to me. Hold on to him. Like I don't like I can go into beggar like I got all these new 20s Give me the old 20s that a circulation or if anything for now. They'll make them rare like the $2 bill. They'll make like a $4 bill with you know, Harriet Tubman on it or $6 bill with Obama on it. Some of them in circulation in the whole country. A $7 bill, a $7. Bill? Like it's fine. They're round numbers. 510 2015. Like, give me a $7 bill. No, absolutely not. And some stores were like, Nah, we don't have odd numbers here. So unless it's a 501 and I'm letting you know, right If next year if I see somebody saying that we're having a June teen Pharaoh and the price is three fifths off, I'm sniffing somebody you're gonna see a bro I'm calling it right now. If someone does it, if they overtake it three fifths off, somebody gets snuffed, ASAP 90% off sale for June T. Look at them. They're free. And so was this when you buy one, get one free. That'll be terrible markets have gone it'll be terrible marketing, somebody's gonna need to check whatever company says, Come on now. They do terrible marketing all the time. Would you really put this past? Anybody really think about that you would think that, you know, in 2021 2022 when they're when they're having these meetings that you know, you'd have you might you know, you'll have some minorities in there some color people telling them No, that's not a good idea. We've been trying to tell white people, like they need like every advertising company needs like a, like a coalition of colors. Like I like to want to check off. Yeah, like, it should be somebody of one person of every single race no two people could you one should be male, one should be female, of every single race that's not white, and winning before you even put a commercial idea. Show it to them. And just ask, Is this offensive? If it is, you should probably go back to the drawing board. That simple because, I mean, they're not going to do that. But they want to paint What was that? What was that clothing line or magazine or whatever it was, like couple years ago when they had like little you know, there I forget like sweaters or something. And they had like the little black kid with like a with a sweater with like a monkey on a king of the jungle. Something like that. Yeah, that should be that should became a whole backlash. like, yo, whose idea was this? And like I said, they don't think it over only like they rather No, apologize didn't just be right from the beginning. Oh, he wasn't looking at no race. He wasn't No, it was just a kid modeling our sweater like Yeah, right. Cuz you weren't. It's not the image you put across man. You wasn't thinking about it. That's the problem, though. Yeah, it's like if like, like, I don't care if it sounds fucked up. And like if home like Home Depot has an advertisement and there's like a Mexican on a tractor. Okay. It's like, the optics of it or look, right, right. You're trying to sell the tractor, but you could put in could have put a little kid up there. But because you did that you're there's a connotation that goes along with it. You probably you see the white dude on the back like his owner just in the background telling him like, yo, you miss a spot right here. Yeah. Shooting with a glass. I'm like, Jesus fucking Christ, man. This racism is killing me. But yeah, let's let's move on. Because I got a lot of shit to get into. You know, I'm happy today. Yes. You know, I'm saying you know what, I'm going to go ahead and get into it. I don't wanna spend too much time on it because I'm happy because the New Jersey slash Brooklyn Nets are officially eliminated from the 2021 NBA playoffs. Yes. I'm ecstatic. Because I know how much I hate. The it's not even the thing. I keep telling people not even the Nets as a team like the team itself. It's the players that they currently have on the roster. Namely, Kevin Durant. James Harden. And Kyrie I play whenever I feel like it Irving. What is even his injury that he couldn't even play because James Harden was out there on one leg. He had like a spring to sport What is it a sprain to or whatever hamstring they agree to hamstring to spring and he was playing he played the last two games he wasn't really doing much but he was out there. You mean to tell me on a twisted ankle, Kyrie can attempt to play I mean he sprained ankle like a week ago he wrote that shit over whatever he was playing on I give it up to the ran he did it he did his thing was dropping 4050 points. They played his ass he played 48 minutes the one game game sick then he played 50 minutes right if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, game two. Yeah, right. I was waiting for his legs to fall off. I'm like let's do it never played as much coming off an Achilles injury they go his legs are just gonna shatter his tiny little twigs that he has of legs but he did his thing. It wasn't enough the Bucs overcame even though the Bucs tried to give them the surgery. They just tried to give it away. But yeah, like it's best offensive player I've ever seen. I'm sorry to tell you that most importantly though, you have the bucks on the east and then they're gonna face either the winner of the Hawks and the Sixers and on the other side you have the Phoenix Suns in the Utah jet and no no in the Los Angeles Clippers, la clippers. Right so that's parity for the first time in a long time It feels like we have some semblance of parity in the NBA which it's a it's a good thing for me and for the fans that want to see that the ratings are going to probably be low so in the in the commissioners I in the NBA His eyes are probably like this is not good for business next year we need the nets in the Lakers, you know in the finals, and they're gonna probably do whatever it takes to get that to happen because but well i mean that's that's outside of the control. Oh, they can't they can't influence it that way. This is like the first time and like the longest we don't have LeBron in the finals or Steph Curry in the finals or I mean And this is 100% of NBA for like the first time in like a in like 10 years and we don't have these guys in the finals. We don't have like the super teams in the finals, because it's 1,000% the NBA for the summer, but I feel like that's good for me. Hopefully the ratings won't be down. But that's also ultimately what will dictate you know, obviously now the kids want to see the stars play. They want to see LeBron, they want to see the rank. But to me this is good for the league when you have parity when you don't have just the same two or three teams winning every year. You got to blitt the same parity it'll be back to Lakers and nets because the whole thing they verse this season up so fast they didn't give anybody any real time to reflect like LeBron and him. They played the finals in Windows back almost two months later, right? You make a 40 million a year you don't go out there and play right but yeah, but but you so it was already a shortage at the end, they got all types of days off. They only play like two games a week. Right? But you still got to take care of your body didn't play a bad game. They gave him all types of rest days. It was only a 72 game season, which is 10 games shorter and the guys still played like 50 or 60 games guys like kawhi Leonard, LeBron and Kurt you know these guys are getting rest days. right but like like like you enjoyed your vacation right? Right But you needed time off this all it is like I'm saying like, like I don't want to touch a basketball for two months and they got they got two months off. No right none of the other team did the Lakers played in the finals. Damn it two and a half months later, they right back at it cuz remember, it's not two and a half months later, they had a shortened training camp, everything else like that. They're not acclimated like it shows kawhi and Paul may or may not have COVID A be hurt. Durant held up amazing art and heart and hurt. Kyrie hurt. Yeah, Ben Simmons sprained his vagina shit like that. But the Nets around a lot I know there'll be back next year all the three are healthy, the big three there'll be in the final so and that was always the thing with them is like they're probably the hands on favorite if they say how the window was closed in two more years left with those three guys together unless they all decide to resign. I mean, different workout a contract extended they might do all three might resign this offseason just to get out of the way. Like if this is where we want to be. Let's Let's do it. Alright, well, I want to read some we have actually a couple of new reviews on Apple. Oh review time, sir. So we have two new ones. This one comes from somebody named Hale front. And it goes title was fun podcast great vibe. Lots of great vibes from this show. really enjoy always making me rethink about how I see things and lots of great information about things to help broaden my mind. enjoy very much some cool guys here for sure. And I want everybody to know like we're not paying these people we broke wouldn't we not broke we knew they just handed out one like Yo, I'll give him five hours. Go ahead leave review. Now that they listen, I want y'all to speak out if you feel this way. Good, bad or indifferent. We want to hear from y'all. What you like what you don't like. We appreciate that man. Thank you. Hopefully you learn if I'm from the shit. And then I have one from somebody named D Tom sports. He says added to my favorites. The hosts are entertaining and funny. The topics are right on time from hip hop music to hip hop culture to sports to Current Affairs. Jeff and Anthony are meant to be a podcast team and it shines in every episode. Keep up the great work guys you have a new fan in me Thank you sir. Or ma'am I don't know about meant to be I'll be tolerating you at some time. On Wednesdays man you lucky I love you You want to quit you want to quit right now in Edinburgh who's really going to sit in the seat who has been nicknamed me co here placeable buddy dog I'll take a month off everybody's got a price like the million dollar this price is free. Free dog I will take a month off go find somebody for them see how that works. You know what you have mica be perfect chill chill chill chill. But Mike Oh my cheat this mike mike a never available my kids might be here and everywhere like last might be on his car in San Diego just get notice ah Lord I just get notifications some for some reason on Facebook Mike sheet there is now in such as such town Mike sheet there is now in this country. Like I'm like what Mike? Mike is in Nepal. Like why is he okay? And every time he goes somewhere a man I know. But I hope he does that like after he gets home cuz that's how you get robbed. Like, oh, he not home? bed. I like his TV. Like Mike Mike sheets. We love you man. Shout outs you need to stop posting every time you're not home. They're gonna rob you. Everybody knows exactly where you're at. At any given moment, all public. It's all public information like Oh, you're in Florida, right? Oh, you bout to get robbed Your house is vacant. Like, Welcome to TV to the couch. God and God. Appreciate that. Man. I need a new living room set. Cops only had like 48 hours to really get some good leads. It's been a week. Thanks. Packed with a u haul so fast neighbors looking at like, are they moving out? Yeah, we're just moving people to worry about just just just putting in storage. Everything's all good, man. Promise. We're not gonna rob you, Mike. I don't know about inducing in the north northwest, but when Robbie now we'd like you to forget it. Other Shilla we've got some various, a very serious topic that I want to bring up very briefly. That means not serious, but very serious stuff here. Okay, it means that you know more about it than I do. Because this has been circulating in the news for the last like past week. And we spoken about this gentleman here before you you express your disgust towards this gentleman. Batman does not eat vagina. Is that is that correct? Is that what I understand? Apparently not. What is that about? Weird topic, that man. Because what was it a movie or TV series? Like I'm not up on these DC shows like that? Like I am on the Marvel shows. But apparently they had explained the shit to me. Apparently, it's like they said DC like Batman can't go down on Catwoman because heroes don't do that. But it was a scene on like that they were trying to do for like the Harley Quinn show or something. Right? bra if I ever told a woman like woman's like, Yo, I don't go down why heroes don't do. Oh, he said. He said bats don't do that. They say here Oh, that's like dc dc was like heroes trying to tell me like so Superman don't go down that cool.


Like, like, you know, like, like, you can't sell toys. Because Batman eats pussy. That's a weird thing. Like, how did this come about? Like Like, apparently like he was like an on Harley. He was supposed to do that. But DC was like, You can't do that heroes. Don't do it all. And just don't write. And they're trying to say like, you know, we sell toys and, and the words verbatim or we sell toys. It's hard for us. So Batman toys if he if he goes down on women. I'm like, What? Like? Like, what do you sell more toys of Batman? I don't know. Suck big. I have no idea. It's such a weird thing to say. Like, why are you sexualizing Batman? You already know I hate Batman because he's a guy who drifts up and let them beat up minorities every night. It's ridiculous. But the whole point is like, if you got to put if you got to put it in a cartoon like you could do it like just before he does it in like cutaway. So you know, you know if he did or not he might have got down and stop like, I don't do that. I'm Batman and some shit like that man and then just fly out the window. On Batman leave her there were like a blue, not blue balls. But what is the female equivalent to blue? I don't know. A swollen rose. pink rose. pink rose, like, but then you seen Zack Snyder was like on Twitter. And he was like posting images of like, Catwoman or whoever. Yeah, it was a little bit of shit. And that's why I hate America. How do we get to this point where there's an actual discussion about why Batman like so are we gonna do this for all superheroes? But you know, Batman probably lost a lot of female fans. Yeah, it's like when DJ Khaled Said a couple years ago that or was it last year that he doesn't like like, you know, going down on women or whatever? women took offense. Like he says he says he doesn't do what I'm saying. And women took that seriously like what you mean you don't do it at all? Are you a grown man and don't eat no cooks? Yesterday? That's weird to me. That's the first time I ever hurt anybody in certain DJ Khaled. When he said some shit like that women were like, well, we don't we don't like your fat ass anyway. You ugly thing is like if you're just like, next question. Next time, like just avoid it like it's easier to do that and be like, Nah, man, I don't even know what you mean. Like I just don't you see a dog everything apparently looking at you everything else is a part of your diet except that for like, like like maybe you should like taste that and it might help maybe you're gonna wait into his like in real shape to say some shit like that. Because it was working out but you still always looks the same. Right? Like, like get like get the weight off your den. You can say something like that. But like how do you eat everything? Everything else? Everything else is one thing. Like you're allergic to food allergy to vagina. Word. colic, you keep doing that. Look, Batman, he puts he just not in the comics. He he throws. Okay, there we go. Bruce Wayne. He's first Oh, Batman. Oh, so wait a minute. Okay, so what's the difference when he's in costume? He doesn't do it. Why would he? Why would it be having sexual relationships with a whole costume on that weighs like 100 pounds leather. Yeah. Why would he be doing any type of sexual activity with the suit on? Like, like, I get hot eaten probably underneath the covers. I can imagine what a 100 pound rubber suit on It's probably uncomfortable so Bruce Wayne probably does it not bad maybe we got it on that stuff maybe we misunderstood what he was trying to say maybe he was saying I can't eat with I can't do that with this outfit on like I gotta get comfortable Just give me a minute let me go back to the layer let me take all this shit off it's gonna take about half hour to take all the shit off and I'll come back yet because oh it's Monday like I need to get the bat suit on because I don't see a zipper no because he needs Alfred to help him This should take like a half hour to get on bro so people are hearing this reads done takes a half hour to put the shit over half hour smooth probably more because you got to put the belt on you got to figure out how to slide out of the cave getting the call like you got to turn it on I got you probably got a warm up with the bathroom will be warm it up you know I'm saying the bat like come on he's gonna take him like a smooth 45 minutes by the time from from the time that Commissioner Gordon turns on the bat signal so the time he arrives on the scene is gonna probably be a smooth 45 minutes when you could just call Superman real quick just yell out Superman he'll be there in a matter of seconds just or just alright this is dumb shit right Commissioner Gordon puts on the light to signal bathroom right? You the cops? Why you bro you don't get the resources that Bruce Wayne and Batman have we talked about you you have men you have people that are employed as

Jeff DeLaRosa:

they are does that job done one of them was commissioned to go and even have a job was not fired. Well who's gonna be like who's gonna be the head of police Batman just like Batman does somebody else because apparently commissioned to go in and get this job like oh, this should get to heaven. Let me hit me hit this light hit the bat light. Yeah. And he don't come right away like I still got a smooth 45 minutes for him to come here. You could only turn the light on at night. Exactly. Not doing it is useless in the daytime. No, so pointless. Oh, so if Joker Bane whoever attempts to rob a bank in the daytime, they're in trouble like, unless you're cops gonna do something about it. Batman is helping you as you gotta wait to at least nvm it's taking a man 45 minutes to put in that suit by that time. Joker and murdered eight people to faith and fit three people on fire penguin and murdered a couple people just because he getting dressed to go to work. Like seriously like like like after eight o'clock Batman should just literally just be sitting in his house in the leather like I'm just gonna sit here and wait because or sometimes they just stay on top of the building's like like a gargoyle. He'd be on top of the cathedral. So just waiting for the light to show up. We'll just keep this floating around shit. And like, and don't tell me when it comes on. You're gonna get to this part of town and that part of town in less than 10 minutes? Well, it's nice. It shouldn't be like a traffic. It's not like he should be. And like I said he doesn't fly. He has a grappling hook that might get it from one point to another but he drives um, imagine some shit happen and Batman is so stuck in a traffic jam. I'd laugh my ass off like Batman's in a traffic jam. Yeah, what is he doing a try mother? I don't know. He got he gets you gotta you gotta gotta pull up and sit there like alright it's like you know how like we got the parkway like imagine the parkway Oh jammed up and Batman's there? Where's it going? He go ride the shoulder Come on. Then that biggest Thank you. Chicago Chicago was very populated. Traffic sucks in Chicago. I'm driven to Chicago up he's right with a minority. Yo somebody put I think you guys you're the one that sent me was somebody I posted yo Yeah Really? Yeah really tested my love for Batman the other day someone said Batman could lose his powers if the IRS audit him but it's true I get this man yeah the other one thing like we got a war we need to search your kV we need to search this cave of yours and we're gonna find all types of illegal ass weapons and shit that's not been registered like Yo, you got you you got a war for this bazooka bro like what you're warming up don't don't like every year like like the property assessor has to come by and see what's hidden they don't know. They don't know how to get down to the cave is hidden dog it's still your property like like we got it. We got it. We had to count all of this acreage and land if you go on top of the hill we need to see if we find the axis can we find the axis pen with the flag? How much property tax you think fucking Bruce Wayne is paying for that. But I ship it i don't i don't think it bothers him because he's a billionaire. Yeah, but it's probably a lot he probably contributed a lot to Chicago. Chicago's economic probably probably breaking so like. Like I said, that's my whole problem with Batman. You have billions upon dials and you have all this technology we can just give to the police and make your life easier. You don't have to be Batman just give them the shit that's it just be Ilan Musk, you treat. That's my that's my favorite one. I'm going to do it and Matthew by the eighth at 1am and Batman comes out of nowhere to break your arm say shit like that. You know? This my second everyone said Amen. I love Batman but the fact that his arch enemy has been given him hell for seven years in winter dress shoes never sat right with Mi t shirt. You know, Batman is the only superhero that that couldn't break out if he got locked though he just got to do his No, I'm just gonna have to wait for his sentence and wait for his court date. Like, I imagine they had to take the picture. He's still wearing a mask with the front shot. You know, what's the worst if Batman goes to trial? Who can he really call besides a butler? his butler will probably be dead by the time the trial starts. Who can he really call to defend them? None of the shorties he's ever dated, because they all hate us as you know. I mean, he got enemies and friends girlfriends. But the thing is, he came to call out for it because once he calls out for them, they know he's Bruce Wayne. Correct? Well, he doesn't mean well obviously was if he's in court. If he's in the trial, they already know who he is. He's not gonna go to trial dressed up as Batman. He's gonna be an orange jumpsuit with no mask on how to and like I said, and how do you put him in the prison where he didn't put everybody that's there? They're all Yeah, they're gonna have to put his ass in some solitary confinement shit, but he is not going to Gen pop like he's going to die like like 80% of people that in this prison he didn't put here they even put them right in Arkham to Oh, Bruce, you hear Oh, fucking he was in there with the ruler with Joker. He should be able to get out of the joking memberikan that that person first moved 15 years ago puts his ads right back in. Right him shit. Like y'all want to show just like just sit him in a cage in the middle of somewhere and just bring him food. Yucky. put them inside a prison and the first thing that happens you don't go back to the same bullshit every time. Yo, somebody somebody said. I still find it funny that someone said if Batman and Kevin from home alone had the same amount of preparation time Kevin would wash Batman up give them some toy thumbtacks give them some tape and glue. Here what Batman has asked in the house, put them in the house together. See what happens. Yo, Batman's Batman shit cost like hundreds of millions of dollars. Kevin from home alone spent $28.42 cent Home Depot and took care of two criminals he will go to Home Depot just to put Kevin in an abandoned building. And that he that's all he needs. He's gonna go to Home Depot gift card for $20 and put them in an abandoned building. He will wash you so he booby trapped the whole house in less than two hours less than two hours and brutalized the hell are these people? nope that's what they're Batman's for this year. That's why I was told I Batman for Superman stupid like if Superman if you don't know x ray vision, heat glass killers do call it a day yo somebody I hated that show somebody said if you like Batman out the Batcave hearing them But Mark Cuban show me where the live show me with Elias yo Mark you've been doing look like Mark like like Bruce Wayne a little bit. Imagine Bruce Wayne imagine Bruce Wayne slash Batman has given a bad phone call Alfred to in the morning after the old asleep like yo could you open the door for me? I forgot my key sleep last night Batmobile don't come in the house fuck you he goes to sleep right in that cost press the button Yeah, like y'all mad again. Gas went up to three bucks kit was Batmobile to sit and listen to an XM Radio like man my battery's about to die. I'm running out of gas can't stop my shit this fucking car that shit is like a total of the ocean it takes like 12 hours to fill these holes on diesel fuel. Just diesel that's it like like he can't put in a premium here. No regular diesel Yo, man I ain't expected I'd be mad. If I went to a funk I went to a gas station the Batmobile pulls up to me I'm like yo fuck it we'll be here for like two hours went up to shit man yo yo let me get 10 on 10 regular premium real quick because he gonna be here for like 45 minutes feeling that big anxious mood like yo bats you might want to go fight something real quick fight some chrome and just come back in about half hour yeah now take take a little grappling hook go fly over there go figure some shit out go beat up some more black people and come back we got good thing he's like an engineer to and shit because imagine him having to take the Batmobile to like Amoco assumptions or like you know to get like oil changes some shit. I need new brakes. You I need I need an oil change. I need to tune up get some new brains because I've been really hitting it hard the last couple of weeks. And they be like Yo, where do we release the old from what is all this shit underneath? You're gonna have to give us access to these to these hidden buttons and compartments man give us the Oh man. I can't do it. He's got to figure it out yourself. They all call him but you ever tell your car to get an oil change and they call you back like in an hour when they start finding a match? Yeah, we got the oil change but you also need tires you need brakes and you need to like be shrugged you want us to do you want us to do is gonna run you about 2000 I'll be like nah, nah, just do the oil change. I said man, you know, I know. We changed your old but we think you need some new bullets for your turret gun. There. You need a new sway bar. It's very unbalanced. Do you have your alignments off? Yeah, your cars. We use these. Any regular breaks he says we got to get your shit from China you're not gonna be in for a few days and it's going on it might take a while so we might need more plugs imagine the Batmobile is a regular spark plugs yeah like if you drive an entry and when the spark plugs get out and also in the Batmobile doesn't work like the fuck you mean that somebody is part we can only get from Stark Industries so we got to order t shirts in advance from Starks they're not gonna come in for a couple weeks. I can imagine like like Tony How you doing this Bruce fucking want now I need it off my line click. I gotta build. I gotta build my iron man. I need some Vibranium for my new Batmobile. My old one keeps fucking up. I need some Vibranium to tell it like no no, no wrong number. I'm happy to have some Vibranium or some Animaniacs rims laying around that you could spare me I just need for like no, you rich know what you begging for? You were begging to Dallas Get the fuck out of here. The guy from amco gonna be like this is gonna run you about 1.5 mil. Plus taxes. He can pull out a credit card like swipe you're like yeah, are you rich? Get a George Clooney call that he pulled out in the one movie like the Batman card. Number he pulled out the Batman. right but come on man. What bank issued him a card. who accepts that though? Like you pull out a Batman caught it. Oh, look at this, like, Oh, I gotta call my manager. I don't know if we take this day. Yeah. How does Batman have credit? What does even need credit? Exactly. Batman has a credit report. Like it's a negative market here. I don't know if we confront you that loan. Like they got Batman like, Yeah, what you know, it's a student loan you didn't pay off at one time that one time you faked the death. We know what he was for a few years. Your credit went down, you should dip to 700. So we sent you four notices, and there was no response. And I'm sorry, sir, there's nothing we can do. We made a statue about you. We thought you were dead. Your credit was 1400. That shit went down to seven. 700 wasn't bad. We had to go through credit counseling. We had to go to the hook up like Yo, yo, can you fix my credit? Like what's your name? What's your last name? Man? What? Yeah, that's me. Go. I need your real name, sir. Yeah, like call me Bruce. Yeah, we're like, like, fan have to fill out an application. We need your social what's Batman? So security number does even have one. No, I mean, but he's got a credit card figured out for him to handle it because he raised them right. So he would have had to take care of him having social and past poor and all actually going up. Yeah, yeah, but what job I forgot, you know, Alfred and got no credit he got he got one job, man. Unless they're paying a man $100,000 a year to be a butler which I mean, you're you're billionaires permanent outside the realm of possibility. I mean, I live here. I live here. I buy these cars. I mean, Alfred. Alfred needs less credit than Batman does. as stupid as that might sound alpha Lee because he lives there. And he's old he got you to do I forget a price war pension because he was he was a he's a family he's like a war veteran or something like that. Alright, so after a little side money come in and on top of whatever Bruce pays him but after don't need credit, like he just buys two cars driving around cleans the house. That's it ain't gonna go away. He also helps him fix all the gadgets issue. No, that's Lucius his job. Well, yeah. That that's the brothers job. That's the brothers job. offers job offers just there to make sure his clothes is clean and pressed. He drives him around town in the daytime, and he makes sure his breakfast is prepared. That's it. Yep. That's it. That's it. You got the easiest job in the world. Well, the hardest part of his job is obviously keeping Bruce Wayne's identity. That's probably the main part of his job is keeping anonymity You know, I'm saying and stitching them up. Every night when he shows up with some stab wounds is like Yo, I got another one like, Damn, and we run out of supplies here, man. I was you know, I'm not kidding. I didn't go to school for this shit. Like, listen. Man, I gotta be a doctor. He sent him a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. In some band aids needles like look man. Every night at night you come back. nikka industries will be bulletproof. Every night you come up with a new scar. It's supposed to be puncture proof and bulletproof. How do you keep getting these injuries? What as Morgan Freeman's boy You don't have to hire new brother. A little bit you find who won't do this job. Oh, farming. farming. I was like No, I quit. Like Come on. Lucius. Don't do it. Um, but let's let's get off Batman. Man. Before we get into some more serious topics, man. Let's take a little break.


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Jeff DeLaRosa:

Yeah. They represent a culture to represent the culture podcast. yo en, um, did you watch that chocolate fight last night? No, you did. I did. I didn't know. I did. And mostly because like my parents wanted to watch it. You know, I'm saying that, you know, it was like Julio Cesar Chavez. You know, I'm saying he was like their hero was shit back in the 80s and whatever, but so he for heck the macho Camacho was juniors son and I thought this kid was young. He's 4243 years old. Yeah, stupid out of shape. Big old beard guy like a barber. He came right out of the barber shop and just jumped in the ring. He lined somebody I gotta hurry up. I got a fight tonight got this fight like what fight and then Chavez 60 years old actually looked in good shape for a 60 year old he looked actually in better shape than his 40 year old counterpart then a 40 year that's a damn shame. So and they had you know, it was only a four round exhibition match. Chavez was putting work to say the least for 60 Oh, but they had the helmets on you know, the headgear, which I wasn't hitting, but obviously he's 60 after the third round the bell rings they're still hitting each other ref is trying to break them apart. He's still fighting. They stopped pushing and talking shit. chavis takes off the helmet. He's like, take the shit off. Let's do it. Let's do it. Final Round. Let's do it without the helmet. Let's do it without the headgear. And everybody was like, oh sure they want to go without the headgear. Camacho Jr. He took his off, but he kept asking this corner He's like, yo, Do you seriously Is he serious? And they kept telling him like, nah, nah, don't do that. Don't do it. He was like, Nah, I'm not I'm not trying to do without headgear. I don't want to kill him. I'm not punching the old man in the head, man. I'm not getting my hands fuck there. So eventually, you know few minutes went by and you know they made Travis put his head get back on it. Oh, this guy doesn't want to fight you. What are the Hey, give me somebody who's gonna get hurt. But I was fun. It was it was entertainment. You know, I'm saying whatever. And then they had, um, they had his sons. They had toys other sons, Cesar Chavez Jr. For Anderson Silva. And lauded as one of the best if not the best, UFC, MMA fighter of all time, he smoked Chavez. Smoked them. And then they had and then they had another one of Chavez kids, and he fought one of those brothers. Then Chavez that Chavez got smoked too. So was he another whatever wasn't a good night for the Chavez family. In the ring. No yo ass pay for it, but it was there. He shouldn't have paid for that, man. I'm not paying like I said before we talked about the Floyd Mayweather I'm not paying if you are not trained professionals. I'm not paying a watching Well, they are though those guys are boxes. I said Chavez was a boxer. He was in his prime where two years ago, right. Chavez is five years until security no that's like that's like missing your data here running in the field like Yeah, why is your pops out here fighting man? Shit. Yo, yo, just get your daddy. Why are you telling him in the street scrapping? Yo the shit? Like there is an age that should be a cut off for you like he shouldn't be fighting unless it's like necessary. I think it should be like maybe like 42 and above after 42 you just shouldn't be out here in the trees fighting unless it's just kind of being your thing your whole life and you just you know but even if they're on sanction matches those people will still have the matches you know I'm saying even if the state run approved they'll still have an issue took place in Mexico so you know they don't give a shit. It was like you know, there's our hero. We're gonna let him fight. fuckin Lamar Odom for Aaron Carter. Oh, yeah, he watched them they didn't knock them out like in the first round. He 610 fight to do six one Yeah, he washed them. Yeah, he had like 100 pound advantage over him like two feet of advantage over him all types of Yeah, it was stupid. Anyway, you know why? I'm not amazed by this because he grew up watching this because you remember celebrity boxing? Yeah, right. It's just like yeah, like China fighting that dude. Yeah, I mean, had Todd bridges Danny been a bunch of just random as washed up celebrities beating shit out of each other. See, that was so enjoyable because I got to pay for it. I'm not going to pay what Jeez. Oh, dude. If any celebrities want to get into the ring no hash stuff out go right on the head. Why couldn't you didn't like didn't Peter guns just fight to Diddy? Boy Yeah. Peter gundula He's an exceptional saved. What is it like 50 people for like his baby mamas ex whatever or Really? I'm like, why are we doing Hey, as long as people keep paying and why they you know, they go on they make money they go keep doing it. He kind of come to realization that all these people have been talking all these years. Everybody can fight. I'm just not. I'm not paying for celeb I'm not paying they said Logan Paul now wants to fight mike tyson mike tyson on today's man's face that I will pay for Logan you know I'm saying to you man I see this white privilege you can just call out mike tyson so you ask him to get beat the fuck up because he's not he's not fluid he gonna take a light on you know I'm gonna grab knockaloe here I'm gonna try to kill you man I don't want to fight anymore like you say some some slicks on in the post fight in the pre fight you know I'm saying press conferences and shit. He might take the ship personal Yeah, cuz some people you gotta realize they just not the one some people just don't test. Mike's just one of those people. Like even at an advanced age he looked pretty good for guy that's 50 years old. And I'm not gonna deny mike tyson that but but Mike Tyson is still dating bro. Like Mike Okay, just came out with the book. You know, he does like his his interviews, center stage. He has that show center stage with him. And they asked him like, out of all the people that you've interviewed who's the who, who you know who's the most intimidating person or whatever he was like, I've never been intimidated. Only one person I've ever felt intimidated by all the people I've interviewed is Mike Tyson. Because you don't know it just feels like any minute he could snap. You say the wrong shit. He might knock you out. And like I said, like I mean cuz he's gotten stuff in gray Street. He's still strong. Like he's not washed like he can still hurt you. He could still knock your head off your shoulders be right like why would you? Like Like, I know you're not hungry for money like why you're testing the ball people mike tyson fight somebody else fight Roy Jones. I'm out like that. Don't fight Mike because he not gonna be in they're all pretty dancing around. You know, he's like, now fuck this headgear. He goes to sleep. But I got another fun fact. It's like the third we should have another fun fact for you. Okay, what are we learning? Alright, listen to this is our learning segment. So open your mics and open your ears and listen up. You know how I feel about Nazia Jones. There's only one collaboration he's collaborated with pretty much everybody in the game, even Jay Z. And I wrote Jay Z he's collaborated with met the man. He's collaborated with the MX. He's collaborated with multiple team members. He's pretty much collaborated with anybody who's anybody you know, Jake is in a big pond. Anybody who was anybody of that air flow? Yeah. Right. Even if today's ever he's collaborated with a lot of these new guys, um, there's only one person that's in the goat category that he's never collaborated with? Well, actually, I don't think he has a song ello kouji. But besides Him, and it's m&m that's the west of one collabo that I've always wanted to see. And it turns out that m&m richer that NAS reached out to m&m he wanted to put them in them on that daughter's song that he did a couple albums ago, he made a song daughter for like, his daughter, whatever. And you know, he figured yo m&m has a daughter, or multiple daughters because he adopted one. I want to put them on and I think he said some like Eminem was like, Nah, you know, he, like he listened to it. And he felt that he was messing with he was like, dope out you should just leave it alone or something like that. You know, I'm saying I don't know if that's a diss. I don't know if Eminem was like, I was just trash. I don't want to jump on it. Or if he really genuinely thought like, Yo, this is dope. I don't want to mess it up. So just leave it how it is type shit you know, I'm saying or maybe he just didn't have time to really focus on that. I don't know but that would have been a dope collaboration. Hold that thought. Because your Eminem fan right? Yes, I have him number two of all time on my top five list. Yes. Okay. So who is not on till I collapse? He says his list who was on this list? It goes Reggie, which is Reggie noble, aka Redman, Reggie Jay Z to POC and Biggie can Biggie Andre from outcast j, ROC NAS, and then me, he named all these rappers. How many of those has he accurately collaborated with? He did a song with Redman and he did a song with Jay Z into the song ready? He didn't really do a solid big that doesn't count. I mean, dead dead dead wrong kind of sort of counts. No, he threw himself on a big song after big died. Yeah. Wow. But that's a dope verse though. Yeah, but that's not you don't count that as I did a song with that person. He's probably never going to do the 3000 collab because 3000 a rapper no more corrupt. Does he have a song cover up? I feel like he can think probably I gotta think though. Jaden, does he have a song with Jay Lucas? I don't think so. I don't think so. Like I said, I mean I made him throw himself on two tracks but he doesn't really obviously two problems going on right now man made it and that's the whole thing like you have this list I mean of the guys that are there and the guys who named there outside the party. 3000 is active. You m&m go for it? Yeah, I mean shit. If j and NAS have run around doing all types of collabs together, you can have a song with NAS in em easily. I think it was one of those guys who doesn't really like having a lot of collabs but I think that's one that's necessary. I think he's one of those people who only collab when it means something to him like he's he got like he said he's not jumping on anybody track. Like I know it was done with him. I think him ASAP ferg and Fabio that was spicy on his album. But like is it but because he wanted to collaborate with them. wasn't like, they had the right to call and I was like, Can I get a feature? Not I'm hanging up my phone now. Like he like he like nods at the point of his for like he has to request you. Right But he but but that's weird he's always been that way at the illmatic it was like he was a blank check. Like, you know, you can you can ask for me but it's probably gonna be the other way around. I'm gonna have to ask for you unless I just know you well enough where I'm going to go ahead and do so. And I'm even having a song with Busta Rhymes. Yeah, but everybody does. Like buses like like he's the sprinkles on top of whatever ice cream you got. He's like it's just an extra flavor like if you get busted on it like the fucking Chris browning will not think about it. Like go ahead buses you still got it my man like I don't want to see neither of them though. I think we'll see that eventually. When he's leaving. Um, let's talk about the even Trina versus I mean the fact that you smoke Trina Sure. Yeah, if smoker and I don't know if we're both biased. Maybe I am because like I said, I've always been open about you know, like in my East Coast boom bap you know, New York even though he was from Philly, but she was running with Rough Riders, you know, I mean, Max, but I was listening to this shit and I was being unbiased. I was just listening literally track for track and I like the way they did and they didn't waste no time. Like a lot of these other verses. That wasn't bushing there was a song after song song song Trina was going she did a little you know, she was explaining the song a little bit. I wrote the song when I was whatever book she was split her verse on the song, your turn. Then he will come on. All right, I'm gonna play this one. I remember the song reminds me of this boom that she played her verse. Okay, it was back and forth. It wasn't really wasted time to her. She took like an hour and a half. Mm hmm. So I had it 15 to two with three ties for Eve, smoke smoke, Trina, and Trina has some bars and some songs she's really spitting. But for the most part, a lot of shit is just like that sex glorification. You know, I mean, like that sex rap. Like that. Oh, little Kim type shit. I just I just don't want to listen to that every song You know, I'm saying like, all your verses can't be that, like, every verse on every song cannot be that to me. And that's why you know, I like Eve because she's not really selling sex. She has, you know, a couple songs where she's talking to the lady. She got some songs when she's talking about sex and talking so, but she's real diverse. No, she's really spit, right? You know, I mean, she's spitting on the majority of the song. And there was a lot of songs he was playing that I don't even remember. I was like, Oh shit, she's got about the song. She got a lot of hits. She got way more hits than Trina and maybe Trina you know, she's from like, you know where she's from? like Texas. Not from Florida. She's from down south. Okay, so somebody who's from now South might have Trina winning you know? I mean, they might prefer that sound right you know she had who came off she had tricked daddy come out. Or whatever does does a Chico doesn't Chico. Yeah, yeah. Like he always expected Eve to have Swiss beats or somebody you know, jaida kids and somebody from roughriders come out to do something. And I like how they ended it we played the song where they both was on they did the song were ludicrous. Right was a ludicrous and Trina feature and even Trina what was that song? Oh my god, it's just keep them by No, she's talking about and they finished it off with that. And I was like, Oh shit, kind of half a guy that was both in the song together. But it's a thing about like, like Trina in a certain rappers. It's like if you're from the area of course because it's it's plays music that's from their area. It works there. My check back on my check bag, right ludicrous train your magic bag. Thank you, Mark, check. Mark, my chick. Chick wish she could ban ban. Ban and then right here was no better thing like what? I won't necessarily call Trina a regional rapper because she had national hits. I think the thing is that we think of guys from particular regions of the country. It you don't you don't The only time we really think of him is that when they exceed their region, like my homeboy last week like to say how much you hate like Jay Cole, but Jay Cole from North Carolina, but Jay Cole has exceeded North Carolina right wildly. I don't know if I can accomplish make the argument that while he has exceeded Washington, DC, I think he's done some things. Yeah. But do I think that he's above and beyond it? I have no idea. Like, you still think of him as the dude from DC. You don't think of him I like on a national level. Like he's had some songs here and there. But I mean, you still think they're wildly from DC? Like most people don't think of you know, Jay Cole from North Carolina. You think of him as Jay Cole. You'll think it's Kendrick from Compton. He's just Kindred. Once you like exceed those bounds. That's what you kind of make that stamp. I think Trina ever had that. She was on something like said, you talk about marching band, because you had ludicrous who's from Atlanta, but he's more of he touches all coasts or areas, everything else like that. He's like, he's gone beyond the borders of what he done. Now Trina is there and it's not a problem. I think like she's had a very successful career in a very successful life after that, but we are going to get the person on he decided to stamp all over the world and we're roughriders she has so much goods, the funny. Like she's exceeded her bounds like so that's why I want to have hits the universe because I've heard them everywhere, not just you know, in Miami or Houston or the Bay Area or something like that. I mean, no, no shaming them. I think you have a very successful career just doing that. But the truth of the matter is like, like when people say they want to be a star, you got to touch everywhere, not saying Trina's not he just not the biggest stars eat and it was just some of the rounds were just unfair when Eve can pull out like you said a song request to find she could pull out songs with DMX roughrider songs. She was in a rough ride or anthem remix When she comes She got she got beats produced by Dre by Dr. Dre you know I'm saying like it's unfair So yeah, I had a 15 to Eve to for Trina and then I had three rounds that were tied. So moving along I'm not even looking forward to them like the next few verses that are coming out what is it like little bow versus Soulja Boy and some shit like that like alright see my man's like yo like soldier boy got some shit I like all right man. You don't have to put me down for me because he don't got he doesn't to me he Oh, no, like bow should win that one by default. But that's not a vs that I'll be looking forward to. right but it's the whole thing about like expanding your base like because bow his claim to fame that he was missing 106 and park so when that shit was popping bowels on there all the time. So it's probably a bunch of songs you probably forgot from bow but but if you think back like it he like he's always top five, top three, whatever on the top. You don't want us to depart for like years, so he's gonna have some shit with him. man like you can Soulja Boy Soulja Boy, one or two hits he got like that Superman. He completed 20 times and I said because by walking he got songs with with Snoop Dogg. He got songs with the bright he got songs with Jermaine Dupri he got songs with fabulous You know, I'm saying he got songs with B to K and omarion and Marcus Houston and all these cats. He wrote diverse catalogue. He got he got song just buys damn stuff. Yeah, I won't have a lot. But like I said, it's like, I don't have any interest in it. Because like I said, I'm, I'm grown like I've outgrown it. Like I can't remember all of the songs but if I probably played them like okay, I remember that. I remember that was not like I'm rocking up gay with my dogs at buck Whitman now. I'll turn that shit right off. He's gonna play it out. Because Snoop is on of course. So you know. He's had a longer career and the more expensive one but it all started when he was so young. It's crazy. It's only like 30 years old, bro. Right? And it's been around for like 20 years. He dropped no fire since like, nobody checking for power. That's literally no shade the bow. He's he has a successful life. He's fine. He's just fine. But the thing that he's gonna come on here start killing it like No. Is there another one announce that none of the one announced that that is supposed to be like essence fest. They haven't another lie, right supposed to be mean they haven't announced what is they need to do Mary J. And like Asha, I've been said that right? And you shitted on me before I got your email. Yeah, there's no other female you could put with him. Right? Is the only one works. You can't really like no Keyshia Cole and nobody like that with her. You can't put a I mean, Alicia Keys. But she already did with john legend, john Lin in chemistry, Keyshia Cole, because you're dealing with Ashanti. Right. And you can't do Usher because Chris Brown don't want to get in the ring with him. And you can't do with our chemicals are counted going to prison? Yeah, but we actually like you said Chris Brown would be a good one or Neo would be a good one. And I'm saying even though he was the one you people probably want to see. But Neo did his with john too often. And I was really really good. Really good. It would have been it would have to be assuring marriage APR is the only one that makes that catalog. Just King just kings versus queen. Just let them go ahead and do that. Because nothing else really works. Like having them too is like, that's fine. I'm watching that all the way through. Yeah, but then like, but you can't watch that with a woman. You know, people don't want to shoot. Kelly price and Faith Evans. Oh, yeah, that would be good. I mean, ultimately, I think our weight has a bigger catalog but but i think you know what it is because it's like it's it's a Mary J thing. It's not that Mary's a great singer. She's not it's just the fact that she got certain songs that just hit him in a certain spotlight. Yeah, and the same thing with fate like they had bad boy behind them. They had Diddy. They had the machine you know, I'm saying Yeah, and you have to put somebody else who also had a machine behind them. Or also won't be rare. Like Trina wasn't fair because Eve had the machine. She had Def Jam. She had Rough Riders she had Dr. Dre she had the MX you don't I mean like that's not fair. There's not there's not many women that's gonna beat that just like people keep saying like they want to see Missy and buster. I'm like I don't know if bus is gonna bark up that tree and I love bus and that But who? Missy has hammers you got the bus the sodas bus, the bus the garden bus the guy was scenario. You know I mean before Missy was even in the game. first song he'll play scenario with Tribe Called Quest but like when you got weapons of mass destruction what do you do? Like all of us have songs right? If missing puts on the rain what busta songs beaten that I can't name one what Buster songs beat now. Yo Buster got a lot of shit does he does every Yes, we can deliver. Yes, that's right but that's what I've been doing right but that's one round Okay, so he'll lose that round. But he's still got dangerous he still got the night ridership he still got the Trump call question. Buster has a lot like world war three. I'm telling you I go whenever you're going. I'm tuning in for that. But but but like I say you Dominican man, what's the Latin one? They're going to expand eventually we'll have to be like Latin rappers or don't mean obviously don't know ma versus a versus Daddy Yankee would be the probably the biggest one is one of them. I mean, that was my favorite Spanish rapper. Or you could just do Latin rappers that rap in English like a Fat Joe versus you know Noriega. Let's say yeah, but I don't know cuz it could be brothers. I know Dave would do that, like, competitive fire thing like yeah, it got to be like a celebration like Yo, this mines this Yo, Is this mine and that's what they did right and left. They wasn't really competing. It was just singing all the songs together. But I think you know with the with the Latin referencing No, no rapping your native language like when they had I know it was beanie man about to kill it that put up numbers. Numbers. Like I say, it's hard to understand the standard patois but like, I just want to get down but you get it. But same thing like you're not eliminating the market. You're growing one because there's people out there that love that music and they will listen to that all day. What about what about Brittany versus Christina? I'm tired of them. I know they washed up gonna get him the fuck upon it. No, I'm sick of them. What about Backstreet Boys versus insane? Do you think they'll get up on the stage and do that shit? They'll go Hey, Justin Timberlake enough money to do some shit. That Backstreet Boys and who else can sync man they go into battle of the boy dog they are going to be for 45 hours. And a whopper them niggas are broke. Not Justin Justin won't even show up to that. Just like no Justin said I'm gonna do it. So like, like, like Justin versus Usher might be the only one that's worthwhile. Oh, that. That might be only one that's worthwhile. That's a good one. Yeah, it'll be like five backstreet boy guys against like four in sync, because Justin will not be there. Trust me. Because they did a commercial What was it like one of those progressive or stateful? What are those insurance commercials? And they'd ring the doorbell and it's the insync or whatever. And there's only like four of them or three of them. And I'm like that was Justin. And they were they Oh, Justin they don't have money to pay Justin Timberlake to be in this commercial. They doing no car commercials. I'm above y'all man. And there's nothing wrong with saying that you above somebody but opening the door he's broke ass is that like yeah, we'll do this how much we get for this year. I get about $500 and a free meal for the ship. Sold sold. So I haven't eaten in two days, man. Yo yo can get cheese in that burger. Thank you. But Yo, did you hear that Dame dash is being sued by Rockefeller records. You hear about this? No. Okay, well, let me explain it to you. Obviously he's a co founder of Rockefeller factory. Everybody knows that but I mean look at the report says the 50 year old industry van recently caught a lawsuit after he allegedly tried to auction off Jay Z's 1996 debut Reasonable Doubt album in NF t form or format. They need to stop with this NF t shirt. I mean I guess companies are making money off of it but whatever. It is just another bubble. So the auction never went down but Dame dash is being accused of frantically scouting for another venue to make the sale and efforts to cash out what he feels he is owed. Obviously Jay having that you know I'm saying he owns the rights to all his shit. She you can barely find JC music on YouTube. Yeah, I understand. Damn got to do what you got to do to get by but your money not long enough to be fucking him like that. Like no all these years later, they still be financed still, you know over some bullshit. Like I don't know. I just hate I just hate one family fight man. I've never been a big fan of Dame dash just because he's condescending. And he's always feel like he's above everybody. He's smarter than everybody and he's you know, I mean better than everybody like he I feel like he always looks down on people. Like when you listen to his interviews and shit like I don't know. That's a dame Harlem swagger. His you can't help him like his own kids don't even mess with him. You know? He'd be laying down. But the fact that you like, like, y'all built this thing, and you're still arguing with a piece of it. Like that's just disconcerted me like your brother. You shouldn't be fighting over this. Like Yo, like, like, yo, what's your number? What's the price? Listen to that Jay Z saw a moment of clarity, bro. He breaks it down. Wait, no, no moment of clarity. What was the one danger in it or last ones? Yeah. heed the word. Yeah, the first one is too much Sam rose. Gotta got awesome yeah like he says it you know i mean and I don't even want to be famous like I hate what's my like he not talking about Dane? Yes he is talking about Damon and who was a big probably more Dane because the thing about it The funny thing about Biggs even though a big sounds like no exactly talk it was always date Dame hit right he was but he fronted his money you for your money your co founder right but but but date but big seem to be cool too like it is what it is I get my splits in the fit. I said Damn. Always wanted more. Always wanted more like get your ass in the back of the back of the bus man. Hey, hey man, every every band needs backup dancers do your job. But Yo, before we go, I want to do this fast round. I want to do a fast round. Alright, so I clear my mind did it last time I'm gonna do it to you and notice I'm gonna clear my mind. I'm gonna keep my mind this is fast round. One or the other. I won't be too long. Alright, check it Rianna or Alicia Keys. Liana okay. Chase if asked. Biggie or POC. You can only bring one back. Back. Why is that? Because I didn't. His wrapping I didn't, didn't really care about but he was doing some at the tail in his career that he was going to be a phenomenal actor. I would have loved the scene to pop the actor. Okay. And I think his his cultural impact was much greater than anything big he could have done. Yeah, I never thought that Tupac was a great rapper. I always thought he was a brilliant poet. Yeah, Korean poet. Yes. Okay, now same two guys. You can only solve one of their murder cases. Huh? Jesus, I can only solve one correct was it? I agree I would say POC as well. Actually. I'm lying. Because I think if pop doesn't die, the shit would biggest worked out. I think pop dies than a ship with big pop sockets still ongoing and big right? Yet black die September of 96 and then six months later big died in March 9 of 97 right so the POC live I think that ship between him cools off with him and big like we adults we make money. It is what it is. But if big live I mean pox already murder but I mean, it should still ongoing to apocalypse. It doesn't probably stops right there doesn't go any further. All right. But which one would you solve? If you had to? You know, they can solve one obviously they're not solving either one. Tupac probably is like cuz he was like, it is so weird. Because like I think the thing with Tupac is that somebody knows. They know nobody knows. Yes. Yeah, reason I would. I would I would choose to solve biggies murder is because we kind of know what pox. She was about. Like we saw him jump the dude at the at the casino in Vegas. You know, prior to the Tyson fight, we saw him jump. The dude which turned out to be a gang member. So it's, it's not far fetched to think, okay, he went and got his boys and they just retaliated on pot. Right. So you could say that was just retaliation. You know, I'm saying aside from all the conspiracy theories, chances are pocks assassination or murder was due to retaliation from the beating that they gave dude earlier in the night. But we're at Biggie with Biggie we have literally no leads. Like, okay, it may have something to do with pox in retaliation for pod getting killed. The West Coast equals beat we really don't know. Like, we don't know who could have killed big we have an idea of who killed Park and all those guys are dead anyway. Now. Right. But we really don't know. So I would I would solve big is if I had a chance to i would i would solve biggies. And I find because I felt like his mother deserves closure. You know, I mean? Like, yeah, but like and like, like I said, like, like, like your feelings going out also. But the whole thing is that they were gone. They didn't even make it a 30. Like we're both 25 years old. That's Yeah, yeah, that's crazy. They were in their mid 20s, bro. And so and what's more astonishing was all the shit that Tupac accomplished in such a short time, bro. We talked about all the albums he made. We talked about all the movies he was in bro. And that's all for the 34 about that. It's like, like he had a whole thing before that time. Like, he's 25 years old. He has a whole life ahead of him. Like I just feel comfortable saying that POC would just stop right but he probably would have ran death row East with the outlaws and all the other stuff but like I said, like, I'm like, I'm sorry. Like, I love juice. It's kind of float pockets. The most memorable part about juice because it's something menacing about him is he's legit terrifying. Like the fucked up part like after he kills homeboy and comes up in his mother's house and hugs him. That's cold. Yeah, it's cold. It's like, I'm sorry to hear but next one. Next one that jam or death row at their peaks both labels at their peak. We're talking about early to mid 90s Def Jam or death row. Def Jam. Yeah, that's my favorite label of all time. Yeah. All right.


Yeah, in a matter of fact is actually easy because who do you really is memorable off of death row outside of DRAM. What do you mean? What you mean like re memorable Snoop Tupac the whole dogpound name? Right. But, but but that Ross at Def Jam at that time was unimpeachable. Oh yeah, sure. They had you know, basically Method Man. Redman DMX LL Cool. J. Nas was on there for a little bit at one point, it's unimpeachable. Kanye was on there. Yeah, it you know, it's now. Now it's just like I said, I mean, you say to park but to park was really a part of the death row machine. But he wasn't really dead. Tupac was Tupac. He just happened to be signed to death row. Tupac, we're gonna do what I'm about to pop one in no matter who you signed to. You still can't get that shit off. But you feel obligated. He felt indebted to them because they, you know, they bailed him out of jail. Right? But then like, you see, like the the stories that people tell about him like, he just wanted to go a different way in his life. Like he just took all this gangster shit. Like, like, I could do more Like what? Like, what am I doing here? So he's wanted to do something different. I mean, he met an untimely demise. But yeah, it's definitely iconic. And I just just got almost pick any error. No matter what I mean, except now cuz Def Jam. really fallen off. But that point in our like, late 90s, early 2000s. Yeah, there was no one better than Def Jam. By far. Your final one. Got. First Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Will and Jeff or kitten play two party duels. kitten play was that they were just more fun. And no matter what you always think about them as a duo. And a Fresh Prince is really you don't really think about the first principal you think about Will Smith. Like you don't think about kid without play. And vice versa. Like it's a combo it's like salt and pepper. But DJ no first present DJ Jazzy Jeff is like you think more about Will Smith than you do about Jazzy Jeff. Like, kidding. Please just balance one doesn't work without the other Will Smith has done just fine without Jazzy Jeff. Not like they got beef or something like that. But it just makes you think of that career. And that's it like, you know, it's fair. It's Will Smith like our DJ does a shit but it still Will Smith. But kitten play like today. They had that they had movies shit. Like they it was the thing. I wonder. Do you think about kitten play more as like the music or more like the movies? The movies? Yeah. Can go hurt. Nobody is dancing. And there are a couple of songs that are catchy. But the moon how claridad class activity house party joins us man. Yeah, yeah. Just because they're because they're they're an iconic duo like them to together. It's like it's I can't think of gangs like gangstar as greatest premieres he's not saying what our Guru guru within the team but our premiere like that just works can play the same way. But I thought I saw a show man we do we do have an Instagram page now. The culture podcast 20 they can look us up there. Find us on Facebook, Twitter all over the place man go holiday subscribe. Click the links in the notes support the show contribute donate we appreciate your peace of love to now snap through Instagram night and they can leave your comments directly there so we should be good to go back to that case,


to enjoy the process of ownership. And I got it made like Johnny Kim said I just got paid and ready to mingle, gentlemen single and three. Ready to get down party party and have a good time. All I need is a partner. And hope they might say the down payment soundgrid tonight, look in the closet and pull up the hardtop face fade and Amata here to a disco party subcon hope that I would find myself good. Before I flew in the night, man I'm gonna have fun